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  1. Just joined. Thanks. Only got the game last week but currently working my way through the single player.
  2. I'll be there, although this season cant end quick enough. Not feeling it at all.
  3. Unfortunately, ill be unable to make it tomrrow night. Back next week.
  4. I'm touch and go for the first match (still think i'll make it though) but defo will be about for the second match at the very least.
  5. Ended up not being able to make it on last night lads. Hopefully should get on for a night or two in the next week or so before we start for real.
  6. Quick question. I have no intention of playing any practise games/club games outside of a Thursday night. I am making other managers aware of this prior to the auction. Also, by the end of the season should my stats be up to an acceptable level having played in 20 odd games? Ta.
  7. Yes mate count me in. Wasn't sure whether to reply in the other thread, thought that might have been for existing managers only.
  8. I'll be playing tonight chaps. Last league game right? I'll be missing next week though on me hols.
  9. Cool Tommy. Already have a team picked for another league I play in. At work at the mo' so can't access the FPL site but will join the league later on. Will also paypal Saint the dosh. Good man.
  10. Impressive performances last night dudes. I thought defensively speaking we were pretty rock solid. Pete and I didn't have much to do to be fair and credit must go in particular to Real Pete and Mick at CDM for thwarting any danger before it got to us. Up top we were excellent and always looked dangerous. Great to see Outsider doing his thing and hopefully we can continue the form until the end of the season.
  11. Can I still get involved in this aye? Keep things interesting as I usually stop caring about Fantasy Football a few weeks in.
  12. Thanks for the kind words Mardigan. Happy to be back.
  13. Cool. A bit rusty on BAP as havent played any version of clubs/BAP on this iteration of Fifa. I presume not a whole lot has changed - still have to fanny about with cameras at the start aye? Also, as CB what's the thoughts on attacking corners - yay or nay?
  14. Happy to play wherever needed. My preference would be for a CM/CDM slot but happy to fill in at CB if that position requires cover.
  15. Aye thought that would be the case. No worries. Fifa 14 is fine.
  16. I'd like to be back in the fold. Just putting my name forward for any future season. Ta. Jamin had messaged me the other month about this - sorry Jamin not been on here in a while so only just saw your message. Got Live back and should be free on Thursdays.
  17. Good luck tonight chaps. Hopefully when I do come back in the next season or two it'll be back to Rovers.
  18. Out. Sorry dudes but taking at least a season break from Fifa. Not got as much time on the xbox as I have in the past and am not particularly enjoying the new Fifa. I think i'll probably be back at some point though.
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