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  1. Got onto this a bit late but have already bought it based on the demo. This is very very good. The tone and presentation are absolutely pitch perfect. I don’t know if it’ll take 1000 hours of my life like Spire but I was completely captivated for the hour I spent with it. Roll on the 19th of October!
  2. Yesss Necronomicurse dirt. Ironclad has such a deep well of filthy shenanigans despite appearing to be "the one who bonks the enemies on the head" at first glance.
  3. Ogbomosho to you as well. I will never stop playing this game. Roguebook is excellent for anyone looking for a game to scratch a similar itch, but even the new game sheen of Roguebook hasn't stopped me playing Spire alongside it. I now have 4 silent A20 Heart Kills with Silent, 3 Ironclad and 2 Defect. Really chuffed with the Defect wins as I find the Act 4 elites and The Heart extremely hard with him on Ascension 20. He is the worst of the three for storming the game all the way to Act 4 and then dying on turn 3 to the Act 4 elites. I haven't done it at all with The Watcher. I find her the least fun to play, so I don't get inspired to attempt it very often. Will have to do it at least once to complete the set though. 1300 hours on the game across the PC and Switch versions. Good lord.
  4. Very weird, I thought Sak's face was fine. Hadn't even occurred to me to change it. Ibuki, on the other hand: Been playing loads of this lately. Still been too lazy to put time in with Strive. Got Laura to Diamond rank, now I play Cody and play pass the stick ranked on a friend's account to see if we can get another Diamond. Downloaded Oro today also. Please let me know if anyone wants to beat up my day 1 Oro.
  5. Nah Ed's a bit of a turd all round, not much love for him. In terms of mechanics/build he has a few interesting tools, and is also the test character for simplified inputs in SF, but other than that he is terribly bland. He's also been a bit of a non-factor competitively. In keeping with the blandness of his design, he is also quite bland in the meta-game. He doesn't excel at anything and there are stronger all-rounder type characters, so there's limited reason to play him. A few top players have a pocket Ed, but he's still very rarely seen. His Lose Yourself knock off theme song is dreadful too. On first impressions I like Luke less than Ed though. I quite enjoy Ed's fireball/fake fireball, his V-Trigger 1 and some of his snatcher grabby hand stuff. With Luke I like his long range machine gun punch thing but literally nothing else.
  6. It was already obvious from the previous showcase that they'd nailed Oro, this only made me want him more. Definitely purchasing him. I would have liked to see more of the foley artist stuff. Luke might be the least appealing character design in SF history. He looks like more of a dickhead than Ed. I didn't think it was possible.
  7. Say what you will about Sol but this is a legit masterpiece. So unbelievably optimal with the positive bonus. Denying the wall until the last possible moment and back handing him into it. Then finishing from full screen. Outrageous.
  8. Master League co-op with my pro evo buddy is the only reason I buy the games, so waiting for that announcement or this will be the end of my beautiful relationship with PES.
  9. JLM


    Odd Taxi was a delight from start to finish. Favourite anime I've watched in years. Come for the grumpy walrus taxi driver, stay for the beautifully written film noir mystery thriller with oddball humour. I laughed, I was moved at times, I was hooked on trying to tie the plot threads together. Wonderful show, cannot recommend it enough.
  10. On the WTF podcast a couple of weeks ago it sounded like the retirement stuff had been overblown and misreported. His responses there suggested he'll keep going for as long as he feels inclined to. I really hope that's the case. I thought it was one of the best episodes of WTF to date overall. Could listen to Tarantino talk for hours, and the conversational nature of Maron's show really seemed to get him flowing. I enjoyed how fondly he talked about going to the movies with his stepdad in particular, and how that formed his obsession with film. "Being an adult must be amazing, you get to be an expert and know everything about movies!" Hadn't heard about Tarantino and Pacino's respective estranged biological fathers doing straight to DVD movies to cash in on their names before either!
  11. It does make me question your credentials as a penguin.
  12. JLM

    PES 2020

    Still grinding Huddersfield Master League on Superstar with my friend playing co-op. Played against Classic Barcelona in the World Club cup this season. Victor Valdes pulled off one of the most preposterous saves I have ever seen. Straight out of play for a corner as well. Outrageous.
  13. I quite like a lot of the more common ones like aniseed, liquorice and perfume-y tasting stuff. Used to love parsnips, now I can eat exactly one parsnip with Christmas dinner and that is my fill for the year. The one I still cannot do is mushrooms. My preferences have changed a lot over time, and as a result I have reintroduced certain foods or got over my childish squeamishness about them and come to embrace them. I used to avoid almost all seafood until my early 20s, then pushed myself to try more things and corrected that issue. I have tried this with mushrooms on several occasions and I simply cannot do it. The flavour, the smell and texture all completely repulse me. Even the tiniest amount of them chopped quite finely can still cut through other flavours and ruin food for me. I've had many a spaghetti bolognese or lasagne ruined by stealth mushrooms. I wish I liked them, as they can go in so many things and people who love them seem to really love them. Similar thing with olives. I am deeply envious of people who like olives. I find everything about them extremely appealing except the flavour. They look great on things, they look immensely satisfying to eat when people eat them neat from the jar, but the flavour of them makes me retch.
  14. Haha thought it might be comforting to know that he is a man of some renown. I am waaay behind on this. Against all odds, I really enjoy the current iteration of SFV. It took them a while to get there but they've arrived at a really fun Streetfighter game. I also have a discord group of fight game mans who wouldn't play anything else with me for a while, so I got sucked into SFV lobbies. This then spiralled into streaming ranked sessions on discord whilst being coached/heckled by them. Then naturally I had to try and get to Diamond Rank before I could stop. I've done that now, so it is time to move on to Strive at last. Having a friend over tomorrow for a learning day. Will spend the whole day in the lab, then the house sessions and the lobbings will be on. The other issue I have is that I played May in both betas, but I'm reluctant to be yet another May player. She seems to be the Ken of the game in online circles. I mean Sol is also the Ken of the game, but he gets a free pass to be "that guy" in all Guilty Gear games. His name is even Badguy. I also find May's playstyle a lot less interesting than it was in the previous games. It's not in keeping with the spirit of this GG so I can see why they're gone, but I loved her little set play dolphins she had before. I have also decided to forego Anji and make the extremely ambitious decision to try and learn Zato. I love puppet characters but they're always far too difficult to play. This is the best chance I've had to play as one in a game where regular humans can do the things. I already know it's still going to be tough, but compared to learning him in an older GG it's night and day. So I'm gonna give it a go. I'm gonna get mauled relentlessly and we will see if that breaks me or not, but on the launch roster he is currently the most appealing character to me. I will join you gents in lobbies when I am a bit more prepared. Also, Ghost from my local scene has set up a Strive EU Discord server and will be running weekly tournaments. He's been running USF4 tournaments and full league seasons all the way through lockdown and I have been in most of them, so I can attest that he runs a tight tournament and a quality stream. Also it's a handy server for finding people to play with and chat about the game. https://discord.gg/mzs4KUK3 If anyone wants in. Tournaments start next weekend but a good few people on there looking for games already.
  15. BlackAce is the best In Europe at Blazblue Cross Tag Battle and previously qualified for the Arc Revo Tour World finals in that game. He has played anime fighters once or twice before, is what I’m saying.
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