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  1. I need to find that fucking singing bush again to gain some more inventory slots, but he seems to have moved elsewhere. Fucking vegetables. Also, I saw this brilliant pillar of light at the horizon, went to it and it turned out it was a Will its use become apparent later, as the signposting seemed to suggest something more dramatic?
  2. Haven't noticed any myself, just some smudging due to fingerprints but those wipe off easily enough.
  3. I tend to use my rubbish weapons on the low level wayside vermin and save the good ones for the moments I get more serious opposition. That way I don't waste my powerful weapons on underpowered foes, but it also makes sure even the relatively easy battles are still a bit of a challenge.
  4. But then as if you're looking through Robocop's visor in glorious scanline-o-vision.
  5. Hey, I'm not complaining, I think they did an excellent job on BotW. Just saying that I don't think it's THAT special as a graphical showcase and that there are prettier and graphically far more advanced games out there.
  6. Somebody already posted this solution in the mega thread, but it got swamped as that thread moves at about mach 3. Anyway, nice that it works but I'd rather use the dock.
  7. I love my Vita and 3DS. I've owned every post GBA Nintendo and both Sony handhelds. Not sure what that has to do with the Switch. Which is, besides that it has fuck all to play at the moment apart from one of the best games of all time, better than any of them.
  8. Well, if Nintendo/Zelda show one thing, it's that gameplay and design are more important than technical prowess alone. The hours I already sunk in it and the fun I've had are testament to that.
  9. Hmm, Zelda is definitely moving towards the top of my favourite game ever list, but it does most definitely look like a last generation game hidden beneath some clever shading tricks and good design. But I can easily list ten games that look much better imo.
  10. I'm very happy with fast travel, as I often want to move to another place because I need something or because an idea pops in my head and it would be a huge slog if you had to walk there every time or sacrifice something for it. I much prefer this freedom. Even when fast travelling I find I can't resist going all over the place while I walk from the nearest drop point to my destination.
  11. I only have a 46" 1080p screen and it's quite obvious it's not running at 1080p resolution. It looks sharper on the Switch screen because, while 720p, the pixels are smaller and it is in native resolution. Can't say it bothers me much though, just don't expect any next-gen goodness.
  12. Street Fighter IV. It was released 3 days before my son was supposed to be born, but the little shit decided to get out earlier. Cue myself trying to enjoy my first session of SFIV as there was absolutely nothing I could do but wait while my wife was having contractions. That mixture of impending fear, feeling useless and anticipation kind of ruined the game for me, I never went back to it afterwards.
  13. Is it just me, or are the loading times longer when you're playing in heldheld mode? Cool detail during play yesterday near the Zora Domain:
  14. Played all night again, this might indeed be the best game ever.
  15. I don't have any troubles with Joycon syncing issues it seems, but I find I prefer them attached to the screen when in portable mode, and when in TV mode i use the Pro controller. But when experimenting I could easily operate the Switch from 12 feet without any issues.
  16. I'd rather see a plethora of indie games than watered down ports of PS4 titles on the Switch.
  17. Did I goof up? I meant that it's quite easy for it to run on a rock or rubble, making the horse refuse to move further, but then it's impossible to get it off again unless you use physical force (like a bomb).
  18. Not really, the only thing that comes close is that it's quite easy to get your house stuck in the scenery.
  19. The account stuff confuses me. I made a NNID on my 3DS ages ago, but apparently I can't use it on my Switch for which I had to make a separate Nintendo Account, which seemingly is something different from the Nintendo Club account I had years ago. And there's still friend codes? I thought the NNID was meant to banish those shitty things once and for all. As it is, I now have an account on my 3DS and Switch that share the same email address, but apparently aren't linked. My Wii U also has an account, but I'm not sure if that's NNID or something else? I guess I'll leave it like this until I ever feel a compelling reason to sort shit out for multi player (which I don't do anyway) or crossbuy (har har, as if) or something. So that's why I haven't posted a friend code here, I just can't be arsed with this bullshit. How hard can it be, Microsoft sorted this out like 15 years ago.
  20. This is totally excellent in this game. I love it that they're just doing their thing, and you can just sneak around them without them even knowing you were there, set up traps or diversions for them by drawing their attention to a bomb in their midst, trying to take them out one by one or just go in gung-ho and slaughter them. So much better than the typical enemies that are in position waiting for you to hit some invisible trigger point and then attack you all at once. They're as much part of the sandbox as everything else, and the way they interact with each other, their surroundings and the other creatures in the game is fantastic.
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