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  1. 8-bit: Commodore 64 16-Bit: Amiga 500 32-Bit: Nintendo 64 Handheld: Atari Lynx No Bits - PS2 / Xbox tie (also owned GameCube) Handheld: Gameboy Advance Last Gen - Xbox 360 (also own Wii, Wii U and PS3) Handheld: DS (also own PSP) This Gen - PS4 (also own Switch - skipped the Xbone so far because it still hasn't the exclusives to tempt me into buying one) Handheld: 3DS (also own Vita)
  2. My official Nintendo case came in, it's exactly what I was looking for so happy with that. Tried to apply the screen protector but found it rubbish so binned it. I guess I'll just consider any scratches, if they ever appear, battle scars.
  3. It's a constant pull to moving forward or returning to known areas to explore the surrounding or stocking up/cooking. I'm about to enter the Zora domain now, but actually think I'll return to the previous towns to do some shopping now that I'm loaded with rupees thanks to some brave thievery.
  4. Can't play tonight as I'm tied up in local politics :-/
  5. I thought MarioKart 8 was pretty good on the Wii U, but I don't really see a reason to buy it again for the Switch. Although I probably will because I'm hopeless.
  6. Personally I much prefer music taking the back seat a bit, a thunderous opus blaring every moment you're crossing the planes gets pretty old pretty fast. And there a lots of subtle effects and echoes of old theme songs, I heard a low key version of the 'Hyrule Field' or 'Overworld' (♫pam pam pampampampaaam pam pampam pam pampampampam♫) music when I was crossing a large open area on horseback yesterday. I also found two shrines because I heard a guy playing harmonica near their locations which I might otherwise not have spotted.
  7. Ah yes of course. I should have a few lying around. Too bad you can't just fling them on Imgur or the like.
  8. Is there a way to get those pics online without sharing them through Facebook/Twatter?
  9. I love these sneaking into Hyrule Castle stories. Hopefully I'll have some time tonight to try myself
  10. My horse is/was called 'Pert' ... which is local dialect for 'Paard', which is Dutch for 'Horse'. It seems it'll be lost forever, as far as I see it never gets reset/teleported after it gets stuck somewhere and it's in a pretty impossible place right now. They should patch that out really, I don't think I ever lost a horse beyond redemption in Red Dead Redemption or Shadow of the Colossus.
  11. I encountered one shrine where I could just walk in and claim my prize because getting access to the shrine itself was the puzzle.
  12. Can't you just pick it up in a shop and return/cancel the Amazon copy?
  13. Nonsense. Skyrim is a classic with a completely different feel to it and well worth playing in its own right. The only reason why I might not get it is because I already own two versions of the game and spent countless hours on it. But to write it off just because Zelda is another great open world game is ridiculous.
  14. I've noticed a few small, glowing orange pinwheels dotted around the world, but I seemingly can't interact with them? Is it something I have to trigger first?
  15. At least the Switch has its must-have title from day one, so that's a good start. Now Nintendo has to make sure a healthy stream of new titles will appear, both small downloadable hand-held type titles as the AAA hitters. This will be the biggest challenge. I don't expect third parties to come on board any time soon, after burning on the Cube, Wii and Wii-U they'll need more than decent launch numbers to be convinced again. I hope it'll do well in Japan, with the console being region free it would increase chances we get to play more diverse and wacky Japanese titles. I'm not really concerned about the Western third party AAA output, as I'll play those on my PS4 anyway. Some Xboxes did, most didn't. It never happened to me or anybody I know. When it comes to calamities the RRoD was a proper one, scratchgate was a blip.
  16. Well, I'm usually pretty critical of Nintendo, but I think they knocked it out of the park with the Switch. I think it's a delightful package and Zelda is probably the best launch game ever. I can't remember buying another console where I spent 20 hours in 2 days playing a single game at least. Of course there are some issues, but most are pretty minor and, as with every closely followed hardware launch ever, pretty overblown it seems. The only serious thing I see is with the scratching of the screen when docked wrongly, although I haven't noticed any scratches on mine YET. If they appear, I will complain to Nintendo and ask them to come up with a solution. That said, for me a console - especially a handheld console - is a commodity and I don't mind if it gets some wear and tear through use. It's a toy after all, not a museum piece. That's why I never bother with screen protectors and other anal shit like that on my portable devices. The other complaints mostly fall in the category iPhone 4 grip-of-death, iPhone 6 bending-gate, exploding batteries, Wiimotes through televisions, Xbox scratching discs, desintregrating PS4 pads. Stuff that happens only incidentally and to relatively few people where everybody gets really heated up about but which in the real world hardly cause any inconvenience.
  17. I hope this means free games! #Ambassador #ReallySpoilingUs
  18. Well, I managed to get my horse back but subsequently lost it when I wanted to descent some mountains and couldn't be bothered to bomb it from one rock to another so I left it behind eventually Made a huge trek tonight, finally found the tower of the area I was in and it turned out I already did about 50% of it. Most likely a part you don't even need to visit if you just want to motor through the story. Made my way back, and found a nice place in the story to call it a day. As @VN1X says, it's really like being on an adventure. So many cool incidents happening all around you, so many 'happy accidents', one moment you follow a clue, the next moment you spend an hour to get a shrine to appear through some fiendishly yet fair tricky environmental puzzle. The vistas, the ride into the unknown, all the surprises, there is so much to do and see that it's just completely mind boggling. I said it before in this thread, but I'll repeat it after 2 mammoth sessions of this game: Nintendo really fixed everything I hated about the previous three 3D games. No unnecessary handholding, no annoying busywork, no chores - here's a world, here's a story, now go play. It's fucking immense and I love it.
  19. I lost my horse when I did a daring raid on the treasures of a 3000HP monster. He shot my horse with a shock arrow, but I jumped off the horse with a summersault, glided over the barrier, nicked his 600 rupees, jumped off the cliff, glided around and landed safely on the beach below. Maybe I'm going to go back to see if I can stay out of the monster's aggro range while sounding the whistle, otherwise I think I may be in need of a new mount. Oh well.
  20. I've got about 20 hours racked up now and haven't even started any of the 'proper' dungeons yet. I'm just loosely following the plot while getting constantly distracted due to 'let's see what's over that hill'-itis.
  21. Bring your Switch to work and fake a severe case of diarrhea.
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