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  1. Yeah I really loved it in SFXT, for a spin off game like that I think it's great. Even with Tekken they keep the tag games as a separate spin off series because the main series games are kept somewhat traditional. Maaaan SFX ended up being so good by the end of its life, but far too much damage had been done with the gems and the on disc DLC and the netcode and the overall unfinished/jankiness of the thing for the first year. Releasing unfinished games full of in-app purchases that aren't actually any good until a year later is the norm now though. Strekken was just ahead of its time.
  2. Don't like the sound of making main series SF team based. It works really well for spin off/cross over games but I think it's quite a drastic departure for the main games. I hope they've ditched that idea.
  3. Looking forward to seeing it. The little incidental animations with Menat's crystal ball are excellent, a turtle only sweetens the deal.
  4. Rose VT 1: Soul Satellite. Rose VT 2: SF4 Backdash install. Should go full screen, and if she's cornered she should go through the screen and come out the other side like Anakaris/Pacman.
  5. I don't mind the game getting one more year. They effectively lost a pro tour season this year and I think that's a shame for what is the best version of the game. Called Oro and Rose, would never have guessed Akira from Rival Schools. Always found her to be one of the more boring characters from that series but it's still a fun guest spot and nice to see Rival Schools getting any attention at all in 2020. So happy for Joffles that Dan is next.
  6. Oro/Rose/Necro/Damnd/Fei Long are my completely baseless predictions.
  7. Apparently it just takes a global pandemic for Capcom to manage a reveal without anything leaking ahead of time. There are a few hours to go yet though. Looking forward to this as, even though I rarely play the game, I still watch it avidly and I am a sucker for a surprise character reveal.
  8. Haha yeah I almost wanted Lovren to stay just because of his bromance with Mo. Same with Lallana and Hendo. Moreno looked like the best guy to have in the dressing room too.
  9. Card rewards are picked from the common/uncommon/rare card pools. Which specific cards you get offered are not pre-determined by seed. You start with 3% chance of getting offered a rare card, 37% chance of uncommon and 60% common. Though in reality these all start with -5% on them, so on your first fight you actually have -2% chance of a rare (effectively no chance). Every time you are offered a common card, your rare chance goes up by 1%, and 1% is also distracted from your chance of getting a common card next time. This is per card, not per reward. So if you get offered 3 commons, your rare chance goes up by 3% and your common chance goes down by 3%. Every time you're offered a rare this resets to the original values, so if you get offered a rare really early it takes a few fights and offers to build it back up again, which is why elite fights sometimes give you a surprisingly crappy selection. Shops have a smaller total card pool with higher rare/uncommon chances, Elite fights have a higher rare/uncommon chance and Boss fights always offer rares. Enemies/events/potions are dictated by similar rules. Events are more complicated though, and can be affected by the act, how many floors you've traversed, how much gold you have, whether or not you have curses, which events you've already seen etc. There's a whole separate spreadsheet Jorbs uses for that sometimes. With enemies, the first three regular fights in the act are all from the easy enemy pool, then 4 and up will be from the harder selection. As you say, these fights don't have to be in succession or from the same room "type". So if your question mark event turns out to be regular fight, that will be added to the regular fight counter, so if you've done three regular fights, a question mark runs quite a high risk of being a fight from the hard enemy pool.
  10. I am useless at gaming when drunk or over-tired. Had some fun times gaming whilst partaking of other recreational substances though. Favourite one of those was going to an all night rave at Beaverworks in Leeds and finding that they had a Prop Cycle arcade cabinet. The cab has a fan built into it so you can feel the breeze on your sky bike. When on various stimulants, the feeling of flying that bike into all of the balloons with the wind hitting you was damn near transcendental. If they'd had Afterburner Climax I probably would have climaxed.
  11. Tekken and Soul Calibur announcing new things at the round table. Still no confirmation from Capcom though. They were scheduled to show something at Evo before it got cancelled so I'd have thought they'd have a trailer ready.
  12. Release the hounds. Currently breaking my rule of not reading YouTube comments. The tears of United fans on any Liverpool video are so delicious. Sweet sweet nectar.
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