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  1. This is my main team, can't get bale over 7 chem (maybe 8 with a change of manager) also subs and reserves. I have a team for every major league, and a lot of the nations. I have 8.3m coins to spend too. Just dunno what to do with them!
  2. I reckon he'll be in Futties this Friday. Price will plummet. Use a 7 Chem for now
  3. This may solve your striker problem?
  4. This is my favourite time, special cards galore. 85x10 is just epic.. Let's hope they'll make it fully repeatable though like last year.
  5. It is. And the frustration is the reset on 23rd September where it starts again.
  6. Yeah Brazil cup is awful. Not worth the rewards. I have an end game squad and nearly 7m coins. Deffo the best weeks of the Cycle to come now!
  7. Thats quality My favourite goal this yeah was Mr Icardi. No idea how I did it, but it made my opponent rage quit. https://youtu.be/Z_chRT9GB_s (no idea how to embed)
  8. Back into this. Managed to get to 2.6m coins and running this team Pedri is a sensation, and if you haven't done the free Fati card, do not miss out!!
  9. Yeah utter sweat mode at the moment. There isn't one mode full of absolute wankers. Packed TOTS VVD, Alisson and Bruno.
  10. I'm still playing. Team is nowhere near last year standards. Pack luck has been appalling recent. Numbers up Di Maria is a sensation. As is Defoe! Saving packs now, enjoying the TOTS warm up games.
  11. Dupe OTW Ramos and NU Di Maria
  12. Remember @AlfromSleepto batch the SB games. Championship, Silver, First Owners will combine 3 in 1.
  13. I went with Cannavaro. Just had such rotten luck with packs and gambles. Went the safe solid option!!
  14. https://www.futbin.com/news/articles/576/Gelson_Review
  15. He'll finally replace my 83 kimpembe
  16. Am I the only one with no clue what Elden Ring is?
  17. I'm on holiday. Very frustrating to not be able to play for the birthday cards but I'd rather be on holiday
  18. You could get lucky with the player pick...
  19. Silver stars was always my go to place. A fun mode without the sweat. A huge variety of teams. Now its all the same overpowered shite and a total sweat fest. Also agree, silver mode ruined.
  20. I don't think I can, justify the 85 x3 upgrade. 84 squad with 2 IFs seems daylight robbery.
  21. Spinazzola - not bad. Semedo - sigh. David is amazing and only 30k or so now!
  22. I did. Got another Jonathan David. Sold my tradeable for 33k. Utter waste again
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