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  1. The Special One Only manager confident enough to pick 3 players from their own team - Jazzy "I think we...we are not just...eh, what you call...Oonderdogs...but massive oonderdogs" The managers of Athletic, Rovers and Wanderers picked only 1 player from their own squad.
  2. Nice work Kiko. Is it too late to change my Crabtree vote to 'Gimme that fucking free kick,Pilot!'?
  3. Week 4 Highlights Match 2 - Athletic 2 - 5 Town Match 1 will be up tomorrow
  4. http://www.ultimatedb.nl/ is the best site for finding out how much players are worth. Rooney goes for 140-200k
  5. Brilliant Kiko For the rest of the season I will only reply in Brick Top quotes.
  6. I'll play anywhere but favoured positions are ST or CAM, also willing to take the Any.
  7. Nice work Bleeders. Enjoyed watching vids from you and Pants this season and looking forward to the rise of Kikovision. OutsderTV however, is calling a halt to all future programming. After 12 seasons I'm kinda bored of it now to be honest. I'll probably still record the games for Fifa 13 in case someone scores a 40-yard bicycle kick or something but for now full highlights are on hiatus. Seems like my PC is on it's last legs anyhow, my Outsider Vol. 1 vid wouldn't render in HD and this weeks vids don't have any audio for some reason.
  8. Mertesacker may be slower than death but he's a fucking animal. Giovinco and Quagliarella unable to continue and subbed due to injury after 25 mins. Injury reports by Geoff Shreeves on the sidelines FTW. Keepers are still slightly moronic. Long ball into the box, keeper under no pressure near the edge of the box could've easily caught it but decides to kick it out for a throw instead... New free kicks are good. Great for getting your opponent to jump the wall early or disguising a pass in or around the box. First touch is cool as well, no more ping-pong passing, you really need to pay attention to runs and think about where you're going to pass.
  9. Outsider (2 - 3) XYZ Yellow Card: Kim Ju Young Injuries: None XYZ (1 - 0) Outsider Yellow Card: Ander Herrera Injuries: None
  10. I'm free for the rest of the day, just ping me an invite whenever you're ready.
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