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  1. Back to exploring, shrining and cooking while slowly making my way to Goron City. I love this game so much that I want to hump it gently.
  2. Well, at least download games freed us of the shackles of the AAA-or-bust attitude we've had on consoles for a while. There are loads of indie games and experimental titles out there at great prices. Stuff like Inside, Hotline Miami, Shadow Complex or Papers, Please is often very engrossing and can be had for peanuts.
  3. Played up to the first proper boss yesterday night and got killed after a heroic but ultimately hopeless struggle. I guess the intoxication didn't help. This morning I gave it another shot with my son sitting next to me cheering me on. Took him down first try, hero status confirmed. I haven't got a clue what I'm supposed to do next, but I don't give a shit. I've decided to trek further North and see what's happening over there.
  4. I went off gaming for the better part of two or maybe even three years. For me it was PS VR that brought me back, and then playing some of the incredible stuff released in the last years that I missed.
  5. I don't ride horses much because you just miss so much on the wayside. Travelling is the perfect moment to stock up on ingredients for cooking food and elixers. Passing all those twinkly pickups on horseback just doesn't feel right.
  6. I can't believe they didn't even include the cheap ass grip at that price.
  7. Yeah, it's a pretty tricky puzzle but it made me feel right clever when I solved it. You could probably make a decent Youtube compilation of all the stupid shit I tried. With Benny Hill music.
  8. Do you have the map yet? I'm in the same part, but two switches ahead
  9. Right. In that case it might indeed not be the game for you.
  10. No no no, get it. It might just be the best game ever! And I hated the previous 3 home console games.
  11. I could have played this on the Wii U, but as it's in the living room and hogged and tainted by my kids it doesn't really feel as 'my' console anymore. You just know that the controller will be sticky if you pick it up, and there'll probably be a raisin sticking between one of the joysticks or something foul like that. And I wanted the best version. So I splashed out on a Switch about 6 months earlier than I originally intended. Moments of buyer's remorse I've had so far: 0.
  12. Exactly. I love it that the game offers you some tools and the world has its rules, and by combining the two you can solve stuff in pretty much any way you want without having to jump through certain hoops thought up by the game designers. That Shrine near the Dueling Peaks Stable is a prime example of this - I've seen at least half a dozen solutions how people cleared the obstacle to enter it instead of everybody being funneled through the same scripted sequence of actions necessary to clear the obstacle thought up by the game director. It also neatly sidesteps the faux-cinematic 'press X to blow up half a city block' mechanism of GTA like games by making you actually perform every action yourself through your own agency rather than making you stand in the right place and press a button to trigger a cutscene.
  13. I know I've always been very vocal about the things I disliked in the post-N64 Zeldas, and nobody is happier than I am that Nintendo fixed every single one of them and threw in loads of cool shit for good measure. This is the Zelda game I've always been dreaming about since open world games became viable on console hardware.
  14. I'm glad to be completely absorbed by a game again and make hours and days disappear while playing instead of trying to reach the next objective, those moments are few and far between these days as an old jaded gamer who sometimes thinks he has seen it all before.
  15. My Switch is a dedicated Zelda player at the moment, I didn't even make it to three races in Fast RMX yet.
  16. Yeah, I agree with this - as a coherent simulation/system based game world it's leaps ahead of any other game at the moment. The internal logic of how all the elements in the world fit together and interact with each other is really unsurpassed, and tinkered to prioritise playability and fun over realism. Even after a week of playing I see new, unscripted things happening all over the place and I've still got to start my first proper dungeon because I spend more time exploring and fucking around than actually chasing the story.
  17. I wonder if that trick works on one of those big ass landscape bosses.
  18. Major LOL http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-03-10-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-players-have-worked-out-how-to-beat-enemies-with-a-chicken I also saw someone catapulting themselves on the side of a statis-frozen and then motion-charged rock. The amount of possibilities in this simulation is just astonishing, this must truly be the best game ever.
  19. What happened to Ramone? Did he combust in pure joy last week?
  20. Do people really use that stand mode? I find the screen too small to play comfortably from a distance really, when it's not hooked up to the TV I prefer to hold it like a normal handheld.
  21. I meant that maraca swinging dimwit Maybe try a wooden bow?
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