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  1. Some of the character art is ludicrous but it looks pretty diverting. I've been looking for a strategy/tactical RPG after Fire Emblem and it looks pretty decent - unless of course there are any must haves in the genre (Fell Seal also looks interesting).
  2. Has anyone picked up Merchants of the Skies yet? Looks like my kind of whimsical, trading simulator but reviews are thin on the ground. That said, if anyone can recommend something along those lines - ideally with a sandbox mode or at least a decent length campaign I'm all ears. Moonlighter was brilliant but I've kind of exhausted it now.
  3. Absolutely game dependent, but I have a fondness for ones that don't fuck about and allow you to craft from your storage, without needlessly pissing about shuttling items back and forth from inventory/chest and back again because you're inevitably over-encumbered. Checklists for required items per recipe should be mandatory too, as should multiple items being useful in the same recipe. Oh, and you'd better be sure that crafted stuff is miles better than the guff the traders sell, and can be sold at a price befitting the work you've put into it. Basically Animal Crossing is great but also the worst game ever made.
  4. Funny you should mention that...
  5. It's great. No comparison in playing style but in world building it's the first 2D world of it's like since Stardew and Pokemon that I've just enjoyed bumbling about doing nothing in particular. It's just a nice place to be, even when it's getting tricky.
  6. I've not played Ocarina of Time to completion since I finished it Jan 99(?), despite having bought it maybe 4 or 5 times since. If they announced it on Switch I'd buy it tomorrow. In fact I want to start it again right now.
  7. That's odd - Castlevania includes Kid Dracula ('never released in English before!') but I had it on my GameBoy back in the day. I'm guessing this is a version from a different system?
  8. So I guess my £25 birthday giftcard is getting a nailing tonight. Castlevania Anniversary @ £3.99 Not Tonight @ £1.94 Regions of Ruin @ £5.39 Anything else I should be looking at for at similar prices?
  9. Which is so odd to me. I had visions (I may have even posted them in here years ago) of it taking off massively and every genre nabbing it - for instance your Create a Player appearing on a virtual transfer market in FIFA, your Pokémon Master hanging about in long grass or your custom shootyman available in teams even when you're not playing. Hey ho.
  10. My eldest has been playing on my old New Leaf save and I do miss the shopping plaza area that game had. I appreciate the ability to customise your island and whatnot and that this is going for overall different feel, but having that 'main street' gave a different vibe entirely that felt a bit more...alive? On another note I hadn't appreciated just how much 'stuff' there is in NL, even with hundreds of hours in it. It's absolutely packed to the gills with things to do and stuff to get. edited for getting mixed up between Wild World and New Leaf.
  11. BOTW, the Switch itself, Bloodborne etc etc. But for me it was No Man's Sky, a game I sadly fell out of love with quite quickly but nonetheless one that made me feel like a child gaming with my C64 - my mind filling in the blanks on Fire Ant or giving me nightmares about Long John Silver - way back in the day. I'd basically exhausted the resources and interest on my starting planet, named after my then newborn daughter, and the game was insisting I leave and explore the galaxy it had created for me. But the combination of the weird emotional attachment to the planet itself (it was nothing special even for the launch-quality seeds but it was *my daughter's planet*) and a sense of being overwhelmed paralysed me with anxiety. I finally took the plunge and made for launch. I believe at the time it was nigh-on impossible to return to a planet once you'd left so I said my farewells to Sophos and got comfortable in my little space jalopy. Thrusters up, and the sky around me changed from deep blue, to purple and finally to empty black space. I mean, it was only for a short while before the moment kind of passed and my feelings shifted more into 'playing the game' than experiencing it. But for that 30-minute or so period as I ummed and aahed about leaving behind this little corner of the galaxy that was mine and mine alone, and then finally made for the stars, I was terrified, absolutely terrified of what was out there and no game has made my stomach lurch in such an existential way before or since. Whatever went wrong with the game (and I've gone back to it and enjoyed it a lot since) I will forever be grateful to Hello Games for giving me that experience.
  12. The title card on the shop gave off a kind of lo-fi horror energy, hence why I clicked through. But no.
  13. Was having a little look in the Coming Soon page on the the eShop yesterday while waiting for CrossCode to become available when I saw this. Presented without comment, though with a censored NSFW warning
  14. Yeah, it's a good review. Did they come across any issues with the UI/menus stuttering at all? Saw another review (positive) that mentioned some annoying delays when accessing menu screens.
  15. I picked it up immediately and it's perfectly legible in handheld mode (and honestly, text/UI size is hugely important to me). Some of the contextual controls need a bit of getting used to but it's nothing too tricky. Only played for a while but it's fantastic.
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