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  1. I’m not seeing what Mount is doing so badly to piss everybody off. England are losing the physical battle and the Americans are happy to swarm us in their box. It’s difficult to play against. I’m not sure if Rashford coming on means we will drop back 10-15 yards and try to draw them out a bit. Assuming they bite.
  2. England don’t look amazing but I’m not buying into the doom and gloom just yet. The States seem happy with seven men behind the ball when England are in possession and England’s ‘get to the six yard line and cut it back to the penalty spot’ tactic seems doomed to failure. We’ve got to allow them out a bit more but England have such a soft underbelly that I’m not filled with confidence. I think I might be looking for Jack Grealish off the bench for Sterling.
  3. People seem to be as sure stop clocks are the answer now as they were that VAR would solve everything five years ago. It’s definitely not all being changed at the behest of broadcasters, right?
  4. If England win tonight then I suspect Southgate will rotate against Wales because the group will be won and it’s better to conserve the energy of some and give much needed minutes to others while it’s possible. I’m sure there will be talk of collusion given we are both British but fuck that.
  5. Just for those who haven’t seen the red.
  6. Just keep playing. Certain things happen at certain times and the game is a race between your level and the clock. After a while you’ll start seeing that some items combine with others and some of them are ridiculously powerful.
  7. Loads of unattached players have been to the World Cup. It’s overshadowed by the headbutt but Zidane scored in the final without a club.
  8. If they are part of the Japanese camp then does it matter? One thing I forgot I like about watching the World Cup is watching it with lapsed fans. The game is on in the staff room at work: colleague - "I like the look of that Valverde, who does he play for?" me - "Real Madrid." colleague - "ah. I was gonna say the Villa should sign him, but maybe not then."
  9. My guy became Henry Hoover. Agonisingly got boxed in and died at something like 29:30 but boy did I take a lot of motherfuckers with me.
  10. France playing some lovely football at the moment. How long before they all fall out with each other?
  11. Have Man Utd just sacked Ronaldo?
  12. I thought Hartson was gonna cry at the end. It’s nuts how football can get you like that sometimes. Fair play to the bloke, the moment clearly meant an awful lot to him.
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