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  1. My horse got stuck on a rock so I needed a bomb to get him back on traversable ground And now I got lost, I went North, beat a mini-boss and now I'm in a part where I haven't found the tower yet and I'm just rinsing shrines and solving landscape puzzles to make new shrines appear I just can't stop playing. I do hope to find that tower soon though, so I can open the map. After that I'm going to find a Goddess statue to cash all those orbs.
  2. I like it that you can rush through or sneak into areas of the map where you're not really supposed to go yet, reminds me of sneaking into high level areas when I was a WoW n00b. Although I've been killed brutally some times. I also switched the HUD back on after some 'pro' stuff, as some of the shrines are really hidden well and I don't want to miss any.
  3. Shadow of the Colossus did the stamina thing first I think.
  4. Stocking AAA Nintendo games is low risk as they will keep selling for a long time without any discounts. It's not like your typical Ubisoft title that gets slashed to £20 a month after launch.
  5. You can sit by fires to make time pass and trigger events like people showing up at certain places. Also a winning tip for the waggle shrine near town 2:
  6. Well, I could imagine a system where the weapons take damage, but you can still fix them at a blacksmith if you store them away in time after you get the "damaged very badly" notification, while them being lost forever if they get destroyed in battle. -edit @revlob
  7. It's not possible to repair damaged weapons, is it? While breaking weapons mean you have to improvise and sometimes deal with the stuff that's handed to you (which adds to the diversity), I would like to have a few favourites with me at all times which doesn't seem possible as they'll eventually fall apart. Or did I miss something here?
  8. I finished seventh on my first race, my son came in sixth and my daughter first. Old age really setting in now.
  9. I find the lack of handholding and obvious signposting wonderful. It encourages you to actually play and experiment rather than go through the motions. Actually think about the problem you're facing and thinking up ways to solve it within the ruleset of the game world. So what if you miss something first time round? Or have to search for a long time? That DOH moment when you eventually work it out or hear it from somebody else is a million times better than some annoying sidekick telling you what to do every step of the way.
  10. The old guy's at the fire with the cooking pot the second time you come to his hut (the first time he's chopping down trees), I'm pretty sure he told me about cooking then.
  11. That won't be an issue for me, I don't do multi player so a case that holds the Switch with the controllers slid on and a few carts is good enough for me.
  12. Ordered the Nintendo case so I can take it with me always
  13. So nobody else picked up on the fact it pops out out of screen saver just by picking up the controller? Or am I the only one who's impressed by it?
  14. I recommend to wait until you can play it on a big screen and beefy sound set. While it looks and plays great on the small screen - it really is a marvel - it loses a bit of its epicness.
  15. The speakers sound a bit tinny though, don't they? The 3DS has better sound.
  16. I'm done for today. But what a ride, I've been playing for almost 14 hours straight. Magical.
  17. Bit early days to judge if it's 'the best evar', but it's definitely a very good controller. Everything feels just right and it's very comfortable.
  18. Fast RMX is pretty nice, really fast WipEout style game.
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