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  1. Did you post that just before they pointed out the quite sharp elevation change?
  2. Not as shit as their licensing. Oh and the whole bought out Sun and tried to fuck over the entire software development landscape with their attempt to patent API calls. This one even made Google into the good guys.
  3. If it helps tip the scale, Larry Ellison has invested a billion dollars into Musk's Twitter take over.
  4. Getting my front page post in now so everyone can see my amazing (awful) taste in games. 1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. Super Mario World 3. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 4. Final Fantasy XI 5. Super Mario Kart 6. Mass Effect 2 7. Final Fantasy XIV 8. Doom (1993 video game) 9. Super Mario Bros 3 10. Portal 2 11. Tetris (Game Boy video game) 12. Half-Life 2 13. Star Wars: TIE Fighter 14. Halo: Combat Evolved 15. Super Monkey Ball (video game) 16. Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec 17. SimCity 2000 18. Street Fighter II 19. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge 20. Everybody's Golf 5 No doubt I'll be editing this up until the closing date!
  5. Best episode of live action 'Kurtzman Trek' so far. But then again Picard and Discovery had a few decent season opening episodes.
  6. How it started How it's going now
  7. Yes, a repurposed Audi design did get that single win from it's 4 outings I suppose.
  8. To be fair, Porsche is solid gold motorsport royalty and Audi have pretty good recent form in sports car racing. Lamborghini don't really have a history of competition and Bentley's is ancient history.
  9. At least this one feels like a Trek OP.
  10. ah, so I guess with him and Schreier a case of 'let them fight'.
  11. Oh, is there some baggage I'm not aware of. If so I'll be happy to remove the link if he is an internet wrong'un.
  12. I'd suspect you are very wrong, as whipping up the fanboys brings all the clicks and page views. Heck, the DF lot have made their entire recent career out of it. Also, the shitposting thread for this type of post is over here: So next time you feel the need to take a pop with the same tired old line, at least keep it where it lives.
  13. It's not even as if Microsoft are or will be after the merger even close to being the dominant player in the gaming market. The negativity which seems to be coming mainly from the gaming press seems to smell a lot like 'the company I don't prefer is doing this, therefore it's bad'.
  14. I'll take it over Schreier again whipping up the console warriors to drive clicks to his pay masters. Everybody's favorite video game analyst doesn't think there will be an issue.
  15. Somebody who knows a bit more about how these things works thinks Schreier trying to drive views to his employer to be full of it. edit:
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