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  1. I think it becomes available at 6pm today for those of us who haven't pre-ordered.
  2. Someone didn't spend enough time with Traveler's Chosen. That things an absolute beast.
  3. mop

    Disco Elysium

    No. The VO, especially the narrator/narrators, is excellent throughout and anyone saying otherwise has some sort of acquired brain injury - like some form of aphasia such that when they say it has bad VO they actually mean something radically different and completely unrelated to the topic at hand. Or I don't know they don't know what the fuck they're taking about, one or the other.
  4. mop

    Neigh Sayers

    "Beat up all my men week?" Fatal Deviation. A classic.
  5. mop

    Neigh Sayers

    Bad metaphysics neigh. Nonsensical ontology bray.
  6. Not too sure if everyone's picked up on this but the birds are Méabh and Ultán.
  7. If star eater scales combined with celestial nighthawk make it so golden gun does more burst damage than those stupid titan's & their stupid cuirass, I'll be happy. Stupid titans. Edit: Wait, that's two exotic armor pieces...stupid hunter
  8. Oh aye, amazing. You either quit because somethings too hard or burst into some bloody Bros which, to be fair, is glorious but not amazing. I love you all the same, though.
  9. mop

    The Division 2

    No snow? Fuck that, I'm out.
  10. The work around is to damage and not kill a player with a grenade launcher than finish them off with something else. Like, for instance, the filthy, dirty, Recluse.
  11. Hmm, those nerfs are interesting. With the whole new armour system, and the likes of rampage being less effective, they're obviously giving us plenty of reason to play around with different builds. Obvious too they're trying to rein in the power creep, maybe making the game as a whole harder, at least I hope so. Looking forward to Tuesday, see how all these changes play. Even if my beautiful 1-2 punch shotgun plus liar's handshake electric punch hunter build is now dead.
  12. Ha, yeah! I actually had to do that one yesterday and it slipped my mind. It's not the most egregious mission in the world to be fair.
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