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  1. Game day. You're all a bunch of cock merchants.
  2. Can you just let us win tonight please lads? We're under a lot of stress right now. Cheers. xoxo
  3. I was having the same problem uploading to YouTube, getting a 'cannot upload' message every time. Fixed it just now by deleting a bunch of the uploads notifications.
  4. Good season lads. We put in a decent challenge and some good performances in spite of Captain Hindsight's constant barrage of tedium. Gerry and Baring were immense at the back and Kiko was lethal when he got the service. Very unlucky not to run Town closer than we did with some of the fifa-ness that occurred. Better luck next season! Saint. Sith. Joe. All is forgiven. I have gazed into the endless depths of Hell; and walked with Death incarnate. And it whispered in my ear: "Big header"
  5. Ryckert/Tyson live for premium members just about to start
  6. Sup. Probably wont be around for any practice sessions but I'll definitely be on for next week's games.
  7. Take me off the list as well please. Finally got around to playing some 1v1 and...nah.
  8. If you add all those numbers together and turn it upside down it spells ILLUMINATI
  9. Can't make it tonight. Just got a new job working late shift/nights. I'll probably take Thursdays off in future, so should be good for the rest of the season but I can't really say no during my first week. Good luck tonight. Keep feeding Dunce Tom's juicy balls like last Thursday and I'll see you on top of the league next week.
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