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  1. Any thoughts on Lewandowski? im contemplating his highlight card.
  2. Anyone close to Level 30 and deciding which of the three players to go for? I’m just off 29 so about 8700XP away from the decision. none of the players would make my main starting 11, however I sometimes use both Premiership and Bundesliga line ups. That leaves Akanji at Central defence in my Bundesliga squad or Kovacic in the heart of my Prem line up. I suspect the vote would go towards Akanji but both do look decent enough cards! anyone have any thoughts on these players?
  3. glad it’s not just me that finds him brilliantly effective though. Just seems to be there when you need him.
  4. kimmich. Wow. What a lovely card. Plays like a dream. Can’t decide where to play him just yet, such a great pass on him. Epic box to box.
  5. Exactly why I won’t waste my time with the Weekend League. Rivals is frustrating enough at times.
  6. I’m Sheffield United short of completing the Premier League SBCs. Given the added player recently is Shaqiri, the last thing I need (or anyone needs!?) is a Premiership RW. do we think they’ll add another player in the future?
  7. Anyone doing the Neymar SBC??
  8. Just finished the Zaniolo objective. The 83 card was the worst, most frustrating piece of shit I’ve used. Total contrast to the 85 Oshimen which was a joy to smash the objectives with. The 88 is epic too for those that are nearly there, worth it. so I have the 86 Zaniolo card ready for whatever Serie A challenge awaits
  9. There is a twitch prime pack claimable. I look forward to the disappointment
  10. Just did one. Jolinton. I dunno why I bothered as I knew it was coming!
  11. I pretty much only play the game for objectives. It’s far more interesting. Never touched weekend league once this version. smashing the objectives means plenty of rivals and level 1 rewards, this week IF Doucoure and IF Richarlson the only highlights.
  12. Completed Osimhen last night. His 85 card was brilliant! 19 games 22 goals (and that’s after a few games I quit as I knew I was on a hiding to nothing)
  13. Yeah I’m not bothering for a very average card.
  14. IMO, quick and agile, but lacks the strength of Adama. Finishes better than Adama though.
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