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  1. I didn't get along with gold Neymar and cashed in. I'm not a skiller which probably doesn't help.
  2. Thanks all Will try again Icardi card looks good value, will try him out. Not gonna touch the Icon PP though... 750k or so. Even Mid Ronaldinho is under a Million so it looks horrific value...
  3. I'm very average at Fifa. Last week I decided to attempt to qualify for the weekend league. I got 18/20 points and failed... When is best time to qualify again? Is there a particular time of the week I'll have an easier run?!
  4. Leaked costs too.... 86/87/87/88!!!
  5. Bit of lag on your Internet connection there @Pants McSkill
  6. I had JJ last year and was fun! Not used in 22.
  7. Was thinking him Have you used him?
  8. First team screenshot in a good while. After my back to back packing of Messi and Neymar, I've had to change to a meta type team based on PSG and Brazil. My issue is I need a Box to Box type mid to run alongside Kante..... Kaka or Coutino will have to be benched. Any ideas?
  9. Its unreal how badly your players start to perform going 2-0 down. Messi and Neymar can't make a simple pass all of a sudden. Players are offside more. Bonkers how fixed the game is.
  10. I'm not getting along with Mid Kaka at all. Playing as CM "get forward" no defensive requirements lol. Just doesn't do it for me. Courtino and Hazard WW far more effective.
  11. Packed Neymar and Messi last, 2 packs in a row. Most incredible thing in my time in FUT. I don't run L1 though, so will see how I can get them in....
  12. Deleney OTW is meant to be amazing and cheap. Links with some of your Spanish league folk.
  13. Icon update. Base / Mid using Icon tokens: Mid Henry. Mid Icon pack, Kaka. Happy with both. Could have been much worse.
  14. Yeah he's amazing. With a shadow is a 87 rated CDM
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