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  1. I had a 2TB drive hanging about that I'm using on mine for everything that I can (unless it needs need to be on SSD it goes on the external). Ive got a couple of lumpy bits that I'm only play every so often that I'm flipping between the two as needed. Better to wait 5 minutes to transfer 100GB than a couple of hours. Overall very happy with how it's working and I've not noticed a huge discrepancy between the SSD and the external drive in load times either.
  2. I remember one very broed afternoon in the Leicester Debenhams concession I found 'Bary Shite' who was my go to reward card dump. edit: and on incentives, we won a Revenge of the Sith competition for our instore display. The prize was a genuinely beautiful book of A3 character posters for basically every main (and main-ish) character in the movie. I've been looking for it for years online but have found literally no trace of it, so whoever it was who took it off the bus I left it on the very night I recieved it presumably still has it.
  3. Oh dear. I bought it AGAIN. I'm justifying it this time because of the mods tbf. But still. 5 times.
  4. Honestly sounds like heaven thanks
  5. So it's definitely a viable (if trickier) proposition solo? Multiplayer that needs chat is beyond me, as would regular, scheduled play so quite interested to know if it's worth keeping after the ludicrous download splurge I instigated last week.
  6. High-five. I thank the glory days of only ever being able to afford the cheapest of graphics cards. This stuff is blowing my mind already.
  7. Ooh that's gonna be a great little QoL feature for me and my lovely little S. Don't mind shuffling stuff between the internal SSD and my bog standard 2TB drive but if I can run directly from it it's basically made up the difference (for me as a non tech-head) of £200 between the S and X.
  8. Bit of weird one here; I was going through looking for old 360 games to download onto my (bog standard) external storage and for whatever reason I could download a copy of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die to my Series S. I am *certain* (and my purchase history seems to confirm) that I only had it physically and yet...here I am with an apparent digital copy of it running. Have I missed a giveaway or something?
  9. It was killing me when trying to find out why PC remote play wasn't working. Hopefully it comes soon.
  10. Hmm. So it appears I can't stream to my laptop via the Console Companion App because it's not compatible with Series X|S That's at least saved me an evening on Google.
  11. Has anyone tried streaming to laptop/desktop tey? I'm trying to set it up but despite all settings appearing to be fine on the console the App is determined to tell me I've not enabled Streaming...
  12. I know it's had absolutely bang average reviews but wandering around London in Watch Dogs looks too entertaining to skip. I bought Morrowind and Fallen Order for launch btw, before the latter was added to EA Play and before the Bethesda deal was announced.
  13. Been excited about this from day dot even when it was basically described as a mob-era XCOM. The exttra stuff sounds even better.
  14. Thanks. Will wait and see what happens...hopefully more than £13 though
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