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  1. Kevin Smith tells a similar story in one of his ‘An Evening With’ shows.
  2. A lot of West Coast gangster rap is pretty horrible to listen to these days, but then even when I was 15, NWA’s second album disgusted me with its misogynistic lyrics.
  3. I quite enjoyed the new Shonen Jump title but like all the recent new ones that have started recently, I can’t imagining them going on for that long. They really need to find a stand out title soon, while the new ones are all fun to read, there really isn’t much substance in any of the new ones.
  4. I would recommend Blue Flag, I read the first volume last week and even though it seems like a typical Shonen romantic comedy, I really enjoyed reading it and it was refreshing to see there was little or no fan-service in it and none of the main characters were too annoying.
  5. Damn it’s published by Vertical which means it’s almost twice as expensive as books that are published by Viz, which is so annoying as Flub’s recommendations for Manga are usually really good.
  6. If you just play single player modes you can pretty much avoid the transactions. As a sports sim, it’s still easily the best there is.
  7. If I can build a PC anyone can, it really is a piece of piss.
  8. I built a PC last week for my partners Father and he fucking loved the RGB lights on the memory, especially as I set them as the colours of his favourite Rugby League team. He is 62 btw so I don’t think you can ever be too old to enjoy some pretty colours in your PC.
  9. Is there a long-term Crosby or Malkin replacement available in this draft worth the Pens losing in the playoffs for?
  10. My feelings exactly, season one is merely just very good, while season two is fucking amazing from beginning to end.
  11. He has always been anti-Semitic though.
  12. I was 12 in 1989. This happened to be the year I got my first console - a Sega Master System and I am sure I was the only person I knew that had one. My favourite game would have been Shinobi, which I sadly never completed without using a level select chest as one of bosses was a right bastard.
  13. Perfect size for one nice big omnibus once it’s finished.
  14. Don’t get me wrong neither episode are bad in anyway, but compared to the rest of the show - especially season two, they are just not quite as brilliant as the rest.
  15. If anything the first two episodes are the worst ones.
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