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  1. Ha. I'll probably say about as much as I did before to be fair. Many a relationship has fallen by the wayside due to my inability to play and talk at the same time. Expect many grunts, "yeah i'm listening"s and "I'll do it in a minute"s I'm aka_TheOutsider
  2. Bit shit. The earpiece seems to have been designed for people with giant lugholes, keeps falling out for me. Sound quality for game sound isn't great. No idea what the quality's like for voice though, no-one's talked in the multiplayer stuff I've played. Weirdos.
  3. Gotta pick up the rations, I'll be on after 10.
  4. No PS4 for me today but now I get the excitement of waiting for an update about where the fuck it's disappeared to within the next 48 hours. Yay!?
  5. Getting a PS4 on launch day. Couldn't care less about Halo and Forza so can't see any reason to get an Xbox other than Dead Rising 3.
  6. Were you playing friendlies? Accomplishments don't unlock in friendly games. You have to play drop-in/league/cup matches.
  7. Playing against a front two of Kone and Sturridge on Ultimate Team just now has proven the 'pace doesn't matter anymore' chat to be utter bollocks.
  8. Great start. The best player from my first pack is an Italian striker named Immobile...
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case for the current-gen version. From the very little I've seen and heard of it; it looks exactly like Fifa 13. I fucking hate Fifa 13 so I might just wait for the next-gen version. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8j1GqucSYM
  10. Might not make it tonight. Router died at the weekend, new one is being delivered today but I'll probably be out when it comes.
  11. Seems like a space has opened up and I needs my fix. Sign me up Hannay.
  12. I'm around tonight if any of the teams are low on numbers.
  13. Out. Fifa's gone all laggy for no reason. Unplayable lag when I go wireless and about half a second lag wired.
  14. I like to think I'm pretty illegible on a good day, with the right player obvs.
  15. You know anything about boats, Shalo? I'm thinking about buying one. On my way to the docks now. Come along, Tomox and Pants are already there waiting.
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