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  1. Hmm wonder what that new mechanic is in there. Somewhere between a parry, focus attack and blowback attack. Causes a crumple when it works but presumably costs meter. Robert does it out of block stun like a more traditional C+D blowback attack, but then Ryo does it raw as an anti-air. Ryo has parries in 14 anyway though, so maybe he wasn't doing the thing. I am intrigued.
  2. Nice to see some Max Mode action in the Chris trailer. Still not clear exactly how it works as EX moves can be done outside of it this time. I like them being separated like that, allows more flexibility in team composition if characters can spend little bits of bar on EX moves. A character can be a battery/meter builder and can choose to spent some without committing a full stock, for example. Also wonder if we’ll get the Orochi versions of this team somewhere down the line. Would love to see Orochi Shermie in a game where the combos are physically doable by regular humans.
  3. Excited to try and play some Shermie in this game. Her towards + B cartwheel kick is special cancellable in this game when it hasn't been in any other version. This will make her significantly easier to play and give her those light - > light - > command normal - > special move confirms that she didn't have previously. Nobody from my 14 team has been announced yet so she is currently team captain by default.
  4. Interesting that King/Mai/Yuri haven’t been announced as a team though. Yuri usually goes there when there isn’t space on the Art of Fighting team, and Mai and King don’t usually have a team outside of the generic Women’s team. Maybe there’s no Takuma again this year and it’ll be Robert/Ryo/Yuri and Mai/King/Alice again. Also great to see the Pao Pao Cafe return! I
  5. Netcode is pretty bad unfortunately, but yeah it's a great candidate for a lower execution game. I really really hope we're on the tail end of having to qualify recommendations with "just to warn you it plays like dogshit online". If Streetfighter 6 has bad netcode why I'll... still buy it and be VERY VERY grumpy about it. I am the very personification of the problem. Strive is an enormous step in the right direction though. It's the first major release that will have netcode on par with re-releases of decades old games and indie games made by teams of 5 people. Well done! I think
  6. Maybe the patrons at her bar keep buying her drinks. Trivia factoid though: King has had the same voice actor since 1992. Quite an impressive run. Given SNK's history, I wonder how many different places her paycheck has come from for doing the same job.
  7. Ah this is a great choice. Completely with you. Sometimes I'll create something beautiful but it's rarely intentional. Usually when I specifically try to make something brilliant I'm either dead before I set it up, or when I activate it the whole thing fizzles out after 2-3 pops because I hadn't visualised how it would play out properly at all. Puyo Puyo Tetris was the first time I made a conscious effort to get better at it, but I'm still completely carried by Tetris in that game.
  8. In other non SF fighting game news, two of my favourite fighting games both got major updates recently. Them's Fightin' Herds 2.0 came out, including their first DLC character and a massive overhaul of the game. It now has a feature-packed replay channel and a preposterously comprehensive set of training mode options. They've also reworked the balance, changed how a number of system mechanics work and added a ton of polish to the presentation both in-game and the menus. It's had a bit of a bump in popularity recently, but I still believe TFH is the most underrated fighting game ou
  9. I second the recommendation of Granblue, it does accessibility so well without compromising the game at all. A top player doing everything optimised and using the full inputs for everything would have an advantage over a player only using the simple ones, but between two beginner/intermediate players you can still get the full experience without having to worry too much about execution. Most players at intermediate and even high level use a mixture of both types of input depending on the situation, too, so it doesn't have that problem many of these games have where the simplified s
  10. Watch as I defeat this Kage player with a textbook display of footsies and fundamentals. Outplayed.
  11. It was a very safe re-tread with loads of call backs and cameos and nostalgia and that is exactly what I wanted it to be. The first movie holds a special place in my heart, so I had warm and fuzzy feelings throughout. I think it did what it set out to do, thumbs up.
  12. So the intriguing thing now is to see if the people's champion Terry Bogard is next, now that we have Andy and Joe, or will they swerve us with a different member for the Southtown Team and put Terry on a highly requested Mark of the Wolves team instead. I've love them to do the latter and throw in B. Jenet and Khushnood Butt. Probably gonna be the standard Fatal Fury team though.
  13. Punk just completely destroyed this week's NLBC bracket with Dan. The taunt cancel pressure looks to be incredibly strong. Fierce into fierce, fierce into low or overhead, footsies stand MK into another stand MK to confirm into combo or more pressure. It's like Makoto but even worse as he's moving forward while he does it and it applies grey life. I'm sure people with come up with answers but my god he tore up this tournament.
  14. The makeshift Capcom Cup streams were very good. The set posted above one of the better ones for sure. Idom vs Smug was pure insanity, G vs Laura is definitely one of the dumbest match ups in the game. Played 20 games as Laura against Chun Li. Laura's new speedy EX elbow and the new confirms she gets into it are all fantastic. V-Shift is troublesome for her, though command grabs don't set off the slow mo, so I did get a chase down on it with EX Command grab which felt fantastic. I think on balance it's bad for Laura though. Gaining a wake up option for herself isn't as good as the
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