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  1. I will say its my Shining Force 3 premium disc. I sent a email to camelot in 2006 and after some international postal orders/proof of purchase later... Customs was filled out by music director Masaaki Uno
  2. Same, I had the vita lrg version but grabbing on switch will give me an excuse to replay/full screen version (vita screen was cramped/readjusted for its lower resolution). Also grabbed the snatcher soundtrack. I did try to grab River City Girls but that sold out faster than I could add to basket.
  3. Happend to me last year, they will just remove the two factor authentication so you can log in again/re-set up as needed. Should be a quick fix once they reply.
  4. I do not think anything gameplay wise prepares you for this: The solution is nothing you have done in gameplay before this point. (correct me if I'm wrong - not played in years)
  5. I like that one, the expansion is great to add too (I always play with expansion now) on sale at bgguru https://www.boardgameguru.co.uk/aquatica--cold-waters-expansion-99501-p.asp
  6. Binding of Isaac Afterbirth was out in the first year of the switch Iirc in 2017, it wasn't under a limited label but may have been a smaller run. I believe there are a few more updates since. I have no idea on reprint but If they do have another physical I guess it will more likely repackaged as the update version. Then a straight reprint?
  7. Darn, thanks for the heads up! I guess I'll move onto a snes or n64 everdrive first.
  8. I'm waiting for black Friday sale 2021 to join in with everdrive-just looking at prices over the pandemic for retro games pushed me to everdrive + RetroTink5x (I can wait till there is better stock in 2022/beyond before I buy it). Will be nice using real hardware - which I have - but was tempted by a Mister. Mega everdrive pro here I come!
  9. I have not got oled but it was confirmed earlier in this megathread it does and fits in the Dock too.
  10. shynra


    Cotton Reboot is down to 22.21 on Switch Amazon https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B092RLGKJQ/ref=twister_B094WM8MFW?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  11. I remember celebrating framerates, Guardian heroes/Bangaio etc it was a spectacle to see your machine struggle with the madness that was on screen! Joyous moments!
  12. Once you complete it head to the character gallery (not sure it's name) as it unlocks an area to spend stuff on. I just happened by it in the menus.
  13. I just came to post the bgg store (ships to UK hopefully Oz too) https://boardgamegeekstore.com/products/micromacro-crime-city-confidence-trick-baby-party-bonus-cases# $5 us + shipping
  14. No it was not, I think the first bioware game on PlayStation was mass effect 2
  15. Not sure if it's the best deal, but you can get a physical Tetris 99 with the offline mode DLC and 1 year Nintendo online for 19.99 at amazon. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07V8KPHS1/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_FDB5X98H6G9505F51Q6F
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