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  1. It surprises me that people regularly rate the Guardians sequel below the first one. I understand why critics thought it was worse, because as a standalone piece of entertainment, yes it definitely doesn't work as well. But as part of the MCU's approach of basically long episodes in the most expensive TV series ever, there is a ton of great character stuff in there, and it's emotionally engaging on a level that I don't think any other Marvel films are (besides Spider-Verse). It also is more rewarding of repeat watches I find. I reckon they're about on par, all considered.
  2. Their performances are so different, I find it actually affects my decision making a bit. With Mark Meer's voice I go pretty much full Kirk, and just play as uncomplicated space hero man. Does the right thing no matter what, moral grey areas, what moral grey areas? But with Hale I'm more like Anyway, getting it on sale probably. Already own all the games and most of the DLC so don't feel like paying full price.
  3. Yeah there is definitely an overlap between people who use such products for convenience, and those who use them out of necessity. Like a lot of a accessibility-oriented things I suppose. Unfortunately the freezer will need clearing out before I try to put anything else in there!
  4. My Dad broke his wrist last week, and although I'm staying with him now to help out with various tasks he can't easily do himself, it'll probably be a couple of months until he's mostly recovered, so I'm a bit concerned about the fact that it will be impossible (or at least very difficult and dangerous) for him to chop vegetables until then. Which might make it a lot more difficult to maintain a relatively balanced diet. I'm wondering if any of you went through something similar and what solutions you came up with. Looked into meal kits but they are normally for two people minimum
  5. I suspect these "super" clubs will be aiming to create their own streaming apps. They want to cut everyone else out entirely, including the broadcasters.
  6. Just FYI, the store page for Ratchet and Clank says "download before 1 April" which I'm interpreting as meaning if you don't download before then, you don't get to keep the game. Could just be a slightly awkward use of language though. I don't really care too much if I get to play Ratchet and Clank or not, so I'll hold off downloading it now and test if it still works next month. Then I'll know if the same trick will work on more important things like Rez.
  7. Just had the thought that it may be worth claiming these games, even if you already own physical copies of them. If you end up owning a digital-only version of a Sony console in the future (or maybe if that becomes the only option) then I imagine it would be nice to not have to buy them again, should you want to revisit them but with slightly shinier / faster graphics.
  8. Anyone know if it will be possible to "claim" these without actually downloading them? i.e. putting them in my account's games library so I can download them on a PS4 / PS5 at a later date. Don't fancy figuring out which games to delete right now, and I've got a fairly big list of shame as it is.
  9. Yeah that's really excellent, clearly a lot of work went into it and it shows. Hadn't heard the phrase "hope labour" before and yeah, I think that describes most junior / mid-level positions in the creative industries perfectly! It could end up in a similar situation to outsourcing in film and tv potentially. Quite common for effects house to fold completely once a project ends, making all their employees redundant in one fell swoop. Because there is a degree of separation between said companies, and the brand names that consumers recognise, the employees can be treated as disposab
  10. Yeah, this is from the interview with GQ: So God of War certaintly sounds like a possibility. But the PS4 did have quite an impressive run of quality exclusives, so there's quite a few different titles he could be talking about. Bloodborne, Ghost of Tsushima, Shadow of the Colossus, Spider-Man, etc. All we really know if that Days Gone will come out, and then we can look forward to more. Compared to the replies / quote tweets for this, seems we've come a long way tbh. It's like seeing "only in theatres", then getting mad when a
  11. There are some aspects where it looks worse to my eye. During gameplay, the painterly background effect seems to have been massively toned down, or maybe even removed, in places. I'm sure it was originally there as a conseqence of technical constraint, but the hazy, dreamlike effect is gone, and I'd also be concerned whether it would make it all the more obvious how small and linear many of the environments really are. I don't think these environments were designed to be shown in high definition, with sharp detail far into the distance. I suppose this could all change before release though.
  12. I just ordered from the microsoft store, free shipping, in case anyone else is hunting for one. Had enough issues with Bluetooth. It's amazing how literally every piece of gaming hardware is seemingly in short supply right now, isn't it?
  13. SP, people have used your logic in the past to justify the idea that Scotland are the greatest international side in history.
  14. You were still taking risks with the ball and playing a very high line in the second half, which was baffling to me. I mean I'm glad Martinez didn't decide to just sit back and play keep-ball, but surely it would've been the better choice from your point of view. Newcastle came very close to snatching a point.
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