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  1. Sounds a bit like Stardew x Moonlighter, which is the game I was hoping Moonlighter to be in the first place. The dungeon run by night/shopkeeper by day mechanic was brilliant but ultimately felt so shallow I lost interest fat too quickly.
  2. It took me a while to click as to why the artstyle felt familiar - looks wise it's an FPS Dead Cells! Agreed though, it's weirdly, grungily beautiful.
  3. Just to second @PeteBrantthere. It's absolutely fine in handheld, and the use of the touchscreen (remember that!?) is perfect for any control issues
  4. Aye, takes 5-10 minutes in Survival mode (easiest difficulty, just load it up and walk about a bit). Game seems interesting too, just too much to play atm.
  5. Xbox or Switch, that's the question. Portability is obviously a massive factor for a long form, slow burning RPG like this but I've been burned before (Pillars of Eternity...) with poor ports with no recourse for refunding. I've also got a bunch of Reward Points I can use on Xbox. First world problems are a bitch.
  6. edit: ignore, I can't read
  7. So...Disco Elysium comes out tomorrow. I've heard good things (but only know the basics of it). Sorely tempted as it's the kind of slow burner tale I really enjoy at the moment and will ideal for Metroid Dread downtime. Anyone know of any impressions of the conversion though?
  8. Get the pretty rubbish opening quests at the way and go nuts.
  9. Kenny, surely? 'Ah'll show you how it's fuckin' done, Tom aged 11 from Kettering'
  10. My favourite shop in Lowestoft is a little fishmonger with it a sign proudly proclaiming: SEACREAM CREAM OF THE SEA
  11. Reminds me of a grungier Sword of Ditto (in terms of artstyle and locations shown thus far) and the puzzles from Code Cross (a game I have desperately, desperately tried to like ever since I bought it sight unseen). Though I've been burned more than a few itmes diving in on hyped indies so I'll be holding on for reviews.
  12. Thank you for articulating perfectly my own endless fascination with these games. There's something intangible about them that nothing else matches, for me.
  13. It’s obviously very different and a bit lumpier but by god that multiplayer is just beautiful. So many hours piled into that bad boy.
  14. God if they bring CTF to this… Q2 next please!
  15. Yeah, Quake was the one for me. Doom was a bit too early in my gaming life - and either way my parents would never have allowed it - but Quake and to a lesser extent Duke 3D came at just the right time. I was old enough to be trusted with my choices and multiplayer gaming was something a bit more magical than today to me, dialling into the Wireplay system at god knows what per minute and playing against actual people felt like being part of a community. Until the obligatory phone bill hundreds of pounds more than usual.
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