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  1. Both-Yes-Yes for me. Tackling is definitely dodgy in Fifa especially when you factor in button lag, but I don't think it's any coincidence that I haven't had a single card in 18 matches and I only ever use A to tackle.
  2. Minus at least 14 points (from the ratings Ricky still hasn't entered) Although honestly; they're never intentional. At least we're top of something
  3. I should've been stubborn and stuck with LW. I'm shite at Any.
  4. Interesting fact in case you didn't know: When someone is in a party but hasn't got a headset - like myself - they can hear everyone
  5. Hannay taking CF tonight then? I'll take Pedersen on LW.
  6. RPL Town 6 - 0 RPL DVDF LB - Sheepking - 6 LCB - JohnnyArgos - 7 RCB - Bladey - 6 RB - DaOutsider - 8 LM - Broon/Jimmyboy - 6 CM - Broon/Jimmyboy - 6 RM - Broon/Jimmyboy - 7 LW - Broon/Jimmyboy - 6 CF - Hannay - 6 RW - Broon/Jimmyboy - 6 RPL DVDF 0 - 2 RPL Town LB - Hannay/Sheepking - 5 LCB - JohnnyArgos - 8 RCB - Bladey - 8 RB - Hannay/Sheepking - 7 LM - Hannay/Sheepking - 5 LCM - Jimmyboy - 6 RCM - DaOutsider - 7 RM - Hannay/Sheepking - 6 CF - Hannay/Sheepking - 6 ST - Broon - 6 RPL DVDF 1 - 6 RPL United RB - Bladey - 8 RCB - MrSpoons - 7 LCB - JohnnyArgos - 6 LB - Sheepking - 6 CDM - Jimmyboy - 5 RM - DaOutsider - 9 LM - Hannay - 8 CAM - Broon - 6 RS - DKM - 6 LS - RickyDVT - 6 Goal: DKM Yellow: Jimmyboy RPL United 4 - 2 RPL DVDF RB - Bladey - 5 RCB - MrSpoons - 4 LCB - JohnnyArgos - 7 LB - Sheepking - 6 CDM - Jimmyboy - 5 RM - DaOutsider - 5 LM - Hannay - 5 CAM - Broon - 6 RS - DKM - 6 LS - RickyDVT - 5 Goals: Hannay x2 Yellow: Sheepking Red: Bladey RPL Athletic 5 - 3 RPL DVDF RB - Bladey - 6 RCB - MrSpoons - 7 LCB - JohnnyArgos - 7 LB - Sheepking - 7 RCM - Jimmyboy - 7 CDM - Broon - 6 LCM - DKM - 6 RW - DaOutsider - 8 ST - RickyDVT - 8 LW - Hannay - 8 Goals: Bladey, DaOutsider, Hannay RPL DVDF 1 -2 RPL Athletic RB - Bladey - 2 RCB - MrSpoons - 8 LCB - JohnnyArgos - 8 LB - Sheepking - 6 RCM - Jimmyboy - 7 CDM - Broon - 5 LCM - DKM - 9 RW - DaOutsider - 8 ST - RickyDVT - 9 LW - Hannay - 6 Goal: RickyDVT Yellow: Sheepking Red: Bladey Not sure who played where in the last game. I thought Bladey was playing RB but the player that got the red card - Reginiussen - is CDM on the player ratings screen
  7. @ last 2 pages of the first game are up. Second game is uploading now.Hannay was right. Watching the games back we dominated the first 70-ish minutes of the second game. 2 draws would've been a fairer (edit: is that even a word? doesn't sound right) result. /shit stirring
  8. Bloody hell, what's been going on here? The way I saw it: I thought heretic's comment was a little harsh. We actually had 7 shots on target to your 8. I didn't take it too seriously and he did kinda half-apologise () but I can see how could have come across as cuntish It was a bit of a kick in the face when you're already down. We played well in the first game and did great to pull things back to 3-3. Broon getting kicked hurt us, it was the shitty AI player in his place that gave Athletic the ball for their 4th. Despite losing (undeservedly IMO) I thought it was a good game. Atheltic deserved to win the second game. They played better. ......but obviously the two sides are going to see things differently i.e slightly biased towards their team. Basic human psychology Highlights will reveal all...... I think he's just worried that when they're updated he wont be the highest rated player on our team anymore I did post the the corrections to the ratings from 2 weeks ago, a few of pages back.
  9. Tsk. Useless I was RM LM = Hannay CM = Broon CDM = Jimmy SaintM, the ratings Broon posted a couple of weeks ago are right, except he accidentally put Sheepking's gamertag instead of league name. Scottw75 = Sheepking First lot is RPL Town 6 - 0 RPL DVDF, second is RPL DVDF 0 - 2 RPL Town.
  10. What's going on with the ratings Ricky? Hannay's stolen my 9 in the 4-2 against United and Broon is there twice; so apparently I didn't even play that game
  11. Highlights of Thursday's games are up on YouTube now.
  12. Highlights of Thursday's games are up on YouTube now.
  13. Nope, sorry. Was playing RB again so didn't bother setting it up. I wish I had been recording it though; then I'd have some proof that the button lag in both of those games was disgusting
  14. I did record the games but as Johnny said I had to focus the camera on my player. It's almost impossible to defend properly with the camera angle I was using in the other games. Hopefully I'll be back to my regular position for Thursday's match. It's lonely back there in defence; I didn't even get to see our goals
  15. 90th+ minute equaliser Sorry guys, I should've knocked a cross in instead of trying to pass it back to broon. We deserved to win that game.
  16. I'll have a go at right back for one of the practice games. I was almost playing there last week with Blady playing well out of position I think we're wasting Pedersen in midfield, move him on to one of the wings. Apart from Carew he's the only one the whole team with a decent shot on him.
  17. Thank you sir. Nah, not too long. Although when we lose I don't really feel like watching the games back The bit that takes the longest is uploading to YouTube, but I think I've figured out how to cut down the filesize without losing video quality. So all vids should be up the next day from now on...if I'm not busy...
  18. Ahem, I've scored 5 in our last 4 games......if you count practice games...
  19. I'll get the DVD recorder ready, and turn the volume up to 11
  20. Cheers guys. Tried not to make the vids too biased I don't know what's going on with the big clicking sound on the EA logo screen, but you know if there's no click the next highlight happened right after the previous one. So 5:20 - 6:40 on the vid is exactly as it happened in the game. And our 3rd goal right after United's 2nd Will definitely try and do highlights for all our games. Now I actually know what I'm doing it shouldn't take long next time. It's actually a (really cheap: Alba ) DVD recorder.
  21. Thanks. When did you watch it? In High Quality? It takes a while for the videos to process once they've been uploaded. Either way: Screw you, you ungrateful bastard. I quit Well played Utd. I felt hard done by at the time in the first game but I think you played better overall. That 4th goal was well worked; I'm sure that pass back to the CB wasn't intentional though We could have got something from the first game if my finishing was better though
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