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  1. I only have the one Boss Rush score so far. I can't imagine it's very good. I guess I'll see what I'm aiming for when you guys post yours.
  2. The really juicy stuff is at the end of them. Personally for Axel I'd maybe buff his damage a little bit because he feels more like a heavyweight. Other than that I quite like his lumbering style and his air special gives him mobility. I think his short combos should hit harder than Adam's though, as Adam has the benefit of more mobility.
  3. I really don't find Diva to be difficult at all. If she whiffs the whip attack you can take half of her health. Tonnes of 100% damage combos on her too. Some of the other armour in the game is a bit inconsistent but I hope they don't completely give in to the complaints.
  4. I kept the apple but went with the ramen bowl. I don't think any other food represents a full heal as well as a bowl of ramen.
  5. She is utterly infuriating to play against, but in a good way that makes me want to keep trying. Mark of a good zoner in my book. She can create horrible bullet hell situations with tiger knee air icicles and ground icicles combined with the ground trap and her magic snowballs. What a sentence. But yeah sometimes at full screen I eat three hit combos of the trap and two icicles. Her air mobility is one of the weakest but she is quick on the ground and has some potent buttons. Then she has a high low mix up game as well! It’s so horrible getting her cornered, she blocks a mix up and then suddenly you’re in a 50/50 yourself. It’s like an extreme version of Dhalsim, where you have to be in on Velvet with the advantage or allll the way out. Any other ranges she has amazing control and is oppressive to fight against. Also her optimised combos do preposterous damage for a zoner. Despite all of that, she’s not overpowered because there’s definitely an anime fighter design philosophy to the game where they’ve made everybody cheap as hell instead of nerfing the strong stuff too much. She would be overpowered if the game was Streetfighter but this game also has Magneto in it. I seethe with rage when fighting against her but I think she’s an excellent character design. If I didn’t play Oleander it’d be Velvet. Bubbleboots and Mao are both good players to watch on YouTube also.
  6. It’s an outstanding game, really happy to see it getting some love. Loads of variety in play styles despite the small roster, good balance because of said small roster, amazing dynamic music, colourful and personality-filled characters and a combat system that allows for tonnes of creativity. There’s a character who is pure zoning and a character who is essentially Magneto from MVC and they’re both competitively viable, which is not easy to achieve! Also you can import combos created by other users into the game’s combo trials, which is a feature I want in all other fighting games.
  7. I wouldn’t want Axel to be buffed. I think he plays as intended and is still stronger than he was in the previous games. There is a great diversity of play styles on this roster and I think keeping Axel as Ordinary Guy adds to that. He’s capable of finishing the game on Mania, it’s just tough for him, but that was the case in SOR2 as well, and you could play the other characters if you wanted a slightly easier ride.
  8. Finished Boss Rush today, got an S Rank Took quite a while as I'm insistent on going through the struggle with Axel. So far I've done the story mode on medium, Arcade on Medium and Hard, and now boss rush. I enjoy Adam and Cherry quite a bit too, so they're a nice palate cleanser when I've been getting smashed with Axel for a bit. I finished Arcade on Medium with Cherry the first time I played her. I didn't even think I played that well, she just has insanely good crowd control like Skate in SOR2 and is the best at not getting hit. Axel feels like doing a buster only Megaman run by comparison, but that's a big part of what I love about him, the big lummox.
  9. I tend to hang in the top left or too right corner. The mech arms only target the corners if they go for the stomp move that tracks you specifically. Other than that most of the attacks don’t hit that corner of the screen, so you can focus on hitting the arm and dodging the other twin.
  10. You get invincibility frames at the start of your jump. If you're already in the air he can get you. That fight with the combination of both of them is a nightmare don't get me wrong, but I still contend that the majority of examples listed are counterable.I love that a lot of them are specifically designed to blow up all of the habits SOR players have and force us to change our approach.
  11. There are counters to pretty much everything you've mentioned though, and I like the strategy they add to the game. The Commissioner's grab can be jumped. His regular grab he flashes red before he does it, and you can either blitz, jump or defensive special. Or knock him down and he'll stop going for it until he flashes red again. His second phase grab is also avoidable by jumping. The karate guys only have armour if you hit them when they do the parry animation. They only do that one inch punch move that launches if you hit them when they're looking to counter you. I don't think that's cheap at all. You trigger the parry if you stand in front of them for a bit. After they drop their arms there's a window before they can do it again so you can get a free hit. Alternatively you can just walk up and grab them because they can't attack when going the parry unless you hit them. You can't hit them whenever you want or jab jab blitz them to death, but I really like that about them. Suzie's jump kick is still avoidable if you keep moving and control the crowd well. You can use the ranges to make them do it when you want them to do it. If you're fighting other enemies as well you have to avoid committing to your full combo or a blitz until they've done the jump kick. You have to manage them in a specific way, and again I don't think it's a bad thing. You also have a one button invincible move to counter it. Also you if you do keep moving and manipulating the ranges you can minimise how often they throw it out. I've gone from getting hit by it 100% of the time to being annoyed with myself for getting hit by it after only a couple of days with the game. The kick boxers are extremely vulnerable to grabs because they block so much. Their instant kick combo is frustrating I'll agree. I don't think the armour on the knee is a problem. They tend to do this on wake up with the armour and you need to react to it or let them get up. The guys with the hands in their pockets only do the armoured headbutt if you’re close to them when they’re getting up too. You can bait it or you can let them get up. In SOR2 almost every enemy could be meaty attacked or exploited to death when they're getting up, I love that so many enemies in this game have specific counters to this. Then there are the taser cops, who have a grab that *is* impossible to avoid on reaction, but if you knock them down and make them drop the taser they're helpless. Some of the more instant moves that are unreactable are a bit annoying, but all of the enemies with armour or moves that require specific counters are a very welcome addition to me. Also SOR2 has so much bullshit! It’s one of my favourite games of all time but the ninjas and the bikers have instant unavoidable attacks, Barbon has instant attacks. Some bosses can get out of hitstun when it suits them. R. Bear is an exercise in sheer frustration and needs an exploit to beat him comfortably in high difficulties. The electras have an instant jump kick that they do with no tell whatsoever etc. So far I think this game is harder than SOR2 but I don’t think it’s less fair.
  12. I think with the cops you need to identify the taser ones and knock them down immediately, then they can't do their grab move. I find that the most infuriating move in the game to be hit by as it really is instant and has crazy range on it. Fuck taser cops man. The other cops without tasers flash red before they attempt a grab. At that point I treat them like a grappler in a fighting game until I knock them down, as this seems to snap them out of it. The Commissioner and Signals also do the red flash and will seemingly be locked into a grab attempt as their next action unless you avoid it or knock them down to snap them out of it. I do agree that there are some attacks that are too fast and feel more like the SOR2 ninjas with their 1 frame sweeps. On another note, on this playthrough now I only just realised that:
  13. Haha yeah he has SOR1 jab speed and SOR1 damage, it's preposterous. It's like playing Vanilla Sagat in USF4.
  14. If you use your defensive special just as the kick is about to hit you, your invincibility will beat it and you'll knock him down. Then if you quickly close the distance as he's getting up he won't be able to get back to the range where he throws out the kick. I think that bit is quite deliberately meant to encourage you to do that as it's one of the few sections where they've removed the option to dodge by shifting on the Y-axis. Man the more I play it the more I love that health regain on specials and the way this game wants you to use them. If you watch high level world record attempt runs on Streets of Rage 2 you will see people specialling their health into oblivion even when you can't get the health back. This is a much more sensible take on it. It also adds an extra bit of value to the longer/more stylish combos this game adds to the series. On top of the damage and flashiness, sometimes you want to extend a combo just to maximise health regain. Guys I like this game. Oh, for anyone playing Floyd, Anthropants (current SOR2 Mania world record holder with Max) is uploading some good stuff on his Youtube. He's already managed to finish Arcade on Mania (on day 1, the freak!) with the big lad so I'm sure there will be plenty of good stuff to steal from his runs. Right from the start I love how he uses Floyd's stubby little jump as a dash, throwing out jumping down + attack all over the place to keep the crowds under control. He's very good at Streets of Rage.
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