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  1. I don't even check for trophies. Switched the notifications off too so I don't even know when I get one. I thought the Gamerscore/achievements on Xbox was a neat idea when it was first introduced, but I found the Sony implementation rather shit and never bothered with it when I switched from Xbox 360 to P4 as main console this generation. I want this game but still feel shortchanged there's no VR mode in it AND I think it may be discounted / PS+ freebie relatively early down the road so may wait for a bit. I already have played all the original games back in the day anyway.
  2. I can only speak for myself, but for me it's not really a thing. Once I got used to it, it became less overpowering. I also take regular breaks because I find it pretty tiring for long sessions.
  3. I never really got into the 3DS version of Monster Hunter Ultimate but will definitely give this a shot.
  4. I triggered the boss fight by accident and beat him first time, effectively completing the game I was exploring the Eldin mountains and badlands searching for shrines (up to 92 now) and slowly, pretty much coincidentally, arrived at the back of the castle. I decided to check if I could find a way in for some loot, used my climbing and Gale skills and found an entrance without encountering a single baddie. I walked in, triggered a cutscene and a few minutes later it's all over. Epic but unexpected and a bit of an anticlimax. So that was about 110 hours of greatness. There's some unfinished business left but I may let it rest for a while now. It's been great but there was some fatigue setting in, time for something new. Oh, and I completed the game buttnaked in the bath. Hurrah for Switch!
  5. I managed to get up to level 14 I think - the plasma tunnel one. By the way, in the option menu you can crank up the volume which helps with the quietness of the game. I've yanked up the music to 100% and have the FX on about 50% which I find a pleasing mix.
  6. Well, I meant more the whole beat integration, synaesthesia and running evolution theme and underground techno producers soundtrack and all that. This is a lightsynth blaster, the feverish imagination of an 80s videogame designer on acid. It's fucking insane, in a good way. I adore it. And yeah, the music is really, really good.
  7. I was just having a vision of some guy at the office I sometimes have a quick chat with about videogames coming up to me, inspecting me closely and solemny asking: 'Are you a feminist?' I would probably lose my shit.
  8. This is spectacular. It may lack the artistry of Rez, but it more than makes up for it in the FUCK YEAH category. It's absolutely delightful, if you've got a PSVR you must get this.
  9. Yeah, it goes proper psychedelic on your ass when you're racking things up. It's awesome.
  10. If you posted that in the right places of Off Topic every once in a while last year, you'd probably have a 1:2 like/post ratio by now.
  11. I think if I knew as a 10 year old kid playing Galaga that one day I'd be playing something like this in VR, my tiny mind would have exploded.
  12. I don't meet any people in real life who find the word 'faggot' offensive, while it's a bannable offence over here. I guess we all move in different circles.
  13. The problem with every -ism and -ist is that it comes with activists who are almost universally intolerable regardless of the cause they fight for.
  14. I find it pretty tough and visually overwhelming (and I'm only at level 3 but loaded up on the THC beforehand), but it's no punishment to play the same sections over and over.
  15. I think the audio is a bit hit and miss. I love the background music, but some of the sound effects sound flat and harsh, no doubt due to their 8 bit heritage. It also lacks low-end, some subbass would have been amazing. Personally I would have gone for a slightly mellower/warmer edge around the sounds and try to make it a bit more spatial and coherent. That said, when it all comes together it's just amazing, I had some genuine Hillary moments already
  16. Yeah I agree with pretty much everything you just said. Also I think the audio is a bit quiet, it was brought up earlier today (by Strider I think) and I thought it was his cans being too heavyweight for the VR amp, but I experience the same on both my AKG but also my Sennheiser earbuds. I want it to be LOUDER. Fortunately I've got a headphone amp, just need to dig into the cable hell for the proper connection shite.
  17. Don't be silly, VR is great and definitely worth a purchase. This game is fantastic in VR, it's like a mix between Tron, an early 80s videogame and a LSD trip. Real smooth and intense. Minter has outdone himself.
  18. That it's also a political movement is actually part of the definition of the word https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feminism
  19. Even the arguments why this isn't an echo chamber have been repeated so often it's become part of the background noise.
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