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  1. I have a PC and a 120Hz TV, once I tried limiting Horizon Zero Dawn to 40 FPS to see what it felt like to play. Feels closer to 60 than 30 wierdly, even though it's supposed to be in the middle. For a third person game like HZD where there isn't much quick camera movement, I think it's a happy medium. This is probably even more true on a smaller screen like the Steam Deck's. I really don't like playing at 30 FPS ever these days but I could live with 40 in some titles, I think. There are probably also some games that I haven't intentionally tried to play at 40 FPS, but ended up with a lot of the gameplay in the low 40s anyway due to turning all the RT bells and whistles on (I'm thinking of Control and GotG particularly), and I didn't mind that either.
  2. It would've also required far less investment on Sony's part, so that probably cancels out to some degree. Does seem like the main reason why they've remade it is to give their staff something to do while other projects were in pre-production, and also to give their engine / tools teams the opportunity to get to grips with the PS5 (and also modern PC hardware it seems).
  3. Worth keeping in mind that these are images a couple of hundred pixels tall. I tried buffering the trailer in 4K, and although my internet isn't really up to it, it does leave quite a different impression. The detail on offer is phenomenal. It will probably look incredible at 1080p with downsampling too, but it's just that YouTube's compression at that res leaves a lot to be desired. That's before we get into HDR. This version of the game will presumably be built from the ground up with the display tech in mind. Again that's not really a difference which screenshots viewed on an internet forum will really capture all that well.
  4. If he's in his 40s, definitely towards the tail end, given Sarah's age in the prologue. I just think it would be wrong for him to mainly be getting by using anything other than his dad strength.
  5. Of course it was heavily rumoured, so I imagine most of us had an opinion on this one way or the other before it was confirmed. I had zero interest in it previous to the news that it will be available on PC. If a not-entirely-necessary (the game and its DLC already look and plays great on PS4 and presumably also PS5) remake is what it took for this to happen, then I'm happy! I imagine it's safe to presume any changes will be made sensitively. It's probably a bit pointless for anyone who already owns the remastered version of the game, but Sony have probably done sums and made the bet that between PC sales and newcomers who are coming from the HBO series, they will make approximately loadsamoney. Will be interesting to see how Naughty Dog uses the power of the PS5. Nothing in the footage is in obvious "couldn't be done on PS4" territory. Maybe they'll overhaul their lighting system, with it being less reliant on pre-baking. Could make indoor scenes particularly look a lot more natural. They could make the hotel basement event more terrifying... err, yay? I kind of hope they don't change the gameplay too much? Joel is an old dude so giving him Ellie's level of mobility, with more verticality in the level design to match, wouldn't make that much sense. Plus I personally think the uncomplicately brutality of the combat works for the story. Joel is very good at killing people, but he doesn't get fancy about it.
  6. I was entertained but not much more than that. Seemed to be two different films trying to do two different things that didn't really connect. I think it's an easy recommendation still, but only for the right sort of person (and it's hard to get into exactly why that is without getting into spoilers). It's a risky series of choices Garland has made, as a man, making a film about male toxicity. The ironic thing is he's probably made a film that will largely be enjoyed and discussed by men. re: ending
  7. I think it would be worth it now for Sony to move heaven and earth to get a PC port for Bloodborne, if only because I think it would kill off the bulk of interest in a potential future PS4 emulator. What major exclusives are left?
  8. I've never actually played it. You leave something on your list of shame for long enough, eventually they'll announce a remake it and then you'll have another excuse to hold off.
  9. I guess this means they're definitely not making any more Marvel games, then. Which although I liked GotG, is probably for the best. I wonder if they'll be allowed to work on something wholly original. Seems unlikely, I doubt Embracer have paid $300m for the talent.
  10. The 40Hz support feels, again, like Valve taking something that was previously the preserve of hobbyists and making it much more accessible. Makes me wonder if we will see a similar feature on Nintendo's eventual Switch follow up. Would be wierd having some games potentially running better in portable vs docked mode though, if the TV doesn't support 120Hz. Surely worth it anyway though, for the improvements in responsiveness or battery life.
  11. I'd be surprised if we see a new iteration with any changes to the APU in the next three years, as it's a custom part and getting AMD to design a new one would be expensive. Valve will be looking to get as much mileage as they can out of the design I expect. I think a die shrink in that timeframe might be possible though. There is form for this with other consoles, e.g. the Switch coming out with a new version that was exactly the same, save for having better battery life. Valve would naturally be more transparent than Nintendo about this change though.
  12. I think the idea of a Deck "preset" is a bit of a dead end. Developers should instead work to fix issues that specifically affect the Deck, but in a generic way, so that these improvements are also available to users of similar hardware. Valve actually recommend that developers check the capabilities of the device (e.g. what's the screen size, is a controller attached) instead of using isSteamRunningOnSteamDeck() (which is a real thing) because it's a PC, you can't neccessarily make assumptions that a user will want to run the game a certain way. So e.g. if you blow up the UI to be easy to read on the 7" screen, you'll get upset customers when they plug their Deck into an external monitor. Or if you assume a certain level of performance is available, that won't work for the guy who turned the TDP way down because his train was delayed and he wants to keep gaming.
  13. My worry with streaming services is that your money goes into a vast pool with everyone else's, sloshes around, and then presumably comes out somewhere else. It's all very opaque in terms of what the artists make, and this seems to be diluted anyway due to the losses they make and the need to keep the major labels (who own part stakes) happy. I want the musicians I like to actually be able to make a living doing it, and you can actually make a fair guess of how much profit they make when you see them live, or buy merch / music from Bandcamp. There aren't really many alternatives to Bandcamp in that respect, so I can't see Epic introducing any changes that are so bad that I would stop using it. At the same time I don't see what they bring in terms of the company's existing core mission, or why Bandcamp couldn't just continue as an independent entity. They were profitable, right?
  14. Same guy who did the video linked above about GC emulation uploaded another one today about Xbox emulation. Watching him play JSRF (which I've wanted to revisit for a while, one of those games that's not available on any modern platforms, and it seems like emulation wasn't in a good state until recently either) it made me think that the smaller, 16:10 screen is potentially ideal for playing older games. If I played this on a big modern telly, I'd probably be painfully aware of the fact that the graphics were never meant to be put under such intense scrutiny (even though JSRF's art style means it stands the test of time better than most). It's probably the perfect device for revisiting older games without too much risk of knocking off your rose tinted glasses.
  15. I imagine their ultimate aim with this is to attract people to PC gaming / the Steam ecosystem who wouldn't have considered it previously though. So I'd be surprised if they don't try to keep a model around with close to console level pricing. Storage could be a problem that has other solutions by the time Valve comes out with a second iteration. SD cards are becoming more SSD-like, with some supporting wear levelling now, and PCIe 4.0 support in an upcoming spec. So they might be saying "the load times off SD cards actually aren't that bad" again, even if there are games relying on DirectStorage etc by that point. Will be interesting to see what "Deck Verified" ends up meaning once they have different models with varying capabilities. Could be a bit of a headache. Like a game could hit all the basic criteria (portable-friendly UI, controller support, Proton support or Linux native version) but only provide a good experience on the higher tier of hardware, just because it's that demanding? That's just how PCs work though. I mean it's already a bit of a moving target for developers, what with users being able to fiddle with the settings as they please.
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