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  1. Viewtiful Joe is brilliant, pretty challenging and looks superb. A very refreshing and unique game, there's really nothing like it. Ikaruga - well, I don't really like it a lot. It's definitely a good shooter, and it's hard as nails. Shooters just can't occupy me for a long time, and Ikaruga really needs a lot of time if you want to get far.
  2. I'll be on if I can tear myself away from Broken Sword II ... but some killing surely breaks up the puzzling nicely. - Those whiny kids yesterday, were they friends of yours? They really pissed me off with their squeeky voices and their bitching. I didn't even know I wasn't supposed to use grenades, and they all started getting hostile on me. I don't like 13 year olds to tell me what I can or can't do
  3. Yeah, but they don't go much further than those 'step aside, or the rock is falling on top of you'-bits from BS1, do they?
  4. I still play Tetris DX every now and then, although I still can't beat my girlfriend's 1.000.000+ scores...
  5. Hmmm, didn't play it yet. It's on my games-for-dull-moments-next-year list (and I'm waiting for the Xbox version).
  6. Well, no free downloads, but I'm severely hooked on a neglected PC copy of Broken Sword II which I lifted from a bargain-bin last week. Genuine, good old fashioned point'n'click goodness with lovely animation, great dialogues, a captivating plot and some nice puzzles. No fast reflexes, combo's or pixel-perfect control needed. Just sit back, relax and move slowly through it, absorbing it all. Lovely stuff.
  7. I really like this game. The hilarious plot, action-oriented battles and many comedy moments really make this game for me. But I guess that this isn't the game for you if you don't like RPG's. Even though it's far less RPG-y than any RPG(lite) I've ever played.
  8. Ah, the Ocarina of Time. Without a shadow of a doubt one of the finest crafted pieces of videogaming ever conceived. Even though it aged rather well, can you imagine what the experience was like in 1998?
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