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  1. For me shinobido easily! But i far from a Tenchu expert.
  2. I guess for investigations I try to do everything, and my stealth isn't the best. Thats true about the shorter chapters - but spending 30 mins then knowing the next chapter will be hours meant i just didnt start it (as not good jump off points) #moderngamerissues
  3. Just saw this is a million seller Astral Chain – 1.08 million Ive been playing this during the lockdown, it seemed like a lot to learn at first but it all clicks together for me and its second nature now. Combat has a good pace to promote changing forms so have made good use of all of the forms. One thing for me is that each level takes 2-4 hours with no comfortable place to stop in between (either no obvious save place or action/story keeps on pushing so would rather carry on) so I only play it on weekends now. Edit: music is great in this game too!
  4. Ive been looking into this more - they say it has some updated music but then confirm its 90+ updated which is nearly all of it :O They also mention that you can switch between classic music and new ones and it seems it can be customised on a per track basis (so have Daytime new then nighttime remixed). Looking froward to playing this again.
  5. Does it have ears That could be amazing!
  6. Was about to say this too! Let us know if you are at UKGE! Have a buddy that lives dice based games so will be up for giving it a go.
  7. Yes they can be set to arrows only. I have mine set to left arrow up arrow PS O PS x As the mixtures of arrows and ps buttons help me get the multi button stuff.
  8. My game arrived today! Not sure if it's in the demo but in the customise menu you can set it to PlayStation buttons /arrows etc. I just done that and I'm doing fine now. Plays well, on TV its perfect, handheld it seems to have lower res (or variable res) for some more intense songs. The hud/buttons looks great but the background is a lot blurrier in some songs then I'm used to. Otherwise all great. Edit: loading times into songs only takes a little longer then usual - zippy otherwise: Do prefer the cel look to all the chars instead of the cgi arcade version.
  9. shynra

    Nintendo Switch

    Have the special edition pre-orderd, looking forward to it!
  10. shynra

    Nintendo Switch

    Same character designer too! I played it lots on the 3ds,havent played it much on the switch.
  11. I am not sure - but they have text on store and webstore to say the date the offer ends for each game: This one: https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/GROOVE-COASTER-WAI-WAI-PARTY--1683216.html Says Offer until: 25/12/2019 Same as the on console store so you can scope out prices on the website above/console store and judge yourself.
  12. Secretly hoping its part of the reason its been quite with number 3,more of a bigger rework.... Or maybe they took on too many contracts at once!
  13. Just came to post this, the main char, the boss, side chars all really perverted its really unbearable for me. If it was just one char it would be okay but most members join in (even your "daughter") with perverted "jokes" (really not funny at all). This is by far the worst game of the writers I have played so far... About 8 hours in and will continue, but mass pervertedness, another thing.... The multichoice options all the time... But it's used when the dialogue is linear... So for example I didn't what to as an old lady her age as it would be rude so avoided that option,but had to select that option anyway to progress the game :/ I'm continuing as the mystery seems cool but it's will really need to pick up for me to save itself.
  14. If you are in the us/travelling Gamestop has the switch physical for 29$ currently ... Grabbed it! Will start after Tangle Tower!
  15. 80 DAYS (inkle) -30% For me, was waiting for a discount/excuse to grab it
  16. Same, it even had the classic where I knew Somthing was bad and should be avoided and saw the good option... But I had to go though a bad option to get to a good option :/
  17. Did anyone else grab neocab? I'm enjoying it but it soft locked twice when selecting Dialog options ... First I managed to get around resetting but this second time I have tried several times in different ways with no luck. Anyone else have issues too?
  18. It's not quoit what you are looking for? Honk!
  19. Tangle Tower is by the Snipperclips creators - so is on my list to try out... Still love a bit of co-op Snipperclips!
  20. Haha, that reminded me I always picked anyone and Daisy in Double Dash, and while racing keep pressing z. I'm sorry...
  21. I did, it is was just a download of a several tracks iirc... Went out and grabbed the full ost cds from amazon a few years back.
  22. shynra

    Nintendo Switch

    While waiting for midnight I fired up Lumines, had not played it since the first month of release. Patch came out that has fixed the stutter when changing songs. But what struck me was hd rumble. I cannot remember the HD rumble being so good in it (playing portable with Joycons attached). Really added to the experience rumbling with the music/changing per song. Headphones + HD rumble it was bliss... I guess they patched an update to improve rumble? I cannot remember it being this good.
  23. A Europe hatsune miku concert was announced for Europe in Jan 2020 too! Day 1 to both!
  24. Forks is here! I'm meeting up with buddies and playing board games all weekend, I'll add forks to the play list (Im bringing a lupin the 3rd hidden movement game, 5 minute marvel and forks!)
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