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  1. Not at all surprising and I’d expect him to be in a job sooner rather than later. He’s an easy guy to dislike but he’s been fantastic at Villa. I wish him well.
  2. How the fuck is he still only 27? I mean I get the concept of time and everything but he’s been around forever and is barely in his prime? I really like him, balls of steel for coming out but seems very happy with his life and is an eloquent guy to boot. History will remember him kindly.
  3. Damn. I was hoping you’d say that the boat had been put there by one of the competitors who then jumped in it and knocked 25 minutes off of the world record.
  4. @bradigor Yeah. I’ve not seen much of him since he moved out of the area, but he’s a good dude. I’m really pleased he found a career after hanging his boots up but I’m not at all surprised he turned out to be cut out for coaching. He keeps posting pictures of his kids in Liverpool shirts but I’ll bet he’s still insisting they support Cov City.
  5. Yep. People are weird about stuff like that. The one that makes me laugh is when a corner not being the first man is seen as being shit because the guy complaining about it can float one into the six yard box for his Sunday League team 9 times out of 10, completely failing to realise that when you try that at higher levels the keeper just catches it. The margins are tiny and we don't appreciate it enough most of the time. edit: I fully reserve the right to be a hypocrite about this at a later date btw. Especially if I’m whinging about Villa.
  6. Yeah, I've posted here before but I've got a friend who was a professional too. He spent most of his career in League One, had a couple of seasons in The Championship and made his professional debut at away Anfield in the Premier League and he was so much better at football than anybody I've ever known personally it was ridiculous. We had a pretty successful school team who got deep into national level competitions and the main tactic was to pass the ball to him, wait twenty seconds and the go celebrate when he'd scored a goal. Even then he'd talk about how good the lads he was training with were, and how even a 5% drop in performance can be seen as huge when everybody around you is so good. There must have been something in his philosophy though because he's now manager of Liverpool U18s.
  7. I know you have to be pretty good to ride at the Olympic Games, but no helmet?
  8. It was a horrible injury though, ACL with complications as far as I can tell. That he's been out for so long is a huge concern for me, I really do wonder if he's never going to fully recover and this is frustration showing.
  9. @RubberJohnny It’s been years since I read Masters of Doom but I’m kinda with you in some regard, it’s not a great book but it’s an interesting document of a really pivotal time and place in video game history. I was 14 when Doom came out, lusted after it in magazines but never had anything powerful enough to run it until the Saturn version came out a while later but the whole PC scene mid/late 90s was fascinating to me probably because it was completely unobtainable. Carmack and to a lesser extent Romero were mythical figures and I never realised just how young they were too. By the time he’d released Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Doom 2 and Quake, John Carmack was still only 25(!) and he was basically having money thrown at him faster than he could spend it and had nobody really to answer to. I’m not at all surprised everybody went a bit crazy.
  10. He’s never coming back after conceding a goal kick to Ben Mee, is he?
  11. Oooh. I’ve been at work all afternoon so that’s completely passed me by. Off to see whodunnit!
  12. The Irish leagues always produce one or two absolutely incredible goals a season don’t they? Also now I want to see Waterford play Watford somehow.
  13. So this working from home shit has had a negative effect on football shirt design as it did on video game production?
  14. This is an interesting way to spend a quarter of an hour. It goes over the behind the scenes stuff in a cool way, including the reason why there are events before the opening ceremony.
  15. I hope he releases a cover version of Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me.
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