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  1. Sad news. Appreciate MC’s are not everyone’s cup of tea. But back when I was raving - skibba, hyper d and Dett were core to the scene.
  2. Same game I think. Explaining the first 20 mins where you are in the hospital. My wife like others rarely sees me playing games but managed to catch this exciting adrenaline fuelled reflex testing gaming moment. Luckily my LSD kicked in and I was now watching whales in the sky and all was good
  3. Nice one - will give that a go. Just need to create my daughter an account and the family reliable delivery service will be in full swing.
  4. Wasn't sure where to post this one - whether Ask the Forum or Here - anyway here goes In the house we house 2 xboxes - (one an old xbox one and the other aan xbox series s). We also have a windows PC I have Game Pass Ultimate The kids are 6 and 9 and only the 9yr old has an account (family account attached to mine) I have set the series s as my home machine but he uses it as his primary I have set the xbox one as his home machine and the idea that sits in main room as occasional gaming but also plex device etc Am wondering is there a way to play with three of us on the same game with maybe me on PC, him on an xbox and my daughter on the other xbox? E.g. Total Reliable Delivery Service (they have been playing that whilst in COVID isolation) Can I set my daughter up with a family account and does that allow all three of us to share the Gamepass features at the same time - if that makes sense? Or will I either have to buy another GPU account, or I guess local co-op on one device and the other on the spare machine Could not dig out anything off the web but thought with the age demographic here now on rllmuk - someone might know
  5. Is this only on tv on sky sports? Struggling to find highlights in the tv schedule?
  6. Just finished this with the kids - we all loved it. Everyone was confused though that no one dies at the beginning. What kind of diversion from standard animation films is this?
  7. Thanks It made me realise I should have put 3rd party controller. It will be for the occasional gaming with the kids so cannot justify the high price point for the pro.
  8. What is the considered opinion for a second controller on switch? Preferably wireless as I use an 8bitdo dongle to connect a 360 controller wirelessly and it stops me plugging in another controller due to the size of my dongle(fnarr fnarr) looking for a 360 type controller
  9. Just to add to the positivity around this series. Really enjoyed it.
  10. Not sure if it was hyped but I have lasting memories of a PC game Boiling Point i think it got patched and probably just standard fair to those used to PC gaming. However at the time it was quite the disappointment to what I was expecting.
  11. Great find. In a similar feeling I was thinking a few days ago how lucky we were to have these experiences.
  12. damn straight. Two nights in a row going to bed at 1.30am ....... I escaped for the first time at about 1am and then rather than stop there I did another run with the new mechanics. This is gaming crack and should be illegal
  13. This the theme tune I always remember https://thebritishcontinental.co.uk/2018/12/07/channel-4s-tour-de-france-theme/
  14. Watched the documentary on Netflix tonight - United Nation Basically the story of One Nation and Terry Turbo Spent most of it trying to see if I was on any of the film clips ........ No great insights but nice to hear some of the stories
  15. I am not a member of ResetEra but I presume I can sign up/join up. Do we miss out on any fun/learning by being in a fully established clan or is it just a grind? Happy to build one up if that is more interesting?
  16. Just started playing this on the PC. I played it eons ago on PS4. Is there a rllmuk clan Gamename is: Funtimedave @Curtis @Flub @El Spatula did you get an invite to rllmuk clan - if not any advice on how to join a good one?
  17. Sorry - late at night and late to the thread but discogs.com is what i use to value my vinyl. Laborious process possibly and I use it more for dance music but think it is relevant to all types. I also use it to sell all my vinyl to. Sell by individual record though not a job lot. £800 for 90 records seems reasonable unless you have some real unique offerings in there
  18. Question: Can you have two people playing on the same PS4 at the same time. @gospvg how did you do two players was that with two consoles?
  19. Never forget the launch day of ‘Homefront’ Dave. I can’t even remember if we ever even got to play it. ’Mavis Beacon’
  20. Did you complete it using cheap mode of elbow or backwards flying kick?
  21. Small world Harrow Leisure Centre for me It had Rygar, Nemisis, King of Boxer - started to get a bit shit in later times Local newsagents had Mr Do Also Debhamnams or Preedy's in Harrow had a clellcovision where you could play Donkey Kong - looked amazing at the time Computer shop in Harrow I think was Adam's World Good times till.the nugget man used to turn up.trying to steal pound coins off kids
  22. Happy for Yates - after the Giro seeing him more composed and measured on the Vuelta has been great.
  23. Yep another great stage. Sky seem to have such a powerful team it is scary. Is it also set up for Tom Dumoulin it is that just postering?
  24. Loving track 2 on this - Atome de danse Thanks for the pointer on the album
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