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  1. Ramone's been part of the furniture here for almost 15 years, he does what he does and everybody knows it and recognises it. Don't make it bigger than it is.
  2. Of course ramone is trolling, but a ban seems disproportionate. That's my plan for tonight, with Jeff Minter on PSVR!
  3. Yeah, just seen the Minter commentary vid in the other thread. Bought. Tonight I'm going to get baked and try it out, should be wild.
  4. I guess I'll go and do some actual work before I get banned for 'trolling' as well. Stay inclusive and see y'all later
  5. Christ, it really is Victimhood Friday in here. Take it easy people, the weekend is almost here. Turn that frown upside-down.
  6. This thread has been firmly up its own arse since its inception, but this is probably a new low.
  7. I don't know, I've been taught not to think about women as a homogeneous group but as individuals with different opinions and responses to various situations.
  8. So ramone got banned? A little too much noise in the echo chamber? ffs
  9. So, is this Minter game any good? I haven't had the chance to buy/play it yet. I usually like Minter games for their wackiness, but at the same time I'm usually quickly done with them because they often get real hard real fast and there's always so much going on that it's hard to follow. Is this any different, ie does the VR help unraveling the clutter or does it make it even worse?
  10. Use an amplifier amp then. Your headphones' impedance is probably too high for the weak PSVR amplification.
  11. Well, Lara Croft seems to spend most of the last game wearing a toasty fur lined parka and snowboots rather than hopping around in a spandex top and hotpants. Not sure if it's an improvement though
  12. If you catch a horse and don't register it while going to Gerudo Town, you can say you've been through the desert on a horse with no name. Anyhow, I've been exploring some out of the way areas today and found a couple of shrines, completed some sidequests, went a bit around the castle beating up Guardians, went to Castle Town and generally had a great time. My Ancient Armour is complete now and I've burned through all my meals while taking on various A Major Test of Strength shrines so I've returned to Kariko Village for some cooking later. I've amassed loads of ingredients through my recent travels, so no doubt I'll be offloading a lot of stuff to the shopkeeper which should keep the rupees flowing. So now I'm at 85 shrines, 3 stamina wheels and about 14 hearts I think. Shrines are becoming increasingly hard to find, but the more satisfying it is when you find them. I still have some areas to go through, still have to pound Lynel arse and kick Ganon's face in. It just keeps on going, doesn't it? After completing the last divine beast it felt like being on the home stretch, but I've hardly touched the dragons, there's still loads of sidequests, I read about towns I haven't even found yet (Tarrey town?), there's still 35 shrines to find and complete and I know there must be another Great Fairy Fountain out there which I haven't found yet (and which I'm now saving up for as I read the lovely lady expects a royal fee of 10,000 to open shop) ... this'll keep me busy for some time still. THIS GAME.
  13. That's the "if Martin Luther King wasn't so uppity about racial issues, he'd be still alive today" argument. Doesn't really float, does it?
  14. This is something I really disagree with though; nobody should have to accept to be threatened with death/rape/assault/harassment for airing an opinion some find offensive. In fact, if there's one thing the GamerGate movement showed, it's that Anita Sarkeesian definitely has a point when she states there's something rotten in gaming culture. If anything, these vocal opponents have ironically done more to damage gaming culture and the image of gamers than Anita and her "army of SJWs".
  15. While I thought it was a bunch of nonsense when it was first announced, some of the videos actually made me reconsider some things I took for granted before and while some of the "hard feminism"/PC stuff still makes me cringe and there were some badly researched or interpreted examples rolled out, there were definitely some eye openers, the main one the realisation there is indeed a lack of strong, female lead characters (not counting the S&M dominatrix leather clad look femme fatale with a roundhouse kick cliche) which now at least seems to be on the uptake.
  16. I like the understated use of music and more prominent ambient sound. When playing a 100+ hour epic, endlessly looping "catchy" tunes start to grate pretty quickly and there's plenty of iconic moments like the "a guardian has spotted you" riff. The music in the northern ancient lab is also great.
  17. Damn goddess refuses to give me more stamina I guess that's 10 more hearts to collect then - 80 shrines done! Some of those shrine quests are great puzzles in themselves, love it.
  18. My friend code is SW-6589-1859-8370, so feel free to add. What happened to these modern Nintendo IDs we were promised?
  19. Two blue shells followed by two red shells couldn't stop me from trouncing the competition on my first race. Fucking random shite, now I remember why I never play these games for long
  20. Yeah, the problem with AI companions is that they fuck up by either getting themselves in trouble, getting you in trouble or getting in the way. "GET OUT OF THE WAY YOU CUNT" is probably my most used phrase when it comes to interacting with NPCs, and that's independent of age or gender.
  21. There's nothing in the order history either, but apparently PayPal is sitting on the cash/checking something out. Whatevs, hope they hurry up (I can't play anyway at the moment as I'm not at home, but would like some Karting action tonight).
  22. How long does it take Shopto to deliver codes? I ordered an hour ago and got nothing except a Paypal notification of payment.
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