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  1. Can i try Dos Santos down the middle for the practice games? He's got slightly better finishing than Guardado, might stop me blazing it over the bar from 6 yards Guardado is a good option for Mackenie as well, he's got the best crossing in the squad and we can have both wingers cutting inside to shoot.
  2. Same here, as long as you don't give me that lump Peralta again Girdurdo pls
  3. Thanks for the votes and comments lads. Really enjoyed this season. I was a bit worried when Tommy sold half the players that I came to Wanderers to play with but he put together another great team. I think I voted for everyone at least once for MOTM awards. I voted Mack as my player of the season, thought he had a great season at RW with Suarez. Big gay hugs for Mattie and Tom too, no coincidence that I had my best ever goal-scoring season with them carving out chance after chance.
  4. Lord of The Rings-length highlights this week, because that's how much of a quest it is to get Wallace a goal. Part 1: It's only staying onside, Athletic. But can you stay onside in...The Cube! Part 2: One does not simply score via Wallbob
  5. I really need to go back to and finish Braid and try to figure out what's so amazing about it.
  6. No way he'll out-box Diaz. I'm expecting GSP to do what he does, 5 rounds of takedowns, trying for the finish but not really getting it, Diaz talking shit the whole time. Unanimous Decision GSP. Who knows though, Diaz is a cardio freak as well. Maybe all Diaz's talking will get to George. He might try so hard to get the KO he tires himself out, Diaz wheathers the storm and clips him late on.
  7. Scary shit man. Glad you're alright though Gus. Turned up for BAP too! Paddyo's gonna feel well shit the next time he has to miss a match "because bowls"
  8. Highlights should be up tonight so you can decide from those. I don't wanna take an assist away from mattie, but if that was an assist then my header back to mackenie was as well.
  9. I agree with Funtime. Strikers without mics just doesn't work.
  10. If Mattie's getting an assist for the first goal in the second match I'm claiming an assist for Mackenie's goal in the first
  11. Yeah Civ Rev is a bargain for that price. It's very basic compared to the proper Civilization games but it's good fun and really fucking hard on the higher difficulty levels. I picked up: Left 4 Dead 2 Max Payne 3 Grid Dirt 2 MGS 2 + 3 MGS: PW Hawx Rainbow Six Ghost Recon 1 Tomb Raider Super Street Fighter King Of Fighters XIII
  12. Sounds good to me. I'd rather have one of the CBs as the Any, more likely to stay in position than a full back.
  13. Just had a fry-up and a cup of tea, because the day has only just begun.
  14. Seal Team Six Only 6 players have scored at least 10 points every week that they've played Humdrum Jamin Jazzy TheOutsider tris3d Tyler Don(s) Corleone The only 2 to score at least 12 points every week Jamin and Tyler
  15. Cheers gaffer. I just noticed when you dropped last week Cavani's positioning was all over the place when I had the RB. I was looking forward to playing as Suarez when we got Urugauy but Cavani is a fucking beast. Keep up the quick, simple passing from last week and there will be goals. Feed the mute and he will score.
  16. I'll be on for praccy. We got a full 10 tonight? I think we need to tweak the formation a little bit. The false 9 we use at the moment makes Cavani drift towards the halfway line rather than the goal when I'm not controlling him.
  17. I think I can guess who will be picking up that award this week. We're not angry with you, son. Just very disappointed.
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