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  1. Yeah, got it with a discount at Shopto, although weird shit happened so I hoped it went all OK while I wait for the code to arrive. What a shitty site that is.
  3. What is the euro price on eshop (I've searched but can't find it and my Switch is at home)? As I use my Switch more and more in portable mode I think there's a case for getting the download rather than the cart.
  4. I'm not into Star Trek at all unfortunately. But Static looks like fun, might pick that up.
  5. I don't have the ambition to clear the game with 900 korok seeds - I'm not even up to a 100 I think. When I pass them, I collect them, but I don't go out of my way looking for them. Same with some of the grindier updates on gear and stuff - I can twat pretty much everything in the gameworld, so I'm not going to collect 20 Star Fragments considering I've only found 2 in almost 100 hours of play or mine dozens of gems to upgrade armour. It's not that I NEED even stronger armour and weapons at this point so it's just busywork. After having completed the divine beasts, my main drive now is to complete as many shrines and the more interesting side quests as possible before I go explore the castle and kick Ganon's arse, and then I'm done with it I think. I'm currently working my way through the corners of the map I only rushed through so far, and when I've done that I'll use the guide for the last few. It's about time to put this one to bed, because it's been a wonderful ride but I think I've now pretty much seen everything the game has to offer bar the finale.
  6. And that's Eventide Island done. Took me a while and two retries, but sorted it in the end. Got a Blood Moon just after clearing a camp which was a bit mean but I survived. Had some buggy shit going on though, one of the platforms had a slab over it that first wouldn't budge and then glitch back in place, than a ball dropped over the cliff and I spent ages getting it back and when I tried to climb back up it dropped at least a dozen times. When I got back up it respawned on the watch tower and I was all like GHHAAAAAA. But yeah, it felt like quite an accomplishment to finally get round to completing this part as I found it quite daunting when I first found it.
  7. As mentioned in the other thread, I was a bit disappointed to find invisible walls and a 'You can't go further' message. First disappointment in 90 hours, so still not too bad overall.
  8. Interested in Polybius, Farpoint and Prey. I'll get Polybius on day one as it seems like the perfect quick blast VR title. Farpoint depends a bit on reviews, Prey most likely in the bargain bin later in the year.
  9. I meant a kick up the arse to break through lethargy, not to force yourself to do something you don't enjoy. I often find that I'm procrastinating and once I force myself to switch on the console and pick up the controller I'm really enjoying myself.
  10. Indeed, I was thinking a bottomless void and an overhanging cliff would achieve the same.
  11. I was bit disappointed to find a 'You can't go further' message at an invisible wall last night at the North end of the map.
  12. Had a good session today, I made my way through the desert into Gerudo Town, completed the Thieves Hideout and took down the last of the Divine Beasts (the camel). I really liked this one, it had so many interconnecting bits combined with the rotation puzzles that it took a while to see the logic, but when it clicked I rinsed it pretty quickly. The bossfight was reasonably easy, although I agree with one of the posters above that the camera here was quite annoying. Still did it on my first try though. I also got the final tower so the entire map is laid bare now. I also got the ancient armour except for the helm (I didn't have enough parts), and upgraded most of the other stuff where possible. Currently I have 75 shrines completed, which means there must be 45 left if I'm not mistaken. I think I'm going to do a serious attempt to find as many of them as possible by revisiting all the corners of the map while doing some of the open sidequests. When I get bored of that I'll probably get the guide out to find the last ones and then twat Ganon's arse. There's still loads to do, but I might try and complete the story and put it away for a while and wait for the DLC to hit and then pick up the last bits and pieces. I think after 90 hours of Zelda (and no doubt the mopping up wil take another dozen at least) it's time to slowly start thinking about playing something else. Persona 5 is waiting!
  13. I just did the hideout, it's pretty easy. The guards are thick as shit, just focus on drawing away the guys at the door.
  14. You can also jump from a block of ice in front of the platform, makes it easier than using the waterfall. I found it a pretty weird riddle and resorted to looking it up as it didn't make sense - tried everything but the jumping attack
  15. Anybody giving BOTW less than a 12/10 will reap negs from me, that's for sure.
  16. Question regarding the Master Sword and Hylian shield - can they break? And if they can, can you get spares or get them repaired (and how)? What if you throw one away? Please spoiler answer in case some people don't want to know, tha.
  17. I don't play online at all. For me it's also about the single player experience, to just play when I feel like it and take breaks when I feel like it rather than going from lobby to game to lobby to game and not making any progress besides maybe racking up some XP counter.
  18. I still haven't taken on a Lynel after meeting my first one near the Zora Domain. I usually go around them or leg it.
  19. It's a familiar sentiment but quite easy to break out off by kicking yourself up the backside. One you get the gaming back in your routine, that lack of motivation is soon gone. I didn't pay much for years but picked things up last November and get quite some hours in these days.
  20. No, it would just add to the slog. I like it that I can teleport whenever I get an idea or when I got some stuff I was hunting for. Having then to locate a shrine first would take the spontaneity out of blitzing around the map and getting stuff done. But I never use fast travel to get out of a hairy situation, I fight to the death!
  21. I've tried to unlearn playing with inverted Y-axis, but I just can't do it. I can do it for a while, but as soon I get into a situation that demands my full attention (a tricky section or a boss fight or something), muscle memory kicks in and the camera is all over the place.
  22. Spent some time exploring the Tundra, found an insultingly easy Shrine but that was avenged with the North Western Labyrinth which was good fun to clear. Nice loot too. While there's still a lot to do and a lot to see, I do feel I'm nearing the endgame now and that's both exciting and sad. Exciting because I'm feeling about ready to kick some ass and clear this, sad because I know that once the titles roll I'll probably never get back to this. I suppose I can squeeze another 20-30 hours out of it if I go for the full 90% or so (clearing all the Shrines but leaving some of the fetch sidequests mainly).
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