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  1. Good to see you folks! I couldn't hear any speaking - not sure if you could hear me though!
  2. It was! Also being less than stellar. Oddly after the game I checked and it said you were offline: I do wonder if my friends online list isn't always accurate.
  3. Fondue

    Xbox museum

    It's weird, as I was part of the beta programme too (still have the disk around here somewhere).
  4. Fondue

    Xbox museum

    Holy cow. My Xbox Live account is old enough to drink.
  5. I seem to swing from being mediocre to awful. Sigh. I guess practice makes barely competent!
  6. Given the app description says: I think it'll kick in soon.
  7. Well, I'll add a bunch of yous. Add me back! (Fondue)
  8. Have spent a few hours in training so far and not broached online, but I will. Just been enjoying finding my way around the maps and trying all the weapons out. Currently loving the pulse carbine, and laughed myself silly with the cindershot, ridiculous thing that it is. Maybe tomorrow I'll be brave...
  9. Bloody hell - we went to Ryde a couple of months ago but didn't see these!
  10. Any tips on how to stop playing this game? I've managed to escape 3 times (from about 41 runs I think) and the game is still revealing new stuff. I found I could 'borrow' from Charon tonight. That didn't go well....
  11. Fondue

    Tiny games

    Finger of God?
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