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  1. I also swapped Aguero for Pelle because of good form and fixtures but I almost went for Costa. He should be well rested after his suspension and being dropped over the international break. Villa are garbage and he's only owned by 6.4% of players so if he does bag a goal or two then owners will move up the league.
  2. I've been sulking after a poor start to the season but a couple of good weeks after playing my wildcard and I'm a lot happier again. Not sure whether to captain KDB or Pelle this week. KDB the obvious choice but he can't score 15 odd points every week, or can he?
  3. That was me and I'm happy to dish out some advice but before you take it you should know that last season was a bit of a fluke and that I'd never finished higher than 196941 before that.
  4. Thanks hellsbells. I was a bit disappointed to drop down a few places after being 15th a few weeks ago but overall I'm delighted with how things went.
  5. You're right guys, I got incredibly lucky with the Sanchez benching. I paid too much attention to Liverpool's defensive record in 2015 and ignored the fact that none of their regular defenders were actually playing in the match! I wasn't expecting a Benteke goal at Old Trafford but I did fancy him to score against QPR at home because their away defensive record is the worst in the league and both teams needed the win so would have to attack. A hat-trick though I took a risk with the Sunderland double up but Newcastle have been so poor recently I couldn't see them scoring. My luck has been
  6. It was not an easy watch but the Burnley performance certainly helped. City should have had that penalty at the end, which would have been a real kick in the balls if Aguero had taken it.
  7. Every dog has his day hellsbells. I'm normally total shit so just enjoying the ride this season.
  8. Pulis going with other options. Dawson seems to be in favour and is cheaper.
  9. Sorry, only just seen this. That transfer gave me a warm glow inside Bojan injury meant there was a good chance of Walters playing up front. Stoke had some good fixtures (not least QPR) and he was only 5.2m. Massive punt but it paid off big time.
  10. Tetris Outrun Sonic the Hedgehog Streets of Rage 2 Final Fantasy 7 Resident Evil 2 Championship Manager 99/00 Halo Advance Wars Resident Evil 4 Amplitude Geometry Wars 2 Persona 3
  11. I did yeah. I'm wildcarding this week so used my free transfer to give Eriksen a run out for one week. Worked out nicely but not captaining Costa still smarts a bit!
  12. Yep, that's me. I've had a blinder of a season so far but I don't like the look of the fixtures this weekend. Need to get lucky and find a captain that will bring home some points.
  13. I think you will kempstar, I have a bad feeling about this week.
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