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  1. First one took Reyna (4 shit picks) Second, OTW Hakimi (prob sell TOTY Now) Not sure I can bring myself to do another...
  2. I wanted a strong link for Bellingham, but was hoping for a better link than that!! I took Stevie G becuase I've never had him in Fifa as yet.
  3. The 87 plays like a dream. Had so much fodder it was worth it. Ita strange as I didn't get along with his 91 gold and sold it. Maybe I give it another go if its better...
  4. Heads up for the Neymar card, looks bonkers for a good cost. He'll be in everyone's team and it's killed the gold card price!!
  5. What are folk doing with the Future Stars tokens? I don't think Gallagher will make my main 11, unless someone tells me he'll be better than Blue Foden or Gold Kante. So then I could gamble on the pick. But I packed Bellingham, so I've had the best from week 1 already. Other option is all the packs. Fifa is normally all about the gamble and massive let down. But head says this time take the packs for fodder!! Team for reference!
  6. I did the 75, deffo not worth it My WW was of course an untradeable duplicate.
  7. Deffo. I've completed the La Liga one now though. So fun of fining a Ligue 1 game to come.
  8. It's becuase everyone going with the Liege 1 team, all the toty Mbappe and Messi etc. I've been grinding the La Liga for now. I managed a couple of Liege 1 matches too.
  9. 92 Benzema Good fodder. Nothing more.
  10. Deffo worth doing, especially if you have the fodder. The young Hagi makes it worthwhile, looks a decent 5 star WF forward.
  11. I got Bamba! Sig signings look pretty average all around too really, none will touch my squad, maybe Ben Yedder from the bench. Jude Bellingham. Wow BTW. Best player I've used in a long long time. Composure and passing is absolutely top notch.
  12. Calvert Lewin looks good value...
  13. Tough TBH, but I can. Foden on 8 Chem is best I can do I think. In game...
  14. So. I did the SBC to grab the token. rare gold pack.
  15. Or rivals indeed. You'd do that in the new season I'd think. I still can't decide which player to pick.
  16. Fab content. I can't decide on my pick.. WW Aouar or Fire Pulisic
  17. I'm a huge fan of my TOTY Donnaruma. Absolute beast in nets. I know it's the lowest TOTY pull but he's been very very good for me.
  18. Yeah, scraped it. Got sweet FA from it. Other than the useful token
  19. I just scraped to Div 3. I cannot get close to a win now. I'm glad the season resets. Not relegating is a real pain.
  20. I packed TOTYHM Foden last night in a prem upgrade pack. Didn't realise he was a 450k card (xbox) may have to try him out.
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