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  1. Did you write the Big Book of Rllmuk Etiquette? Can I get a signed copy?
  2. Calm down dear, sorry for pissing on your daisies. Sweet lord.
  3. Because I didn't hear about this game before, checked it out and came to this conclusion? Or have we switched to being a fanboy forum where only gushing is allowed?
  4. This looks about as much fun as rubbing your knob on a cheese grater. But I was never a fan of the Banjo/Rare platformers anyway.
  5. You're not wrong, they even backed it with a non-ironical late 2000s dubstep track. Anyway, you'd be mad to buy this now with all the amazing games that are available. This has bargain bin written all over it, better save it for when the summer drought kicks in.
  6. Gaaaah, I want to play this but am still stuck in Zelda. Too many games!
  7. Heh, that same shrine was keeping me busy too. And the 'tempered force' one, in which I know what to do but wreck my heavy duty weapon before pulling it off. I need to go back with an inventory full of hammers.
  8. I spent all my gaming time (which was far above average too over the last weeks) on Zelda, well over 50 hours in and I'm still not even remotely close to either completing or getting bored of it.
  9. I haven't had any of the problems, the only thing is the lack of games which I can easily forgive because Zelda is all I've been wanting to play for the last month anyway (although I did get Fast RMX and Shovel Knight TT as well, but only checked a few minutes beyond the title screen of both). Zelda of this quality is a marvel, the option to play it in handheld mode makes it divine. So yeah, no regrets. Although I expect a layer of dust accumulating between the big releases unless there's a steady stream of good indie stuff to keep it going.
  10. Keep ZL pressed all the time while locked on. Press A just when the eye starts to glow bright and you hear a blip sound when it's done targeting. Ie the moment it actually fires. Keep the A button pressed until the beam is reflected.
  11. Sometimes getting Game Over is more beneficial than warping out of a tight corner anyway, as a Game Over restores your inventory including any buffs or health restoration or fairies you may have used. They are lost when you warp out.
  12. Just shield parried my first guardian, and it went down in flames. Beautiful! BRING IT BITCHES! I also opened the travel gate to my second divine beast, so now it's off to do some shopping and cooking some meals and go back in. THIS GAME.
  13. Yeah, the honeymoon period of new game and new console is now pretty much over but Zelda continues to amaze. I absolutely love it, there's so much to do and discover and every time I play I discover new things, from new locations and shrines to new capabilities and fun stuff to do. It really is an amazing achievement.
  14. I whack those to shit on those big ass armoured Moblin cunts
  15. MY COPY HAS ARRIVED according to the tracking website Carry on
  16. I guess, I'm usually carrying premium weaponry around that I'm not going to whack to shit on hard stone.
  17. I bomb their arms, they fall down, you bomb the black spot, rinse and repeat. They're quite easy to beat that way if your bomb skills are up to scratch (ie you can aim and throw them properly). You probably could use Statis+ to keep them in place for a few extra blows too, but haven't tried that yet.
  18. I thought there were some mundane parts in P4G too. While the social stuff and advancing the story is nice, there are some slow spells where you can do little more than homework, go to the cinema or pull carrots and the like, waiting for a new dungeon to open. While these are important moments to do sidequests and strengthen the social bonds in your party, the dungeon crawling and demon fusing feels like the real meat of the game.
  19. Forgot to mention I did the Lost Woods part the other day, and dreaded it because of the negative feedback it got. But actually I thought it was good fun and I cleared it pretty quickly once I realised
  20. MY COPY IS OUT FOR DELIVERY (I'll probably be playing Zelda tonight anyway)
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