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  1. You can switch it off in the map screen and pressing Y for the sheika options I think. They beep from quite far away, sometimes they're hidden but there can easily be a mountain between yourself and the shrine. I keep mine turned on as I've found quite a lot of shrines this way I might have missed otherwise (especially the more obscure ones like the ones hidden behind a waterfall - an orange glow at the bottom of the water gives them away but they're easy to miss if you don't scan every inch of the world carefully.
  2. Finally managed to make it to a cooking bowl when the blood moon was rising so made some epic meals
  3. I was out most of the week so played little but got stuck in properly again today. I unlocked a few more towers and shrines and become a force to be reckoned with - major test of strength combat shrine completed without serous damage! It's so good, the log now shows 40 hours or more and I still only opened about half the map and have so much to do before even thinking of taking on the second beast. I also attempted Eventide Island once, but unfortunately fucked things up by creating a ruckus that drew all the enemies to my location for a good pileup THIS GAME
  4. looks good for a Switch game
  5. My son loves to help out cooking, thinking up recipes as we go. He cooked up some pretty sweet dishes actually, including some offering loads of extra hearts.
  6. I actually know of two Dutch families who do it.
  7. That's the whole point of screen protectors. Being shit. Just like people wrapping their nice new couches in transparent plastic BECAUSE OMG THERE MIGHT GET A STAIN ON IT and then having to look at and sit on cheap looking plastic that squeaks and feels awful. Brrr.
  8. In Holland you can get it for 60eu at MediaMarkt, which is the cheapest I've seen so far. I don't think they ship to the UK though.
  9. 100% seems like madness, although I did 100% Ocarina of Time at the time (which is exceptional as I usually just motor through the story in games and never come back). But this is so insanely huge, I can't imagine my patience holding up even though I'm currently totally in love with it.
  10. Still no scratches on mine and I'm not being extra careful or anything. Seems like an overblown (non-)issue, as expected.
  11. Well, I'm absorbed by Zelda currently and have Shin Megani Tensei IV untouched on my 3DS so I don't expect to be playing this day 1.
  12. Nope, I've found two of those shrines so far and neither gave a blip.
  13. I've pre-ordered a physical copy because I expect this game to be rare as hens teeth after the first print run. (Actually it's because the digital edition is stupidly expensive)
  14. Yeah, I didn't even know you could buy a . Thanks, neoELITE.
  15. I guess we're kind of lucky that instead of 4 average launch games we all buy and switch between there's one remarkable launch game and fuck all else. Although I suppose some of the eShop games are OK if you haven't already played them elsewhere. In typical Nintendo fashion the releases will be few and far between but hopefully with better indie support this time round it won't be too bad.
  16. My son absolutely adores Lego City Undercover and has completed it at last a dozen times now, but none of the other games. I guess getting him started with the best game in the series made the rest look like slim pickings.
  17. It's great you can just lift it from the dock and play everywhere while the Wii U drops out once you're 15 feet away from the unit. Low resolution screen too. What a daft comparison.
  18. I tend to switch the HUD on and off depending on what I'm doing. If I'm hunting the trail I usually turn it on, if I leave the trail to go exploring I turn it off again.
  19. That intimidating looking labyrinth took me less than 5 minutes
  20. I still haven't made it to Goron City but opened up a huge part of the map instead, did another bunch of shrines, upped hearts and stamina, found Big Fairies, another Ancient Science Lab and it just keeps on going. There's literally something new to do around every corner and over every hill. I'm astonished at the amount of content that's in this thing.
  21. My Switch is a Zelda player now (I do have Fast RMX but hardly played it yet), but I'm not bothered. There's a lot of indie stuff coming (some good titles already out, but I already own Shovel Knight on 3DS) and the Nintendo games will appear eventually so it's nice being here early sharing the hype while playing the Potential Best Game Ever. I just hope the critical acclaim Zelda is getting will prompt Nintendo to keep focusing in this direction of daring development rather than more rehashes. If they can do that, this will hopefully be the best Nintendo console since the N64 after the IMO rather disappointing GameCube, Wii and Wii U.
  22. It's easy to get sidetracked though. Family life, job, other stuff to do... I've been off the path a couple of time but eventually I always return.
  23. So, my 'trek to the North' didn't get much further than unlocking the next Tower, then I saw all kinds of shiny things from my vantage point and currently I'm trying to reach another tower after an epic journey of several shrines, a new Fairy Fountain and other stuff ... in a completely different direction than I intended to go. This game is just pure crack.
  24. Had to make dinner so slid the Switch from its dock and took it downstairs so I could continue while dough was rising and oven was preheating Actual Switch use case confirmed!
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