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  1. I did enjoy the Aston branded advert for Juniper Networks that aired immediately after both Aston's got knocked out in Q1.
  2. Has Horner asked to speak to the manager yet?
  3. EA looking to sell or merge. https://kotaku.com/ea-acquisition-apex-legends-star-wars-fifa-nbcuniversal-1848957274
  4. You say that, but Frank is defo getting a contract extension over keeping you exactly where you were when he took over.
  5. Am I the only one who has to stop themselves from sniggering like a child every time Mike Krack is mentioned?
  6. So another Friday afternoon special from Merc, or actual pace?
  7. 3 decent episodes of Star Trek in a row now.
  8. Brentford have more points than the other 2 promoted teams combined.
  9. 100% a shot on goal that!
  10. Video of the crash.
  11. Can't park there mate.
  12. Tell everyone you are a bunch of right wing shitlords who know nothing about Star Trek, without saying you are a bunch of right wing shitlords who know nothing about Star Trek.
  13. Another good episode of Star Trek.
  14. Just realised, our two final games are away at Everton and Leeds at home.
  15. A guy I watch on Twitch a lot is pretty handy at this. He has done deathless runs of all the Souls-a-likes including Sekiro.
  16. Their last game is against us. I remember them coming to Griffin Park a few years back, when they had that Italian nutter in charge. He ended up going in the stand with the fans, and then buggering off when we hammered them. I have a video I took of it somewhere I think.
  17. It was already pretty much guaranteed, but Brentford are now mathematically certain to be playing Premiership football next season. If you had told me around Christmas time that come the last few games of the season we would already be safe, I would have asked for you to share whatever you were partaking in. Also, I look forward to helping Fulham continue to be a yoyo team next season. I'm now going to go look up all the pre season predictions that had us going straight back down for a good laugh. Edit:
  18. I dare anyone to watch this and not both smile, and wonder why it seems to be raining... The only shame, is that it took so long for a major company to start taking accessibility seriously. The 3 main platform holders really should get together and make this stuff just work across all systems.
  19. If UEFA had any intention of FFP being what they claim. Then Real and Barca would have been hit with the ban hammer years ago.
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