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  1. FFP is bullshit cooked up by the existing 'big teams' to try to keep everyone else 'in their place'.
  2. Red Bull engine issues.. oh no
  3. Which team was supposed to have a hangover after the midweek games again?
  4. ohdearhowsadnevermind.jpg
  5. Gonna be 9 soon with the way Raphinha is carrying on.
  6. What match did the 1st prize winners get?
  7. Well, UE5 has just launched....
  8. Another good win for Brentford today. We really need to somehow convince Eriksen to sign for another year. He has absolutely transformed our season. Premier league signing of the season? I'd say so.
  9. A bar so low it porpoises worse than the Merc.
  10. Well it worked out brilliantly for Liverpool the last time they were relying on SlippyG to help win them a title.
  11. I guess this means the rest of the game is pretty much complete and it should be launching very soon. Right? right...
  12. Spreadsheets in space! https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2022/05/eve-onlines-ms-excel-partnership-makes-spreadsheets-in-space-official/
  13. Somebody needs to setup www.hassainzcrashedyet.com
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