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  1. I thinking of Forsberg as a link to Isak
  2. I did the 85+ on both accounts. Regretted it.
  3. If anyone was thinking of doing the Icon SBC... Think again. 500k....
  4. Squad updates! I haven't played a game on my "pay" squad (still reeling from the Ederson moment) - but splashed some coins on 2 astonishing looking FoF cards: (For info, I haven't spent a penny on this since starting RTG) Unsure about the Zidane \ Davies cards at the moment. I have just under 5m coins left to play with. Anyway, my fun is on the RTG I want to get Acuna in the team, along with Isak and Lodi. Means I may do the Gimenez SBC, that card looks great. Struggling to get chem thou
  5. I've done better than that, just. Not good though.
  6. And they hook me back in with these green cards
  7. No clue about NXT!! NXT TAKEOVER: IN YOUR HOUSE NXT Championship Karrion Kross (c) vs Kyle O'Reilly vs Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano vs Pete Dunne 250 points NXT Women's Championship Raquel Gonzalez (c) vs Ember Moon 250 points NXT North American Championship & NXT Tag Team Championships Bronson Reed & MSK (c) vs Legado del Fantasma 175 points Million Dollar Championship Ladder Match Cameron Grimes vs LA Knight 175 points Mercedes Martinez vs Xia Li 150 points
  8. Looks good. This new festival of Futball could be interesting with increasing cards. I'm just not playing any more.
  9. Final straw for me. 90+ Ederson in, Ederson out.
  10. I just can't put myself through it again
  11. Weekend league is the most horrible gaming experience.
  12. Fucking Troll when opening a pack though. TOTS, Brazil, CAM.... Ffs. Had that this morning.
  13. Pay account - Fonte. RTG - Marquinos. Happy with the latter, the Brazil flag got me erect for a brief moment.
  14. Can't decide if it's worth the gamble. Especially on my RTG team. I think Ultimate TOTS will be the one to save for.
  15. Not great amount, in the single figures of attempted. RTG was only 2nd as I have hardly any players..
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