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  1. Went for a stroll for the first time since accidentally completing it, immediately found one of the remaining 27 shrines. Might get the DLC for the hero's path now.
  2. Mario for sure, the rest can wait until a sale.
  3. I'm also a fan of the reboot series - really enjoyed the last two games. The old ones had their moments but were often frustrating and I don't think I'd have the patience for them today. So yeah, this will be on the list for sure.
  4. If there isn't an English language Monster Hunter XX coming to my Switch I'm going to poo in a box and mail it to Capcom.
  5. As an upgrade it's quite expensive, on the other hand with consoles the outlay on the hardware is quickly forgotten when the costs for the actual games and online subscriptions start piling up. I don't think €500 is excessive if it's indeed very powerful, and in my case there's years of Xbox One exclusives to cherry pick from, some of them ridiculously cheap by now. Has there anything be said about performance of 'non optimized' games? Will the problems like crushed blacks and worse resolution/framerates persist on older titles?
  6. I don't have an Xbone (base PS4 and Switch only), but this might tempt me into buying one actually. More interested in this due to the extra oomph than buying the original Xbone with its subpar hardware at any rate.
  7. I think hoping for anything more than a graphically brushed up port will leave you disappointed.
  8. Maybe they could do a patch for The Last Guardian while they're at it too? Another Team Ico game that was great due to the world and atmosphere it created but hampered by bad controls and an annoying camera.
  9. The city level seems to be a pastiche of the videogame cities we see in most games these days rather than an attempt to render a realistic city, if that makes any sense.
  10. Game-wise Nintendo. Good games on all platforms, but Nintendo went the extra mile and finally delivered Metroid. Microsoft also did well, chances are I'll be buying that new Bone X of them to complete the trinity of this generation.
  11. I'm also going to avoid the media for this now - I'm already convinced it's going to be great and I rather explore it all for myself from now on.
  12. Well, reading this last page has turned my enthusiasm in depression. Thanks guys.
  13. Not sure if I'm up for this after completing the PS2 version twice and the PS3 HD remake once. A no brainer for new players obviously, but for veterans? Meh.
  14. Really happy with this, I've been waiting for a proper sidescrolling Metroid since Zero Mission (I'm not counting Other M as it was not portable and a bit shit). Day one for sure.
  15. As a massive fan of the first game and being hugely disappointed by the sequel, I frankly can't say the footage is filling me with confidence. I hope it turns out to be good, but it looks kind of cheap to me.
  16. New Metroid(s)? GET IN. Mainly interested in the 3DS sidescroller obv.
  17. WipEout devs, is there a chance there will be a VR upgrade down the line? I'd be willing to do something embarrassing in return. In other news, I asked this for Father's Day which is this weekend so I should be zipping along soon as well
  18. Oh, that would indeed be a problem. Crap.
  19. I've been playing some Trials Fusion on the PS4 today. Ubisoft really should make a Trials game for Switch.
  20. I really like those old Burnouts and the Criterion developed Need for Speed Hot Pursuit was great. When the EA E3 thread came up and I saw this trailer I was very happy. That is, until all the terrible acting and cutscene and narrative shit kicked in. FFS guys, how hard can it be. Preorder cancelled, looks utter crap.
  21. I like the more inventive ones that make you play in a new way. Like the 'pacifier' in Geometry Wars where you have to survive a certain time without firing a shot. Those are fun. But the ones that are more 'complete the game within 2 hours on bloody insane difficulty without dying once' or 'collect every piece of hidden shit that has no use in the game besides triggering this trophy' - yeah, do one.
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