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  1. Jose Enrique 4.5m Liverpool to West Ham please
  2. Can I get in on this? Just unlocked the full game and season pass from the ps plus edition, so there's not much chance of me finishing in a prize-winning spot. Next person in line can have it if that miracle does occur I'll add a bunch of you on psn anyway id is aka_TheOutsider
  3. I fucking love Bayern Munich m8. Geoff Lewandowski, Arthur Robben. Proper superfan i am.
  4. Aww yisss Ground Zeroes save import spoilers
  5. He's not kidding. Put in my order at 3:10pm, just got my despatch email 5 mins ago!
  6. Don’t get suckered in by the PES hype. I wasted $60 on PES 2015 after all the positive comments in the discussion thread last year (to be fair I did enjoy the demo). I found it to be just as frustrating as Fifa, just a different set of frustrations. It plays a good game against the cpu but, as PES always has, it feels completely different playing online against other people. Unfortunately it seems like most of the people in the discussion thread don’t play online. The price dropped pretty quickly last year iirc, so I’d say hold off for a bit and pick it up cheap if you’re still interested. And don’t do what I did and get the US version: means you can only play on US servers. Mad Max will find water quicker than you’ll find a game.
  7. Settle down Shalo. You were chasing your own tail in the first game before you guys won the near-post corner lottery.
  8. Ten Count is the Michael Jackson character from Battle Arena Toshinden 3
  9. I won't be about for the victory parade tonight unfortunately. So feel free to nick my golden boot Shalo
  10. Yeah I'll be about just after 9
  11. Yeah i was replying to manics first post. Trying to write a msg with ps4 controller is slow as fuck +1 for tomb raider and sleeping dogs as well
  12. What specifically did you like about those games? Shadow of Mordor? Far Cry 4? The GOTY and Gold editions are around £30 on the US store at the moment. Gold edition of Black Flag is £15 ifyou haven't played it yet.
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