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  1. It does happen, but - at least in my experience - very rarely. More often than not other players you encounter want to just go about their business, same as you.
  2. friedgold


    I've always wanted to play this so jumped at the chance on my S, day one. Within 3 hours of my first playthrough (after the tutorial) I've got a cycloptic (a rampaging squirrel took his eye) gay misogynist getting stroppy because his two other crewmates won't let him eat the corpse of the raider he stabbed to death. So yeah, it delivers.
  3. I am admittedly half a bottle of wine deep (and I don't drink much at all) but that pitch perfect recreation of the cartoon intro (well, 'Ninja' aside) has got me on board within the 2 minutes it took. Memories of TV watching and Tuesday Club co-op of Turtles in Time flooding back like the critic from Ratatouille.
  4. Wait, what? This is the same group? Unbelievable! like you say, Quake was perfect, exactly as I remembered. I know this game was supposed to be increibly hard to update but the reported issues seem to be design choices rather than compromises. What a bummer, I've never played it but remember the screenshots in PC Gamer fondly.
  5. Opening pile of generic at the start aside, I thought Starfield looked pretty great.
  6. Looks lovely but if that talking gun thing is actually what it's like to play I am not going within a million miles of it.
  7. His tip for the F1 points was absolutely gold and saved me a whole lot of game I didn't want to play. (cross the line to complete a lap, go to instant replay and wind time back a bit, cross line again - the reward still counts up a lap even if the game doesn't)
  8. Yup, went Broken Sword, wrong Outrun - Out Run - and thought the last one was GTA4, but it didn't appear in the list so hey ho.
  9. Yeah, was broken last night but Streets of Rage 4 is also very easy. Eat some food should do it, a minute or so in.
  10. It really is a masterpiece, and the only reason I still have my PS4.
  11. I bought this on day one and - to my shame - never really spent any time on it. But goodness me has it got it's hooks into me over the last 24 hours. Wowser.
  12. I’ve never once considered a ‘completion’ state as something to aim for. You can set a loose victory condition for you to play to but that could be absolutely anything at all (eat the pope, breed a race of giants, or just take over Europe). I don’t really think it’s worth thinking about it in those terms.
  13. I've been only slightly-less excited for this than I was for Elden Ring. Can't wait to get stuck in to failing horribly and behaving in the most deviant of ways on my quest for ultimate power* . Honestly, one of the few games where reading other peoples stories is as much fun as creating your own. *and in the game
  14. I was getting HDD envy over the storage the X has over my S, but the big increase in the number of games on Cloud has kind of negated that. Will likely upgrade to an SSD at some point but at the moment my bog standard external hard drive does a great job for stuff I want to download - I just wait a minute or two to get them on the internal storage if I want the load time benefits etc.
  15. You're not alone! It's still my go to MP game as a bit of light relief before/after Elden Ring, and still a ridiculous amount of fun.
  16. Spoiler for a boss (RKL, if that helps), not that you can really see it: See if you can see the remaing health bar. Yes, that's me dissolving into death in the foreground.
  17. Great thread and great reasoning from all. One big thing I've taken from this is that I need to play Sekiro, ASAP.
  18. Ive nothing of note to add to the thread, I'm not reading it for fear of spoilers and I don't have an interesting war story to contribute. Just wanted to say that Stormveil Castle could literally be a game all of its own. It's a masterpiece and deserves to sit alongside any area of any of the entire Souls/Sekiro/Bloodborne lineage. It's layer after layer after layer of madness. This is going into videogaming legend.
  19. My only concern - and it is the only thing, as it's otherwise everything I was hoping for - is that I am going to miss out on quests for the various NPC's. I've played Dark Souls as much as most people on here but have still yet to see a quest through to completion. That said I have mainly played by exploring fairly aimlessly at the moment and have barely scratched the surface of even the initial quest line.
  20. I went on a wander North from the starting point (no chance of beating Margit just yet) all the way past a rickety church to a map fragment marker, thinking it would be useful to see my immediate area in more detail since I was spending so much time there. I absolutely was *not* expecting it to show a massive, entirely unexplored region when I next checked. I also got into a fight with a couple of mini-bosses - a fireball chucking prisoner who reminded me of a miniature Ornstein in appearance, and an absolute bastard of a scythe/magic wielding invader in a place I wasn't expecting (that said, as soon as I saw the arena I said to myself that I would definitely be fighting *something* there). Sorry it's a bit vague but I'm very wary of spoiling anything for anybody else!
  21. Jesus christ after so many years and so many playthroughs I'd forgotten how INTENSE these games are when going in blind. Took an extremely early sojourn where I ended up in a pitch black cave with only my characters little pool of radiance to light the way with screeching demons surrounding me like some kind of cut-for-intensity scene from The Descent. It was bloody brilliant.
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