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  1. As we are talking about teams beginning with the letter B, what the fuck happened to Bristol City?
  2. I think it’s probably time for Tony to hang his gloves up. He’s had a hall of fame career but he doesn’t want to end up being the big name on the way down that younger, fresher fighters on the way up are collecting on their resume.
  3. Time for Joshua Buatsi to shit or get off the pot. Highlight reel knockout tonight, but that Dos Santos fella was out of his depth and the fight felt like a waste of everybody’s time. 175 is stacked right now, at domestic and world level and Buatsi can’t spend another year knocking out no name opponents if he wants to be a star.
  4. His contract situation definitely needs looking at. Considering he's already moved for £25m (to Monaco) and £35m (to Leicester) I'm sure his market value now would be off the charts as he's been this wonderkid who has already lived up to the hype twice, but he's only got two years left at Leicester. I presume whether they finish in the top four or not will be a huge factor with regards to him signing an extension, but if he doesn't then him moving this summer seems fairly likely as he's still got market value. I think you are looking at Leicester asking the sort of money they got for Mahrez
  5. Can't see why Gerrard would want to leave Rangers at the moment. He's got Champions League football and a full stadium to look forwards to next year.
  6. Yeah, they had to use a phone line for the commentary as internet infrastructure wasn't in place until broadband became a thing. I'm trying to think of the last really good Eastern European side. Probably the Dynamo Kiev team of the late 90s which had Schevchenko and Rebrov up front and Lobanovsky as manager? They got to the quarters and semi finals and always seemed like dark horses until the best players got snapped up by richer clubs.
  7. It would never happen though. Even in the 90s the latter stages of the UEFA Cup were more interesting because they had more ‘names’ involved, and that’s what people really want. As for the top four? I hope Leicester do it. It would just be dull as fuck if it ends up being Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool again. Qualification being seen as a consolation prize for a bad season just depresses me.
  8. PSG 2021/22? Quite a lot to unpack here, Air Jordan branding instead of the swoosh, the stripe is gone and that’s a really shitty render of M’Bappe. Maybe FIFA M’Bappe is the only way you’ll see him in a PSG shirt next year?
  9. It’s no surprise whatsoever. It’s just following in the tradition of the 70s where the biggest fights were sold around the world. The Rumble in the Jungle, The Thriller in Manilla, The Sunshine Showdown were fights bigger than AJ vs Fury and they were hosted in the most unlikely of venues. As for AJ bulking up? I guess he might think he needs the power to stop Fury. He’ll struggle to outbox him and I figure that the longer the fight goes the more it will favour Fury, but Fury has been dropped before and AJ might feel he can stop him.
  10. Posted this elsewhere but I actually had my vaccine at the home of my beloved Aston Villa. They didn’t offer me a season ticket, though the jabs were administered in the suite of the Holte End which is for season ticket holders only.
  11. Obligatory Charlie Brooker: It applies from the Amazon documentary to Britain’s Got Talent and everything in between.
  12. It’s Global Hypercolour without the sweaty armpits.
  13. It makes you wonder how Graham Potter would do at a club who had Harry Kane and Son Heung-min up front instead of Danny Welbeck and Neal Maupay.
  14. Or they’ll just have the punishment deferred until next season. That’s usually how things things pan out isn’t it?
  15. Absolutely. Just look at the decline of AC Milan. For over twenty years they were at the absolute top of the game, I'm sure they considered themselves on a par with the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Liverpool in terms of being a global brand but as soon as Silvio Berlusconi stopped paying the bills they dropped off a cliff and disappeared into relative obscurity. Similar story at Arsenal who were unable to compete once they were financially outgunned by Chelsea and Manchester City. Manchester United have been in and out of the Champions League since
  16. Juventus outside the Champions League places in Serie A with three games to go, and they've still got to play Inter. Considering they were one of the driving forces behind the European Super League and have a long history of being general shitbags, here's hoping that they are playing Thursday nights on the Italian equivalent of Channel 5 next season.
  17. @Ry I’m not sure anyone beats Canelo at the moment unless he fights guys who can just dominate him physically by moving back up to Light Heavyweight. Even then he can probably hang at the top of the division considering how he handled Kovalev. He’s got the undisputed fight against Caleb Plant, they can probably make that happen this year if they want it but then I dunno where he goes other than title fights at 175.
  18. Comprehensive Canelo win for me. Billy Joe is also a dickhead so I’ll shed no tears.
  19. So to 1up last season's heartbreak of blowing the Champions League on the last day of the season, they'll blow the Champions League and lose the cup final this year.
  20. Yeah, but some UEFA executives might have to rebook their hotel rooms mate.
  21. It’s a biblical reference to the apocalypse. The rider of the pale horse told people to come and see as he was fucking their shit up.
  22. @ScouserInExile I watched it on YouTube. I’m sure there are higher quality versions out there but I don’t think the poor quality of the video detracts from the impact of the movie: https://youtu.be/NJYOg4ORc1w (YouTube won’t embed this link)
  23. I’m gonna suggest that redundancy wasn’t available for certain key employees. Red Ventures wouldn’t want to buy a personality based brand and then have all of those personalities leave on day one, they’d likely have guarantees which were part of the sale. If the deal was sealed at the end of October then we are six months out and given that three of the four core members of the staff (if Alex counts) all leave on the same day then it seems to me that some kind of deadline was met and then people became free to move. We’ll probably never know given they’ll have signed confidentiality clauses
  24. Their notice period was likely several months.
  25. As others have said, there’s absolutely no way on Earth that Bakalar didn’t know they’d resigned. All three leaving on the same day is a strong indication of a notice period being served. It really wouldn’t surprise me if Bakalar is being positioned as the face of continuity on the East Coast side of Giant Bomb, they need someone to do that and he’s really the only guy who is capable. He’d not put much out on CNET in months before the vague announcement about him joining the games team at the new parent company, and they were fairly specific in pointing out he hadn’t joined Giant Bom
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