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  1. How do I make sure I'm using the right squads? Says there are no new updates but when I went to transfer Podolski in I still had Cabaye and Gutierrez.
  2. In a risk that probably wont pay off, these are now also available
  3. Well, I'm getting my money's worth... Some great moments, references and fan service in the Side Ops - as you would realise if you actually play them S-Ranked all the missions on Normal and loved every minute. There are so many ways to approach situations and little tricks to discover, just in this little space. Can't wait for Phantom Pain! Hopefully they'll add in the few minor gripes I have with this that people have already mentioned: Not being able to knock on walls; hide in lockers; shoot guard's radios etc
  4. Argh, can't connect to servers now... Gimme 5 mins. Apologies guys/City.
  5. Say what? You want more Fifa 12 vids? Shut up, yes you do. I started making this in early 2012 so, Warning: May Contain Dubstep
  6. Self-indulgent post but I just found a load of Fifa 12 stuff I recorded but never used, so...HEY GUYS LOOK HOW MUCH BETTER I WAS 2 YEARS AGO! No goals in this one but even my misses were better than anything I can manage now
  7. Good games Pants. Highlight was probably my horror tackle on your keeper. Filth.
  8. Outsider 1 - 1 Captain LeChuck Captain LeChuck 0 - 4 Outsider Pants! You about Sunday?
  9. 2.5m coins = £120. Boo-fucking-hoo,Hannay In my experience, you could turn that 2.5m into 100m within a couple of months or less with decent trading. I was making 50k a/every other day on Fifa 11 Edit: The more coins you have the easier it is to make coins
  10. Got stuck on the halftime countdown screen. Were those the last games of the season? Please tell me those were the last games of the season.
  11. Only just seen your invite Ollie. Was watching last night's UFC... Can play now if you like?
  12. Anyone that enjoyed the X-Men Legends and Ultimate Alliance games needs to jump on DC Universe Online. I have no idea what i'm doing and the combat is a bit button-mashy, but I can stick to walls like Spider-Man while wearing a cape. 'Nuff said.
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