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  1. How about not cheap - but fancy: I am tempted myself...
  2. Played my first multiplayer...have two questions: A) Is there a "kick" button in this? Before it was on touch screen or pause + +Iirc. Kicking people was the quickest way to get a buddy out of a stun B) I didn't see any arm wrestling? Any about?
  3. Looking forward to fighting this again, some good bug use already:
  4. They just added a update to allow Drums for the adventure more in the Adventure games. CD keys have both games for £25 or separately for £14 https://www.cdkeys.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=taiko
  5. Playing this on ps5 fixes the frame rate issues it's smooth! Enjoying it so far - for what it is.
  6. Oh would have snapped up Pret-a-Porter at that price! Nevermind, probably for the best
  7. My list is only in one now as i managed to grab the other luna lena at the 2019 ukgamesexpo trading hall. Witness A pirate loving buddy is after: Libertalia Did see that here once but missed it as hesitated lol
  8. I grabbed it for £15, completed both last year... If you want a "of its time" point and clicker with all the good and bad that comes with it... That's a good price.
  9. Ordered Thursday last week and arrived today (7 days). No import tax for me : ) Ordered: Golem Playmat Golem promo cards x 2 Century spice promo cards x 2 One azul mug I just went all in expecting to get hit by import tax but didn't. DHL - > royal mail was the shipping.
  10. I noticed PlanB games just started shipping from Europe now on some items (germany)- was USA only before with crazy shipping: https://planbgames.com/exclusives I ordered the golum playmat.... ill keep this post updated with just how crazy my import fee is just FYI.
  11. Okay let's try this, I have a few kickstarters arrive but I paid for them earlier so I'm not counting them... Slow start for me: Jan Dice tower kickstarter: 15 Inuit 20 Jan total : £35 Feb Sleeves: 15 Playmat: 30 Century promos: 9 ticket to ride europe 15th anniversary: 74.23 Feb total : £128.23 March Kaosball 4 extra teams: 40 Kaosball 12 extra ringers 36 March total : £76 April: Carcassonne 20th Anniversary 40 Hanabi - Black Powder Expansion 4 Hanabi - Master Artisan Expansi
  12. Watch out for a bug. If you have a buddy list bigger then about 50,then the game stutters a bit during online play. Hopefully fixed for release.
  13. Thanks for the Bloodborne impressions, I got the base game only the other day but yet to play it. Did you play with one char? Or take two? (I hear you can lure enemy's away play more positioning tactics) Your impressions makes me more likely to try solo. Eldar Sign is a lot of fun, I saw there is a slight re-implementation of it coming based on x-men. I'm tempted as the eldar sign I play is a buddys.
  14. Chicken Police - good, completed, enjoyed... But in a world with so many great games I cannot recommend unless you do like the look/ style/ pr from what you have seen in advertising, Somthing that may push you to buy it.
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