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  1. Just got a new laptop and tried the pc version... It nativity supports my switch diva controller! Top banana!!!
  2. It's on my list, just have too many games still unplayed so will add it to my 2023 list. Let us know how you like it?
  3. Was going to say Mysterium Park is better if you want a quick set up but i just like the full Mysterium even if it is not as elegant and can take a bit to set up (for this type of game)
  4. Just to add Horrified is a great choice. Simple rules, nice difficulty modifications (which monsters and how many to play with) based on your requirements I cannot recommend enough really. Horrified and the others are all one session one off games. Gloomhaven is a campaign style which needs multiple plays with the same group with a lengthy set up and take down. They did release a lighter version "Gloomhaven Jaws of the lion" if you want a lighter experience that keeps the core game intact.
  5. £25 for Ticket to ride Germany is good at amazon. Its a full game and not a map pack, it comes with Purple and White trains (which is outside the norm). I grabbed it and it was not a fake copy... Good luck with amazon fake or not lottery.
  6. Maybe a bit too early for the rumoured Blood Rage 2nd edition?
  7. Is that judge dredd one any good? Is a busy period for games for me... New release: 3000 Scoundrels https://unexpectedgames.com/3000-scoundrels-main The first game unexpected games I really like the look and sound of, pre-ordered. Has a coup-esq playing cards for actions but you can claim cards you do not have. Kickstarter delivering: flamecraft https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cardboardalchemy/flamecraft Some good reviews have poped up, just waiting for delivery. Arts great too. Just grabbed: Wonderland's War (retail) A deluxe kickstarter reprint is coming soon, I just want the deluxe tokens from the KS and happy to grab the retail version. Bag building, area control, dark Alice world fun.
  8. I jumped in at black plauge/green horde - and its the only version I have played so far. Each iteration improves the formula and I hear your second edition has quite a few great tweeks over black plauge (esp with how noise is handled). zombicide looks like it's a scamble for survival but after a few games you realise it's a pure cooperative game a bit like pandemic, figuring out what abilitys you have and how they work with others to achieve the goal. Ive not played it for a while so might dig it out soon. The official website has loads of extra missions - well worth printing them out.
  9. Okay fixed, as my brother purchased it on his switch, he has a old profile on my switch which prevented me from buying it - I had to delete his profile to allow me to grabbit.
  10. Can anyone buy/pre-order the switch (UK) version right now? Went to pre-order so I can preload before launch but it's stuck. Says I have preordered (I'm sure I didn't) and no preorderd appear on my pre-order list/game not on my system in any way... I'll guess I'll wait till 5pm and purchase and download then.
  11. The tenchu talk in other threads made me remember this one.... @Mr. Gerbik which tenchu is the best? Im tempted to play shinobido 2 again but maybe i should try a tenchu as ive not played all of them.
  12. This is now renamed to Easy Come Easy Golf, is available now on Nintendo Switch Was in the Japan Direct it seems
  13. I'll check check that app out! I was using this website you can add your bgg username to: https://betterbggcollection.com/?username=shynra
  14. Im far from an expert but: When you select someone it add their XX% to it + any bonuses during the attack. When it goes over 100% that phase ends. Each type has a special ability: - Healers never lets the % go above 99% (they are good to get it to the 99% limit) - Defenders - if you use them as the final attack to go over the 100%, in the next phase you are guaranteed to get your highest % person back (rather than a random person) - Attackers - i forgot - Note Haler Heroes cannot do that 99% ability so careful not to use em to push em as it will go over 100% If you go over 100% you get 1 person back next phase, over 150% you get 2 people back and over 200% you get 3 people back. Bonus: To "Oruborus" during it - when you select the order for each phase (gives you random option of 3) make sure you pick pairs - so in phase 1 say you pick Noah - then if you pick Mio in another phase the next phase will be a Oruborus merge of Noah and Mio
  15. It was ~£350 (my steam Deck cash). It was originally released in 2020 for about £250 but sold out quick. If you want a more hardcore controller - do not care about it looking like the arcade - happy to spend more... Try these https://www.dj-dao.com/en/divaller
  16. I grabbed the dlc yesterday in the UK, was playing last night! Nice to have Moon again! Was about £31.49 my PayPal says. Edit: oh earlier this year I found out they released an arcade miku controller for switch and ps4... As the ps4 was +£150->200 more, ps4 patch for controller support was not released outside Japan, EU wii build supports controller, switch is so small so could make it a dedicated small miku machine in the future: grabbed switch controller:
  17. Hooked up my ps3 over lockdown, completed gundam dynasty warriors reborn (ps3 exclusive) I tried to complete Asuaras Wrath... Got to the final level and gave up, wasn't a fan of the story and gameplay was boring too so just stopped. I should have started Marjin and the forsaken kingdom another game on my to play list! If you have a "wonder book" "Diggs Night crawler " seemed good I played it for about an hour.
  18. I worked in cinema retail not game, but have a few moments worth mentioning... About 1 year after the N64 came out, I browsed the small 2nd hand section of EB and found a N64 game for £10 boxed as new! After reading this thread It may have been the clerk offering their own evaluation on the games value making it so low. It was Mischief Makers! Maybe as it was 2d in a 3d world they didn't think it was worth anything. A big win for me! Worst launch day experience was 3ds at a local game. Massive queue to the till with only a couple of people on tills. Everyone upselling - even had what seemed like managers in line upselling to customers rather than helping speed up the queue. I was queueing for about an a hour and ten minutes, so left the shop at 01:15 ish. The upsell was a joke too - they were really trying to push the asphalt racing game, it had terrible reviews and I was happy with ridge racer. The manager* said stuff like "it's better than ridge racer" "as this has licenced cars the developers have to put more effort into making the game, so it's a better game" (using a lot more words and general upsell talk) "the graphics are really amazing (shows back of box)" *only members of staff in a suit
  19. By default L2+X opens the map (local area only). One thing I didn't figure out until 10s of hours in, in battle press R3 to do a dodge. As your auto attacks come out after X a mount of time you can move between attacks and they next will come out if you are still at the right time. So you can auto attack - > dodge into better position - > it's perfect time for another auto attack so it come out right away.
  20. Had no idea this was popular/has a scene was a good game until I went to Heart of Gaming and it was one of the most popular machines that day lol
  21. One tip I have for switching classes... Its good to have a team with skills: Break-topple etc I was running around without Break for a while so couldn't start off thoes combos
  22. Really enjoying this, about 20hours in and glad to see so many small improvements carried over and new ones. The navigation ball from x is back, have only used it twice but was a lifesaver and at least sets you in the right direction if you do not want to fully follow it. I noticed that they also reset the camera after battles to the pre-battle settings which is ace. Normally for big enemies I'll zoom the camera out at the start of combat. This returns it without me messing around. Also you could play the game first person I guess just by adjusting the camera
  23. Overboard is a good "I did it, now how to evade accusations" Blacksad - plauged with performance issues on launch, I played last year ps4 on ps5/latest patches and it ran well. Chicken police - noir, anthropomorphic, black and white Wadjet Eye did unavowed which is nice
  24. Completed the first game on ps5-this port seems to not render the main antagonists inner cape incorrectly! Was a stand out feature of the character, looked like a universe on ps1/wii - just black here. Aside from that all seems good. Starting to play number 2.
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