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  1. These graphics of players crossing their arms are hilarious. Some of them do it a really weird way. Raheem Sterling looked like he was clutching his security blanket.
  2. Outsider 5 - 0 Gooner No injuries Very flattering scoreline, no idea how i survived the first half, had 0 shots compared to Gooner's 8/9. Unlucky mate, cftg.
  3. Same here. Has anyone got any spare coins to hook me up some traits and boosts? I've got about 80,000 coins but I'm only level 36 I needs my fancy flicks.
  4. Coloccini, Remy and Ben Arfa all available for minimum.
  5. I should be available from 9 as well, so after you've played Sith?
  6. Al 0 - 6 Outsider Injury: Cisse Outsider 4 - 0 Sith No injuries CFTG guys. Saint/Bleeders, Wednesday evening any good for you?
  7. Don't pos that. What are you possing? Possing his ability to remember things? You possing yourselves at home are you? Possing you having a brain?
  8. Serge Gnabry moves from Arsenal to Newcastle for 2.3m, 0.005.
  9. Forgot you could buy out contracts. Can i buy out these please Steely B.Miele 0.1 - 0.002 J.Mitchell 0.1 - 0.002
  10. M. Haidara is decent for 1.8m - 0.005 Only others I have are: P.Dummett - 0.9 - 0.004 R.Streete - 0.1 - 0.002
  11. I think you missed this Steely. That gave me enough for Hernanes, right?
  12. Was about to post the Michael Jackson popcorn gif, but in respect of the late one-glove-wearing, pet monkey owning, baby dangling, ever whitening, prosthetic nosed grown man that had sleepovers with kids; I wont associate him with this nonsense.
  13. Balls. Haven't got the wages for Hernanes have I?
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