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  1. Apart from Everton fans, is there anyone who doesn't find the prospect of ol' Frank relegating them hilarious?
  2. At least Chelsea managed to keep the score down to only 3-1 this time.
  3. Gonna have to agree with whoever this random person on twitter is.
  4. I watched the Rangers v Celtic match earlier. Rangers should be playing their next few games behind closed doors. Shocking scenes.
  5. Today in opposite land.
  6. Somebody set off the fire alarm.
  7. Bet we are still last on MOTD.
  8. Of course. If the job doesn’t pay then it is only really open to those with money, who will serve the interests of those with money.
  9. Somebody really should make an Elden Ring thread.
  10. BotW is the best game I've ever played. Sure, I want to play this right now, but I'd rather Nintendo take as long as they need to make this is good as it can possibly be. (so launch title for the Switch 2 )
  11. So no day 1 release for their usual first party output. I suspect that will not exclude the GAAS MTX riddled stuff from going up day 1.
  12. From would have no say in the matter seeing as they are owned by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kadokawa_Corporation
  13. Horner will be asking for that lifetime supply of Red Bull back.
  14. Adverts brought to you by Google Translate.
  15. Could be, or the Confederation might have gone all 'Suffer not the Xenos to live' on them already.
  16. It's fine. The Saudi ministers have their families at the race.
  17. Jesus. Why the fuck has the F2 race not been red flagged?
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