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  1. I'll be on. I've unlocked power free kicks. Be afraid.
  2. Made these ages ago but forgot to post them. Full of Christmas miracles!: A useful Goober chop; Goals from triple tap corners; Smithstock passing inside; Baz assisting Vinnie; Raheem Sterling(?) and much, much more
  3. Has Borg deleted all of us (except gooner) from his friends list? I'm sure he was on mine before. Amazing.
  4. Actually, I'm out. 1v1 makes we wanna drown kittens. I'm not sure my controller would last a whole season.
  5. Good game mate. I would've happily dropped points to see that Messi bicycle kick go in.
  6. Cary 1 - 4 Outsider no injuries Steely 2 - 1 Outsider Inj: Cavani (sponged) Outsider 5 - 1 Mardigan Inj: Cavani (sponge please)
  7. H.Mkhitaryan from Dortmund to West Ham £16m. That's me done. Cheers Cary.
  8. Jose Machin from Roma to West Ham for 0.6m Lacazette the other way 36m
  9. Shit, sorry timmo. Must've been looking at M.Amalfitano Antonio is 5.0m - 0.012
  10. How does releasing players to free up wages work again? I have to pay their transfer fee?
  11. Confirming M.Antonio to Timmo for 2.8m - 0.014
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