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  1. Old soldier in Birmingham, yesterday. He was posing here, I think he’d topped up his coffee with a little extra from the hip flask as he did a little dance not long after.
  2. Definitely about having a good finale. I’m sure lots of people are cheering for the underdog to beat the unstoppable winning machine but fuck me, Max and Red Bull are doing a terrible job of being likeable.
  3. I loved this. I really hope they make more.
  4. I’m not sure they will spend much tbh.
  5. The Sheffield United thing is hilarious. Yes, it was a mistake but it appears now people think it happened in the final minute of the season when Villa were in the bottom three, when the truth is it happened in the first half of our 29th game of the season. It was just seen by so many people because it was the first game on TV after lockdown so somehow that makes it this massive deal. The fact that a week or two later Manchester United got a penalty when Bruno Fernandes kicked Ezri Konsa, or the shitshow at Crystal Palace earlier in the season where Grealish got penalised for diving when he laid on a perfect pass for a goal (!) didn't happen in the court of public opinion because they weren't on the telly. As for today? The goal should have stood. VAR brings this additional spotlight to the laws of the game and a lot of things which were considered fine to leave them to the discretion of the referee ("seen em given") suddenly aren't. If you are going to stop the game and play it over and over, then at least have a bloke with a copy of the rulebook next to him be in the video referees room. On the pitch I felt it was an excellent game. Both sides played well, Leicester looked superb for 20 minutes or so in the first half and even if they weren't creating lots of clear cut chances there was a huge threat coming down the side where Madison and Barnes were playing. For all the things I liked about Smith, I don't think he'd have reacted to that as quickly as Gerrard did. A lot of our preparation under Smith was on the training ground and in game management seemed at best slow to react and at worst non existent. If we got it right at Bodymoor in the week then we looked great, if not, then five defeats in a row. There's a definite new manager bounce, players are playing for their shirt now and fringe players under Smith are being given a shot. The reinvention of Marvellous Nakamba is a joy to watch.
  6. Confidence is a hell of a drug isn’t it?
  7. In somewhat related subject matter, I’ve got Arsenal vs Chelsea on TV in the Women’s FA Cup and after seeing Chelsea’s second goal…
  8. 1st vs 2nd in the Bundesliga tomorrow. Dortmund host Bayern Munich and Haaland should be fit again to start. Exciting day in the title race, or will somebody kindly post "fucksocks" in this thread when Bayern are 4-0 up at half time?
  9. Ten minutes to go at Villa Park, Manchester City still winning and they’ve been excellent for long periods tonight but I’ve seen enough from Villa to be optimistic. There’s definitely a bit more bite in midfield than we had under Smith. edit: @dizogg no.
  10. Enjoyed the second episode a lot too. Rab was born to do this and I was unaware of Frankie before I saw this but she's an utter delight too. Ty doesn't bring much to the party but he's likable enough, maybe he doesn't quite have the love of games that is clear to see in Rab and Frankie. I really hope the show gets picked up for a proper run though because I could happily do a year or two of this.
  11. That’s what I’ve had so far. Ten seconds into my first game I’m in a Beetle, some cunt in a Ferrari challenges me and I die. A few more games where I’ve not fared much better, it’s just aimless driving around in the hope to find a faster car before being challenged and eliminated by someone who already has one. Seems like it’s too easy to pick new players off once you’ve put a bit of time in ?
  12. I think because I played so much Forza Horizon 4 when I picked up the Series X in the summer I’d already gotten a bit of fatigue of the formula when this came out, it’s so similar to 4 that I’m not feeling like it’s a proper sequel. However, I just tried The Eliminator. Is it me or is it just really bad?
  13. Halo is out on Xbox, Ghostbusters is in the cinema and Amir Khan has just announced he’s fighting Kell Brook. What year is this again?
  14. As someone who grew up in the 80s where seeing an all conquering Liverpool team sweep everyone before them was normal, how good would you say this side is? I know it’s almost impossible to compare eras but is Liverpool 2018-202x up there with anything from the Shankley/Paisley/Fagan/Dalglish (1st time) eras? Does Salah get into an all time XI?
  15. I know newer Fujifilm cameras (X-T3 onwards, so circa 2018/2019) will automatically transfer jpegs from the camera to your phone via bluetooth if you've got the phone app running. Obviously then your phone can automatically upload to the cloud. My camera is a generation older so I have to manually transfer via WiFi, but none of this stuff seems like witchcraft and I can't see why it's not possible if your camera has bluetooth.
  16. Yeah. I followed the build up a bit, Teo seems to lead a very turbulent life outside of the ring and he's just had a kid (like two weeks ago) so maybe this loss is going to be a good thing for him because it's a huge wake up call. He's got all the talent to be a dominant champion but he's now fighting at a level where he can't win on talent alone, application and preparation need to be there too. The post fight interview was cringe as fuck, it's definitely put him down in the opinion of pretty much everybody who saw it (he was being booed by the crowd in his home town!) and I'm sure he'll wake up in the morning regretting that. Moving up might be a good idea, being more active is definitely going to be a good idea and maybe he should cut ties with his father too. I'm just not sure that last one will happen.
  17. “fantje, Tottenham je.”
  18. I never minded the Dexter Fletcher year, I liked him in Press Gang which was on CiTV a year or two before Gamesmaster started so there's that I guess. It wasn't as good as the Dominik Diamond era, but Dominik was always going to be a tough act to follow and we were so starved of games coverage back then that seeing the good in everything was the order of the day. Dexter Fletcher is doing really well for himself these days fwiw, he's getting big budget movies to direct, notably Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman. I will concede that the original Gamesmaster run was perfect for me age wise, it started the year I went to high school and ended the year I was old enough to go down the pub.
  19. It's plateaued for sure, but then that was to be expected. If you picked up a new hobby or started a new job then you'd go through a period of rapid improvement where you get all the easy gains relatively quickly before hitting a level where the improvements aren't as noticeable. With gaming that's happened too, I figure most of us on this forum go back to at least the 8 or 16 bit eras so lived through the period where hardware was the biggest limiting factor in how games looked and played and that every hardware revision was a giant leap forwards. These days the cost of production is the biggest limiting factor, art for games takes ages to produce and needs a huge number of people to do it, and even the latest and greatest stuff only tends to look like how we think we remember stuff on the last gen looking. The real revolution has been with indie stuff, when small teams can do wonderful things with limited resources.
  20. I dropped it when they stopped doing the Dean Windass Hall of Fame and changed the title music. Felt like they were phoning it in compared to the earlier days when it was clearly a labour of love. I’d actually forgotten it was still a thing, but there’s so many football podcasts out there right now that dropping one you don’t like to make room for another is really easy.
  21. Enjoying this. Rab is absolutely perfect for the host, and I like the fact that it’s been made with a lot of love but also in full acknowledgment that a gaming TV show in a world where Twitch and YouTube exist is kinda ridiculous. There’s something off about the fact that the contestants are adults who are in on the joke, I’m nostalgic for bemused school kids being served up for mockery.
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