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  1. I sorted it, Bing for some reason was no longer installed
  2. Anyone having an issue with completing a poll on the rewards app? For my 2000 August bonus round it gives me an error and on the rewards main screen the poll for 10pts throws the same error up when I click it too
  3. I watched this last night and was left feeling like that was pretty good fun but at the same time what a load of rubbish. In the end I found it a relatively enjoyable way to waste a few hours. Won't be watching it again though!
  4. Picked this up cheap and played upto the start of act 2, really enjoying it so far but I feel a little overwhelmed with the crafting and inventory side of things, have pocket wiped pretty much every enemy I've faced and looted everything I find laying around. I need to spend a bit of my next session going through everything and trying to get my head around my heaps of junk and massive weapon stockpile, equipping the best stuff that I have and going through all my clothing too
  5. Rewards hunter on YouTube is good for checking the easiest ways to get these done
  6. I'll always recommend castle crashers. Fantastic game still waiting for number 2. Think I may be waiting a fair bit longer!
  7. It's still showing in stock at cex website, best to get in soon it'll probably be 15+ tomorrow knowing them
  8. Pretty sure in one of the menus There is an option for horizon solo which uses drivatars
  9. Didn't seem to help him much on that occasion tbf
  10. Custom soundtracks from the o.g xbox will never be topped for me, now its just a case of you can play your own music ontop of whatever you're playing but then it also plays over all cutscenes etc which is a pain
  11. I'm the same now, at first I thought they'd streamlined things a bit more and the number of icons was manageable and I was getting through the races with new ones being unlocked, now I am utterly swamped and have no idea what I'm "meant" to be doing if anything in particular! Gonna try and get through what's available right now without doing any new chapters and see if I can clear some of the icons
  12. Moneys thrown around so frivolously I don't think that 250k will matter too much!
  13. Anyone still having big issues staying connected to servers in the free mode? As in just doing your single player stuff but connected to the servers
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