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  1. The irony... "Hey guys! No Ben this week! HURR HURR!" "Oh shit, Ben's back! HURR HURR!"
  2. Yeah, there's a line about Ukraine and Belarus being uninhabitable for at least 100 years, and the shock wave carrying the radiation to at least Latvia, Romania and East Germany, with increased rates of cancer and birth defects. And in episode 3, they tell the miners that the water from Kyiv to the Black Sea would be poisoned forever.
  3. https://slystalloneshop.com/item/55848
  4. Gave PUBG's replay mode a try for the first time. A few favourites below. Full set here
  5. Which they'll sell in the club shop as a badge you can pin to your shirt.
  6. Pretty happy with that. Picked Gray completely by accident but looks like he's off to Watford which could be a good move. Not sure how often Rashford/Mata/Danilo/Moses are gonna play though, and worried about Bailly and Luiz getting too many bookings/suspended.
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