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  1. Master League co-op with my pro evo buddy is the only reason I buy the games, so waiting for that announcement or this will be the end of my beautiful relationship with PES.
  2. JLM


    Odd Taxi was a delight from start to finish. Favourite anime I've watched in years. Come for the grumpy walrus taxi driver, stay for the beautifully written film noir mystery thriller with oddball humour. I laughed, I was moved at times, I was hooked on trying to tie the plot threads together. Wonderful show, cannot recommend it enough.
  3. On the WTF podcast a couple of weeks ago it sounded like the retirement stuff had been overblown and misreported. His responses there suggested he'll keep going for as long as he feels inclined to. I really hope that's the case. I thought it was one of the best episodes of WTF to date overall. Could listen to Tarantino talk for hours, and the conversational nature of Maron's show really seemed to get him flowing. I enjoyed how fondly he talked about going to the movies with his stepdad in particular, and how that formed his obsession with film. "Being an adult must be amazing, you get to be an expert and know everything about movies!" Hadn't heard about Tarantino and Pacino's respective estranged biological fathers doing straight to DVD movies to cash in on their names before either!
  4. It does make me question your credentials as a penguin.
  5. JLM

    PES 2020

    Still grinding Huddersfield Master League on Superstar with my friend playing co-op. Played against Classic Barcelona in the World Club cup this season. Victor Valdes pulled off one of the most preposterous saves I have ever seen. Straight out of play for a corner as well. Outrageous.
  6. I quite like a lot of the more common ones like aniseed, liquorice and perfume-y tasting stuff. Used to love parsnips, now I can eat exactly one parsnip with Christmas dinner and that is my fill for the year. The one I still cannot do is mushrooms. My preferences have changed a lot over time, and as a result I have reintroduced certain foods or got over my childish squeamishness about them and come to embrace them. I used to avoid almost all seafood until my early 20s, then pushed myself to try more things and corrected that issue. I have tried this with mushrooms on several occasions and I simply cannot do it. The flavour, the smell and texture all completely repulse me. Even the tiniest amount of them chopped quite finely can still cut through other flavours and ruin food for me. I've had many a spaghetti bolognese or lasagne ruined by stealth mushrooms. I wish I liked them, as they can go in so many things and people who love them seem to really love them. Similar thing with olives. I am deeply envious of people who like olives. I find everything about them extremely appealing except the flavour. They look great on things, they look immensely satisfying to eat when people eat them neat from the jar, but the flavour of them makes me retch.
  7. Haha thought it might be comforting to know that he is a man of some renown. I am waaay behind on this. Against all odds, I really enjoy the current iteration of SFV. It took them a while to get there but they've arrived at a really fun Streetfighter game. I also have a discord group of fight game mans who wouldn't play anything else with me for a while, so I got sucked into SFV lobbies. This then spiralled into streaming ranked sessions on discord whilst being coached/heckled by them. Then naturally I had to try and get to Diamond Rank before I could stop. I've done that now, so it is time to move on to Strive at last. Having a friend over tomorrow for a learning day. Will spend the whole day in the lab, then the house sessions and the lobbings will be on. The other issue I have is that I played May in both betas, but I'm reluctant to be yet another May player. She seems to be the Ken of the game in online circles. I mean Sol is also the Ken of the game, but he gets a free pass to be "that guy" in all Guilty Gear games. His name is even Badguy. I also find May's playstyle a lot less interesting than it was in the previous games. It's not in keeping with the spirit of this GG so I can see why they're gone, but I loved her little set play dolphins she had before. I have also decided to forego Anji and make the extremely ambitious decision to try and learn Zato. I love puppet characters but they're always far too difficult to play. This is the best chance I've had to play as one in a game where regular humans can do the things. I already know it's still going to be tough, but compared to learning him in an older GG it's night and day. So I'm gonna give it a go. I'm gonna get mauled relentlessly and we will see if that breaks me or not, but on the launch roster he is currently the most appealing character to me. I will join you gents in lobbies when I am a bit more prepared. Also, Ghost from my local scene has set up a Strive EU Discord server and will be running weekly tournaments. He's been running USF4 tournaments and full league seasons all the way through lockdown and I have been in most of them, so I can attest that he runs a tight tournament and a quality stream. Also it's a handy server for finding people to play with and chat about the game. https://discord.gg/mzs4KUK3 If anyone wants in. Tournaments start next weekend but a good few people on there looking for games already.
  8. BlackAce is the best In Europe at Blazblue Cross Tag Battle and previously qualified for the Arc Revo Tour World finals in that game. He has played anime fighters once or twice before, is what I’m saying.
  9. I was going to watch and try to engage with a movie this evening, perhaps even form an opinion on it. Then I decided that was too pretentious and wanky an activity, so I stared at a wall for two hours instead. Haters will say "wasn't that boring?" but I switched my brain off and enjoyed it. Going to save a fortune on cinema trips in future with this one simple trick that Hollywood hates.
  10. I think it’s indicative of how volatile and outright bizarre this season has been that we’ve had so many disasters this season and finished third. Can’t quite believe it, what a recovery.
  11. Ken and Nash look to be the biggest winners in this patch. Both had been left behind as the seasons have gone on so they deserve it. Ken's improvements really are a huge overhaul for him. He can whif punish with crouch fierce into heavy tatsu, his single hit cr. MK confirms are now reliable, he has new and/or more reliable counter hit combos, he has better conversions and new mix ups off his crush counter cr. fierce and standing roundhouse, plus the new range on his heavy DP gives it a ton of extra utility. As well as helping with combos and conversions, he can also go through fireballs with it, and he can do mad stuff like punish Menat's standing medium punch on block with raw heavy DP. Very exciting patch for Kenneth. I see Momochi is already giving it a whirl, It feels like a significant enough set of buffs to make Ken relevant again. Happy to see Lucia get fixed as well. She was almost a good character in the last patch but didn't get any oki mid screen. Now she has the ability to get pressure from two of her main combo enders and that pretty much plugs the massive gap she had in her gameplan. I think that makes her solidly mid-upper mid rather than low tier. Nice to see they've done a little something to Cammy as she has been dominating the CPT qualifiers this season. Urien's EX tackle putting leaving him in throw range now when you block it is a looooong overdue change. He used to be -2 but not REALLY -2 because he didn't have to worry about throw. Now he follows the same -2 rules as the rest of the cast. Making his cr. MK whiff punishable by humans is also extremely welcome. Past two patches have nerfed him and he's still comfortably top 3 in the game. Crazy that this patch has come just a couple of days before Red Bull Kumite though. Unusual for a patch to be this close to an international major. Also it's great that all of the players who have gathered for the event have taken the opportunity to play sets against anyone and everyone. Tokido vs Idom FT10, Tokido vs Infexious FT5, Ryan Hart vs Bonchan FT5. Many many GGs to be had.
  12. I finally completed all my quest to fill out all the Covenant 25 crowns with every pre-DLC clan combination a couple of weeks ago. Really happy with that. Some of them were back to back wins, but then some of the combinations took 10-15 attempts, so it was quite an undertaking. Also this week I got my first win over The Last Divinity. Been playing the Wurmkin Snail with Hellhorned over and over again to try and beat it. Eventually managed it with a whole ton of consume/etch synergy. Going for the 9th floor gives the game a very different flavour. Had loads of runs where the deck stormed the game, demolished Seraph and then died in two turns against The Last Divinity. You have to make sure your deck is incredibly strong by the end at all costs. You also have to take into account which floor you'll be playing on, as you can run a build that sits happily on the top floor for the whole run, then against the big boss it has to deal with sweep every turn. I've had to take capacity as a boss reward once or twice purely to have room to relocate my floor for the final boss fight. What an excellent game. Glad to see the developers are so active on it too. There was another balance patch yesterday out of nowhere that made some good changes. They finally nerfed Transcendimp to cost 2 energy instead of 1. That has been ridiculously powerful since the game came out and I had assumed the developers were just happy with that being one of the more OP things in the game, but they have brought the hammer down.
  13. Hmm wonder what that new mechanic is in there. Somewhere between a parry, focus attack and blowback attack. Causes a crumple when it works but presumably costs meter. Robert does it out of block stun like a more traditional C+D blowback attack, but then Ryo does it raw as an anti-air. Ryo has parries in 14 anyway though, so maybe he wasn't doing the thing. I am intrigued.
  14. Nice to see some Max Mode action in the Chris trailer. Still not clear exactly how it works as EX moves can be done outside of it this time. I like them being separated like that, allows more flexibility in team composition if characters can spend little bits of bar on EX moves. A character can be a battery/meter builder and can choose to spent some without committing a full stock, for example. Also wonder if we’ll get the Orochi versions of this team somewhere down the line. Would love to see Orochi Shermie in a game where the combos are physically doable by regular humans.
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