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  1. There's a chap in Zora's Domain (close to one of the bridges) hewing away at a pillar. When you give him 10 luminous stones, he'll exchange it for a diamond. Your first deposit will even net you 2 diamonds. As luminous stones are pretty common (there's lots of them around the mountains in Zora's Domain and around the base of Death Mountain and various other locations), it's pretty easy to get 10 of them.
  2. Close call between GTA V and Fallout 3 ... but effectively both.
  3. I have loads of ancient parts except I keep running short on shafts (as I need these for arrows and they seem to drop less often). Diamonds shouldn't be a problem, just farming the luminous stones and trading them in Zora's Domain.
  4. I've now tackled 3 divine beasts (at the Goron, Zora and Rito places) and have been working on further exploring the map, finding shrines, doing sidequests and collecting materials for epic meals and upgrades. There's at least one more Great Fairy Fountain to find (I've got 3 so far), and there's still one part of the map I haven't opened yet. Currently I'm about 75 hours in, completed 65 shrines, got 14 hearts and 2.2 stamina wheels. Currently I'm working on upgrading my favourite gear (the stealth armour, both for sneaking up to enemies as well as critters), but I might also try to get the stuff and rupees together for the Ancient Armour set. I've met a salesman outside of Hateno vilage who sells ancient stuff, and I think he also had ancient cores. Oh, and it's been decided this is now officially my favourite game of all time. I've been playing for over a month now and it's just as good as when I started. Better even, now I'm a fucking badass in this world.
  5. I'm not a fan, I prefer a more business-like/factual approach to game reviews/discussion than this over the top emotive aren't-I-a-character bullshit. Even if he's spot on I just find it tiresome to watch/listen to. Then again, I don't like most podcasters or "YouTube personalities". Maybe I'm just too old for this shit.
  6. Before I go out for serious questing (taking on a boss or a difficult part of terrain) I make sure I collect as many hearty ingredients as possible (radishes, truffles, etc.) and cook them. Some varieties give you loads of extra hearts.
  7. A couple of hearts first (say until you have 7 or 8 so you can't be easily one-hit killed), then stamina until you've got two wheels, then hearts again. The rest I prop up with potions/meals. Got 2 stamina wheels and 13 hearts currently and it seems I'm able to fight and climb pretty much everything as long as I've got some backup.
  8. Well, as much fun as this symbology stuff proves to be, the cold hard fact is that I ran out of Ancient Arrows and lack Ancient Shafts to make new ones. Which means I have to farm Guardians like a motherfucker to get a new stash. But not today! Is the ancient armour worth it by the way? Its main quality seems to be Guardian resistance, but now I can shield parry them I'm not sure it's worth the investment in materials and rupees.
  9. Can you please keep this truther nonsense out of our beloved Zelda thread. Take it to Off Topic or something.
  10. Had a delightful session today. Started on the TV, then took it (and an extra charger I picked up yesterday) with me to play handheld when visiting the inlaws for Easter. I've been cruising around various areas to collect ingredients, found some new shrines and then went to get the Master Sword because I had enough hearts. After that I spent mad amounts of time on cooking and trading shit. One highlight was the 'destroy 3 giants' Shrine quest, where I tricked the last (largest) one by cutting the ball needed to activate the portal from his body, picked it up and made a break for it with the giant and lots of moblins chasing me. Could have used some Benny Hill music there The game accepted it too, when I dropped the ball in the portal. Did the final interesting side quests of Zora Domain and that fishing village in the south east. THIS GAME. Over 65 hours in, and still enjoying this every moment I play it. I might venture in the direction of the Gerudos later tonight, so much territory is still unexplored. I do kick serious butt now though, enemies I would avoid earlier are now tackled head-on. I may be ready for a Lynel maybe.
  11. Indeed. Hopefully that means it'll be possible to fix.
  12. I liked Hotline Miami and my Switch could do with some additional content, but I'm not buying this unless it runs properly. I'm no 60fps/framerate whore but games shouldn't be chugging all over the place, especially when they're fast-paced like this one.
  13. But profound stuff, man. You're really onto something here.
  14. Actually I was thinking today that the eye motif returns very often, but it's a bit of a staple in the series. Shooting an arrow in an eye ornament is THE classic Zelda 'puzzle' since pretty much forever.
  15. The New 3DS XL is the one to go for if you're interested in the 3D effect (and you should be as it's pretty sweet). The older 3DS models have a very narrow sweetspot, while the New 3DS does headtracking and adjusts accordingly. It really makes a huge difference. While it may not be the hottest tech in the world, there are some great games on the 3DS. The only seriously missing franchises are Advance Wars and a proper Metroid, but at least there's some Fire Emblem and Cave Story+ (eShop version) goodness to make up for it. Two wicked Phoenix Wright games too. Get in!
  16. After conquering the second beast I've been mopping up uncompleted shrines (those that I found at least but didn't solve yet and a couple of new ones, I still have a huge part of the map to explore) and just went around collecting stuff for meals and elixers. Went back to the labyrinth island and discovered the cellar, nothing short of epic. Got the Guardian shield parrying stuff nailed now so I now look forward to meeting them instead of dreading it. Because of this the parts roll in fast, meaning loads of nice stuff from the Northern laboratory. Maxed out the house. Tomorrow I'll be at the inlaws, so I picked up an extra charger for extended Zelda times THIS GAME
  17. Yeah, I thought it was a very cool section but as I said I expected it to be a key moment in the storyline (hence the profound/dramatic remark) but apparently just a cool sidequest.
  18. I'm not sure if that's snobbery or just a taste thing. I personally dislike the 'high resolution detailed Flash game' cartoon style graphics of games like The Binding of Isaac or Turbo Steet Fight II HD for example. Not because I'm a snob, but it just looks very unappealing to me. The pixelated thing is great on handhelds as far as I'm concerned, a bit less keen on big HD flatscreens. And it's being overused for sure.
  19. Got over my head in all kinds of work crap so didn't have the time/rest to play for some time but picked up enthusiastically today and cleared the second beast at Death Mountain. Another great spatial puzzle, but once I got my head around the rotational stuff and various mechanics I cleared it pretty quickly. Also, it seems my reluctance to quest and appetite for exploring/grinding has made me a bit overpowered as I kicked the boss' arse first try while losing only two or three hearts. Good fight though. What a game!
  20. I think I still have that U2 album. It's more persistent than psoriasis.
  21. Yeah, I guess. When I saw it I thought it was some kind of shitty budget title but didn't realise it had turned into a forum darling. My bad. We'll see how it fares in the GOTY lists.
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