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  1. OK, with over 50 hours played I now - still haven't unlocked about 33% of the map - of the 67% I unlocked I probably explored 50% thoroughly, 25% quickly and 25% not at all - still haven't shield parried a guardian (but it seems I now know how, so trying tonight) - still haven't snowboarded on a shield (but it seems I now know how, so trying tonight) - have conquered only one beast, on my way to the second (and currently stuck) - did about 50 shrines - got about 35 korok seeds - only just discovered what you can do with dragons, only seen them from a distance so far And I'm still not bored
  2. So far my Switch seems straight (fnar) and scratch free. I think I'm going to put it in a velvet lined leaden box and bury it to make sure it stays that way.
  3. I absolutely loved P4G but never felt any desire to go back to it after completing it. While I really enjoyed the story and dialogue the first time round, the idea of slogging through all of it again for the best part of 50-100 hours really turned me off.
  4. I also look back on it fondly, although I never had the desire to return to it after my first playthrough.
  5. Yeah, the stuff like studying, weeding the garden etc. is perfect for those 10 minutes you're waiting for the soup to boil.
  6. Oh I have to press A too I see a pattern emerging here.
  7. Oh I have to press A too While we're talking controls, how do you snowboard on your shield?
  8. Is it like a brief press or do you have to keep the L button squeezed until the parry is performed?
  9. I can shield parry the small guardians but not the big ones. So far I only manage to either deflect the beam and break the shield or take a full blast to the face.
  10. Persona 4 was pretty much the same in that regard. Very slow and there's lots and lots of dialogue. I still found it a captivating experience though.
  11. Back on the trail of the story, on my way to the second beast now proper. Funny how you can think you're pretty much untouchable while traveling in the overworld and then repeatedly getting your arse kicked once you get funneled into a quest/dungeon area.
  12. Tried my hand on some horseback combat tonight, ended up shooting the big ass moving guardians in the eye while riding my horse like some Gandalf-Legolas lovechild. Fucking invincible. Got knocked off my horse by a Bokoblin firing shock bolts at me 5 seconds later and got clobbered by two mounted Bokoblins wielding spears. Game over, ancient cores and other goodies lost. Heroism can fade quickly.
  13. I like the slightly acidic fruity taste that adds some freshness to the dark greasy fry up taste of the rest.
  14. I only eat breakfast when I'm travelling really. Can't be arsed the rest of the time.
  15. Look, I don't mind you calling Corbyn an antisemite but this goes too far!
  16. Persona 4 was relatively generous with HP but SP was hard to come by/replenish. Has that improved? In Persona 4 I mainly had to quit dungeons before completing them because I completely ran out of SP and couldn't do any magic/persona tricks while the physical attacks were weak.
  17. I was browsing through the album with memories and recognised a location I had visited a few days before (apparently I missed the memory 'tell' spot). Went back and found it very quickly. Amazingly satisfying.
  18. I usually eat a huge breakfast at those moments because you never know when your next meal will be. I find I can easily make it to dinnertime without eating anything else if I have a proper epic breakfast to start with.
  19. I found the first Shrine where I'm totally confused on what to do. Hopefully it's something obvious that'll click in place soon, as I've now managed to play 50 hours without referring to a guide. Also drained the Switch for the first time playing this in handheld mode
  20. The save points themselves aren't a huge issue for me, it's rather that I like a quicksave/restore point so I can just switch off the game whenever I want and progress from there next time I boot up the game. It happens often enough that I only want to play for 30 minutes or an hour or something. Oh, and my copy has shipped. Yay!
  21. Yeah, I usually go for seconds when I'm at a hotel with a buffet. When having breakfast in a pub that's usually not an option.
  22. I just don't like eggs. I never eat them. My perfect breakfast contains of 2 slices of buttered toast, 3 sausages, 2 or 3 strips of bacon, hash brown, mushrooms, baked beans and a tomato.
  23. When I was in London last February. One of the highlights of going to the UK is the Full English Breakfast for me. I absolutely adore it. Although technically it's not 'full' as I don't like egg or black pudding so I always ask for an extra sausage instead
  24. That's a bit shit though, as my PS4 isn't 100% reliable when it comes to sleep mode - sometimes it gets apneu and needs to be jumpstarted and reboots and scans my HDD while tutting sternly at me for switching off the mains WHICH I NEVER DID. Also, this needed to be a Switch game as this genre is much better on a portable.
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