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  1. I noticed some lag in the first half of the first game, but after that seemed OK to me.
  2. was quite chuffed with my goal - nice to not have lost either in the first game. 2nd was a nightmare, but the "3rd" half was the best laugh i've had - shame my mic batteries ran out midway through it. I think we played better with about 7 men than we did at any other point! maybe all BAP games should be about the amount of men sent off?! We'd stroll the league with Blady.... Did you do highlights Outsider?!! I didn't realise that subbing a player could cause such issues - if we'd have know we wouldn't have done it.
  3. something has to change or it will be a very unpleasant season. Last season we gradually started getting somewhere and we have gone to now playing the worst we ever have. If we were Norway last night, playing in last season's postions we wouldn't have done so bad. We need 10 guys who play in thier best positions who turn out every week on time and for practices unless a good reason (holidays etc) Practicing with 5 or 6 isn't helping. (not a dig at anyone, it's just what is needed) The two biggest problems, as Mark has just said in email is 1) trying to get round too many players and 2) Through balls not working, never have done. I still think our ratings this season should be recorded as how will it work at the end with transfers? I assume this is our last proper DVDF season. Did anyone grab the ratings last night - I didn't see them in the 2nd game as I turned the 360 off at the FT whistle! All I know is I got a suprising 8 in the first
  4. not if it carries on like last night I can't put into words how frustrating it was.
  5. Last night was fucking dreadful - PASS THE FUCKING BALL Some of you guys still think it's 1 v 1 FIFA which DOES NOT WORK My controller nearly went through the TV too Outsider, and turned my MIC off to save any fallouts! The arguement about the celebrations was just embarrassing tbh. edit - I should mention that when we did get a passing move together, we were good - not rocket science is it?
  6. because you send out emails instead and yes, I can play tonight!
  7. He was called a cunt, which is much more fitting
  8. I'll not make it for 9pm now - prob get in for 10pm.
  9. but if we are only playing as a team for one more season, shouldnt we get ratings for the next transfers? (that's what I thought we were doing anyway!!)
  10. didn;t realise we weren't part of the league proper next season?
  11. Final season ratings name/play/goals/yellow/red/ave rat Bladey 14 1 1 2 5.87 Broon 18 4 0 1 6.35 DaOutsider 17 4 0 0 7.00 DKM 12 3 0 0 6.79 Hannay 14 7 0 0 7.00 Jimmyboy 10 0 0 0 6.60 JohnnyArgos 18 0 1 0 7.17 MrSpoons 18 0 0 0 6.78 RickyDVT 12 8 0 0 7.67 scottw75 18 1 3 0 6.28
  12. what 2 crazy games last night! Awesome, really awesome in the first - everything just worked. Second game - WTF lol. City really found thie feet and played some great FIFA Well played on the first season guys - looking forward to the second.
  13. I have too - but I thought we were all pretty much decided to carry on for another season at least
  14. niether no no for me - I like the basic 3 poitns for a win, 1 for a draw and sod all if you lose With cards being punished? maybe if the cards weren't so badly given out in FIFA.
  15. I know you were pissing about (cunt) Practice session sometime?
  16. I'd done OK with him when Ricky was away, but last couple of outings not so good - i'm happy not to bother again. I'll slump back to my left wing position
  17. First game we played OK really - didn't create anywhere newar as many chances as the opposition though. Don;t think I'll bother up top again.. was pretty inaffective with Carew, sorry chaps.
  18. maybe we can just auction Broon off? He brings nothing to the team anyway...
  19. I don't think he is the reason - I missed most of what went on, so I have no real opinion on the matter. I think the reason is that we just need another season to get our heads around the whole BAP thing
  20. maybe, but you are slow as slow as a cunt at updating the ratings: http://www.rllmukfootballleague.co.uk/bap/...ail.asp?fid=187
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