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  1. Yeah, there's a line about Ukraine and Belarus being uninhabitable for at least 100 years, and the shock wave carrying the radiation to at least Latvia, Romania and East Germany, with increased rates of cancer and birth defects.


    And in episode 3, they tell the miners that the water from Kyiv to the Black Sea would be poisoned forever.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Thor said:

    Is Neymar the only panto villain left in the tournament? Ronaldo has gone, Ramos has gone, so has the whole Germany team... what proper bell-ends are left?


  3. On 2017-4-3 at 15:38, tyler said:

    Thanks, anything I should be aware of before paying for premium? Any offers / refer a friend deals or such like.


    On 2017-4-3 at 17:18, deerokus said:

    If you're buying a yearly pass it is best to wait for a sale as the voucher for the merch store you are effectively paying for at the full price isn't as useful in the UK thanks to shipping costs (although these have got much cheaper recently). New members usually get a slightly bigger discount than renewals too.  It works out as saving of about £15 I think. 


    They have those sales two or three times a year, I think there might be one next month as they had one in May last year and I vaguely recall them usually doing them around that time in other years. 


    Might be worth paying for a monthly sub just to try it out first. (That said, apparently Rorie is pretty good about giving out partial refunds if you get caught out by sales right after buying a year) 


    Premium Sale is on now. $35 to extend your membership or $30 for new subscribers.

  4. Anyone know why Monaco are such heavy underdogs in tonight's French Cup semi-final vs PSG?


    12.00 on William Hill. Worth a punt, Shirley?

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