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  1. I remember buying some absolutely dreadful Mad Catz accessories for my GBA, seems karma came a bit late. But yeah, shit for the people losing jobs.
  2. I've just been exploring Goron City and its surroundings while I was in the bath naked as the day I was born. It was an almost spiritual experience.
  3. Download version might well be heavily discounted in the future, I think Persona 4 Golden could eventually bought for 4 euro or something ridiculous like that. But I'm not a gambling man.
  4. I preordered Persona 5, even though I don't expect to play it any time soon. Still, it seems like one of those games that might just get a single print run in the west so I'd rather bag a copy now. Maybe Mario Kart if Zelda lost its grip on me by then.
  5. I'm sure this piracy debate will add loads of new insights to the previous thousands of times we did it! That said, I play it on the Switch but maybe if my computer is up to the task I'll do a second playthrough in glorious 4K/60fps in the future.
  6. Surprised at Wildlands scoring so poorly. The gameplay demo I saw on YouTube a free months ago looked great and I intended to pick it up after I was done with Zelda but now it seems it turned out to be a turd. Oh well, another few tenners saved then.
  7. I took down my first big, moving guardians yesterday, but I can't do the shield parrying properly yet (it did work on the small ones in the shrines, but my timing seems off with the big ones). A swift ancient arrow to the eye does wonders though. Spent most of last night fucking around with Bokoblins while wearing a mask to blend in while unlocking new parts of the map. I'm a bit unsure what to do next; keep exploring and leveling up through completing shrines or maybe take a break from messing about and do a stretch of the story (it seems the game wants me to head to Goron City).
  8. A colleague of mine is playing this as well and a few times a week we discuss the stuff we've seen and discovered at the coffee machine. And we both come away having learned new stuff. This game just keeps on going, there's such an insane amount of depth and content.
  9. "Manufacturing variation" sounds quite a lot like "alternative facts"
  10. That's what people did when I said Zelda should go open world too.
  11. Metroid Prime with proper FPS controls would be something.
  12. Not sure, I also think it may well be the best game ever. Of course I can't be sure until I completed it and it had some time to digest, but even after 40 hours of play I'm still blown away every time I boot it up.
  13. Now all we have to do is hope it gets more than two games a year.
  14. I don't miss the dungeons. Making the puzzles an organic and integral part of the gameworld is actually one of the best things. It surely beats the concentrated pockets of activity with loads of empty space between them that got stale in the last few games.
  15. I think that in 10 years time they're still going to find new shit in this game.
  16. Zelda is game of the year already, so I suppose we can skip that this year too.
  17. One of the things that I really liked about the old GTA games was the freedom you got to solve the missions in any way you wanted. Over time this changed to a far more linear 'Press X to put a wedge on the rails to derail the oncoming freight train', triggering a cutscene for a more cinematic feel. I do hope the likes of Rockstar take a good look at the freedom Zelda (and maybe even Just Cause 3) offers to allow the players to use the tools and systems in the world to overcome the challenges rather than relying so much on cutscenes and scripted sequences. So yeah, let me park that bus to block an enemy from escaping instead of removing it during the cutscene before the mission starts. Let me get to that enemy den in a fucking attack chopper. Don't give us this amazing world and all these toys just to take them away from us to make sure we go through the exact hoops the designers thought up. Have the confidence to let the player do their own thing and design your game in such a way it remains fun and challenging.
  18. Over forty hours in and still haven't found any flaws. And I'm rllmuk's resident anti-Nintendo Zelda hater apparently.
  19. Almost everywhere you go to check something out, you can see something interesting just a bit further for your next destination. Maybe it's just an ingredient, or the plume of a campfire or a clump of trees where you may find a secret. It's like this huge trail of breadcrumbs in every direction that keeps you moving forward and sidetracked all the time. I find myself thinking 'I'll check out this shrine, after that I return to {village} to get some shopping/cooking done and call it a day', but once you come out of the shrine and look around you see another shrine, or a tower or maybe a few dwellings or a monster camp and before you know it another two hours are gone and then you realise you have 3 or 7 spirit orbs so you go hunt for another shrine to make sure you get enough orbs dividable by 4 so you can collect some hearts/stamina and...
  20. I think gyro aiming is terrible, it was the first thing I switched off when I started playing Zelda and was wondering why my carefully lined up shots started drifting.
  21. With the current release schedule? I really like my Switch and absolutely adore Zelda, but when that's done I expect the Switch to become more of a sideshow than my main console.
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