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  1. A weird one, but a week or so back somebody from an agency approached me on Instagram and asked if I would be interested in selling some photos. I've never tried to sell anything before so I've not got a clue what to do. I made up some bullshit about having sold images in the past for £30 and after a few more emails in each direction they've sent me a contact sheet with stuff they'd considering buying if I were happy to sell. Obvs as a cheap bastard I'm happy to sell them a license to anything, but is there anything I should know here? There's talk of some NDA agreement if I do sell. Anything I should know about this. They only want images which could be printed at 1000 x 700 mm (40 x 27 inches?) which might rule out some of the heavier crops. I shoot on a 24 megapixel camera which has a resolution of 6000 x 4000 uncropped, but what kind of resolution are you looking at for that size image?
  2. I got a practical demonstration. Maybe she was offering her opinion on the first half. As they say, no manners but what a critic!
  3. And as the half time whistle blows, my daughter announces in spectacular fashion she's got explosive diarrhoea. How's your evening going?
  4. Is it 2015 again or something?
  5. Those stripes reference the old chocolate brown kit too.
  6. That was a hugely entertaining game to watch. I’m still not sure what to make of Man Utd, they’ve got big players who step up when needed but they really look like they can be got at too. It makes them a lot of fun to watch but I can’t see them troubling the real big hitters in Europe this season.
  7. I'd be surprised to see Fury - Wilder 4. I can't find the interview, but I'm sure I saw some Top Rank (Fury's promotors) talking down the idea a week or two ago. The PPV numbers for the trilogy fight weren't great and given that Fury is clearly the better fighter I'm not sure how many people would shell out for another fight. Personally I'd go Fury - Whyte in the UK in a stadium in the spring. It gives him a fight back here to satisfy UK fans, he'll win easily and it means that the AJ fight can go overseas for a huge purse.
  8. Dillian Whyte just pulled out of his eliminator with Otto Wallin. Cites injury but is it one of those “why fight Wallin next week when I can fight Fury in March?” type injuries?
  9. You’ve all got ships to sail home in in Plymouth, surely?
  10. Real Madrid playing some scintillating football tonight. Modric must have seen Salah’s assist at the weekend and decided to have a highlight reel one of his own too.
  11. Phil Collins, 1976. He beat East London to it by about 40 years.
  12. I never buy the argument that they aren’t true fans. It’s an ad hominem attack because we don’t like to admit an association with them, but they do make up a significant portion of the match going fan population for England. I still have serious reservations about taking my boy along to see England play because he’s mixed race and I don’t need to expose him to that shit just yet. Maybe a game behind closed doors means we stop pretending hooliganism ended with the Taylor Report, though I doubt it when whataboutery and playing the victim are easier responses to make.
  13. Pissed up/coked up twats who did their best to ruin the Euros get what’s coming to them. With this punishment now on record then I think it’s fucked any remote chance England had of getting the 2030 World Cup too.
  14. Possibly, though I think those groups have different issues with the same bit of design ethos. I've not played a Metroid game since Super Metroid nearly 30 years ago, I'm a fan of the genre and am coming to this off the back of games like Hollow Knight where you can basically go anywhere at any time and the map was so well designed it always kinda worked itself out. Bringing those expectations from more modern takes into Dread can lead to frustration either in the "well, I've gone round in circles here and obviously I'm missing something" before you find the critical path again, or you're already resigned to there being very few options in making your way through to the next area and think of it as being very linear. Of course, that's fine. This game reminds me more of a haunted house ride than a labyrinth and after recalibrating my expectations I'm perfectly happy with the way they've decided to go. More general observations as I guess I'm reaching the mid game (just unlocked the morph ball) is that I absolutely love the aesthetic of the game. I see some people not completely down with the soundtrack but I think it's wonderful, I really like the EMMI zone mechanic, the chase sequences when they find you are super fun as are the stealth sections when you're trying to sneak by. I think they could have been a bit more generous with the odds of escape once they grab you but the punishment for failure really is only a few seconds of your time so whatever. I've still really only played the game in hour long bursts, hitting a milestone (new area, new item etc) always sees me wanting to take a breather, but I always want to go back for more.
  15. The substitutions have made England worse.
  16. This game is made for Jack right now. There can’t be many players in the world who are better at receiving the ball under pressure and being able to make something happen. I wouldn’t change much if I were Southgate, England had a stranglehold on Hungary towards the end of the first half and I’d keep doing that for another 15-20 minutes before looking to the bench.
  17. And within 30 seconds of posting that we score. Queuing up to score too, if Stones misses then Sterling still scores.
  18. It was clearly a penalty. That’s a foul anywhere else on the pitch. England haven’t been bad, they’ve controlled the game against a very organised opponent and it’s only a freaky penalty which cost them. No need to throw the baby out with the bath water just yet.
  19. If you’re going to concede a penalty then at least kicking the Hungarian dude in the head while he’s standing up is doing it in style.
  20. @Fierce Poodle I think the red hair (and possibly the whole 001 thing) was shot much later and put in at the studio’s request in order to set up a second season. The actor had probably done some other work in the meantime, hence the different look. It’s a common thing.
  21. Why don’t you tell us what you really think David Squires?
  22. Not been reading the thread too much as this game is all about discovery but
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