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  1. 1. Every Wii U owner will tell you that's overwhelmingly the common belief amongst the general public. ("Oh, you got that tablet thing for your Wii?") Although, they tend to find the machine to be very entertaining once you've actually shown the Wii U to them and how it's different - ironically, more so than us jaded gamer types.2. No they shouldn't, for their sakes. But then Nintendo would literally rather end up selling their own games exclusively on a Pokémon Mini style device that they manufacturer themselves than switch to being a developer for either the Xbone or PS4. And it'd make them more profit, most likely.
  2. Same balance board, has more/different subgames included, and you can buy a (completely optional) pedometre to measure your daily steps when away from the console.
  3. Going back to the early '80s, Bounty Bob of Miner 2049er and Bounty Bob Strikes Back fame.
  4. Not enough PC Engine love in this thread...
  5. My current rum is Appleton Estate (the regular sort) which I enjoy quite a bit. I like the strong, rich flavour. There are undoubtably far better rums available, but then I'm pretty inexperienced with liquor in general.
  6. Contemplated Pikmin 3, but I didn't really enjoy the first two Pikmin games, so I can't see the point in playing another game in a series that I don't like all that much, particularly as it is more of the same. I'm sure it's good fun for Pikmin fans, however, but I'm not one of them. Played the demo of Wonderful 101, and ten minutes of that put me off the game forever, to be honest.
  7. I'm disappointed. I've enjoyed using some of the features (the Netflix app has a decent user interface, and the web browser has been excellent - I don't own an iPad, so via the GamePad I can browse the web while sitting on my sofa, or display YouTube videos on my TV), but as a games machine, it's been terrible. I personally haven't been impressed by the selection of rehashes (NSMB U), ports of third-party I wasn't interested in on other formats and HD remakes (Wind Waker). Much as I've enjoyed Wind Waker, it doesn't alter the fact that for the first time ever with a Nintendo console, I feel that I own a dud. Super Mario 3D World might change my mind a bit towards the positive, if it's as good as the hype suggests, but one sparkly bauble doesn't make a Christmas tree, if you know what I'm saying. I feel a lot more pessimistic about the Wii U's future, artistically and commercially, than I did during the run-up to either the 3DS or Wii's first birthday.
  8. Still have most of the bottles of spirits mostly full, some unopened. I'm a very light drinker. Didn't like the Kraken rum at all, I'll have to admit.
  9. The difference was, the Nintendo 64 looked like it'd have a promising future over a year before it was even launched over here (see: the Space World '95 footage, that was just jaw-dropping). Sure, it never looked like it would match the PlayStation's unassailable market share, even during the pre-launch excitement, but you knew it'd be a great console with lots of fantastic games ahead in its future, many of which you'd have seen brief footage of ages before you were even able to buy the console. I've never had that feeling with the Wii U over the last year.
  10. Had a play of the Lego Marvel Heroes demo. Are the Lego games all like this? It's a shallow button-masher with awkward controls. Really didn't give it pleasant to play at all.
  11. Wondered if this was a (possible) call back to the infamous Cartmel Masterplan, the idea of the Doctor having different names in Other, unknown, incarnations. Possibly.
  12. I agree, awful. All Game do now is up-selling, the hard sell, you can't even buy a disc-based game from them any more without some kind of 'disc insurance' being hawked at you (in case of disc drive lasers "burning" the disc, apparently).
  13. I personally don't like either game or the Wii-mote. What exactly is your problem with peope stating their own personal preferences?
  14. Me neither. Really put me off the machine generally, and I made sure I played on a Classic or GameCube pad whenever I could. Only Metroid Prime 3 used it satisfactorily of the Wii games I played. Never believed the 'casuals and non-gamers love the Wii-mote' ideology either.
  15. Have to look up Super Hang-On, but Space Harrier is definitely the arcade version - the Mega Drive got Space Harrier 2 rather than the original Space Harrier, anyway. Happened to be the MD's headline launch title, believe it or not.
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